İngilizce bağlaçlar (Conjunctions) (300+ örnek cümle)18 min read

Bağlaçlar olmadan, her karmaşık fikri bir dizi kısa, basit cümleyle ifade etmek zorunda kalırsınız: Yemekbağlaç yapmayı severim. Yemek yemeyi seviyorum. Sonradan bulaşık yıkamayı sevmiyorum.

  • I like cooking.
  • I like eating.
  • I don’t like washing dishes afterward.

Bağlaçlar, diğer kelimeleri, cümleleri veya cümleleri birbirine bağlayan kelimelerdir.


  • I like cooking and eating, but I don’t like washing dishes afterward.
  • Sophie is clearly exhausted, yet she insists on dancing till dawn.

Bağlaçlar, karmaşık, zarif cümleler kurmanıza ve birden çok kısa cümlenin dağınıklığından kaçınmanıza olanak tanır. Bağlaçlarla birleştirilen ifadelerin paralel olduğundan (aynı yapıyı paylaştığından) emin olun.

  • I work quickly and careful. (Yanlış)
  • I work quickly and carefully. (Doğru)


Bağlaç çeşitleri

Coordinating conjunctions (Koordinasyon bağlaçları) 

Coordinating conjunctions, bir cümlede eşit gramer düzeyindeki sözcükleri, tümcecikleri ve yan tümceleri birleştirmenizi sağlar. En yaygınları for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so.

  • I’d like pizza or a salad for lunch.
  • Jesse didn’t have much money, but she got by.

Correlative conjunctions (Denklik bağlaçları)

Korelatif bağlaçlar, birlikte çalışan bağlaç çiftleridir. Bazı örnekler;

either/or, neither/nor, and not only/but also.

  • Not only am I finished studying for English, but I’m also finished writing my history essay.
  • I am finished with both my English essay and my history essay.

Subordinating conjunctions (Zarf bağlaçları)

Subordinating conjunctions bağımsız ve bağımlı yan tümceleri birleştirir. Bir alt bağlaç, bir neden-sonuç ilişkisini, bir karşıtlığı veya maddeler arasında başka bir tür ilişkiyi işaret edebilir.


after, although, as, as if, as long as, as much as, as soon as, as though, because, before, by the time, even if, even though, if, in order that, in case, in the event that, lest , now that, once, only, only if, provided that, since, so, supposing, that, than, though, till, unless, until, when, whenever, where, whereas, wherever, whether or not, while

  • I can stay out until the clock strikes twelve.
  • Before he leaves, make sure his room is clean.


Cümle örnekleri

Coordinating bağlaçlar

BağlaçCümle örneği
AndAli is both brother and friend to me.
AndHis brother and you look alike
AndHis brother and you look alike
AndI can play the guitar, and my husband can sing.
AndIt was a fluent and very good speech.
AndSamara went office to get her coat and came back for the dinner.
ButAll cats love fish but fear to wet their paws.
ButHe reads magazines, but he doesn’t like to read books.
ButHe went to college but returned soon.
ButI am not only witty in myself, but the cause that wit is in other men
ButI am very hungry, but the fridge is empty.
ButI want to call his, but I don’t have his phone number.
ButIt is nothing else but a fraud.
ButJessica doesn’t eat meat, but she doesn’t mind the smell of bacon. (coordinating conjunction)
ButStudents worked very hard, but students couldn’t pass the maths exam.
ButWe went to play cricket but we couldn’t as it began raining.
ButWe went to play cricket but we couldn’t as it began raining.
For“I eat at the café every weekend, for they serve the best bagels in town.”
Nor“My mom was not happy, nor was she upset. She didn’t care.”
NorI don’t want to go to summer school, nor do I want to repeat this class. (coordinating conjunction)
OrIs it better to stay home or go out?
OrStay here or go away.
OrWe can go to the movies or we can go out to eat.
OrWork hard or you will fail.
SoHolly is afraid of ghosts, so she never watches movies about haunted houses. (coordinating conjunction)
SoI have to wake up early, so I don’t stay out late.
SoWhoever says so is a liar.
YetAlthough he is poor yet he is honest.
YetAlthough he is rich yet he is miser.
YetI don’t like soda, yet I think root beer floats are delicious
YetShe was not yet sure if she could trust him.
YetThe tongue is not steel, yet it cuts.
YetThey went to New York for their holiday, yet they could have to go to London.

Correlative bağlaçlar

BağlaçCümle örneği
as..asHe is as intelligent as you.
as..asHis scorecard was not as bad as I thought.
as..asShe is not thinking as logically as she can.
between..andBetween travel and work he had a tiring schedule.
between..andIt was difficult to choose between the peach tart and the strawberry pavlova.
between..andYou will have to choose between science and commerce.
Both..andBoth the teams and their coaches worked hard.
Both..andHe played both badminton and football when he was young.
Both..andI’m studying both theater and communications at college.
Both..andI’ll study both English literature and art history.
Both..andShe played both hockey and basketball when she was a student.
Both..andWe went to both Yosemite and Yellowstone this summer. (correlative conjunctions)
either..orEither eat the cake right now or it will be finished.
either..orI want either the pink sofa or the purple one.
either..orI will eat either carrots or peas for dinner.
either..orThis summer, I want to visit either France or England.
either..orWe can either go to the cinema or to the café.
Hardly…whenHardly had he reached the stop when the bus started.
Hardly…when-I had hardly started to show the graphs when the lights went off.
Hardly…when-The teacher had hardly begun to speak when he was interrupted.
neither..norNatale, likes neither milk nor cream cake.
neither..norNeither the children nor their parents attended the function.
neither..norNeither Cindy nor her husband will attend the parent-teacher conference tomorrow.
neither..norNeither drinks nor food are allowed in this room.
neither..norWhy do you want to visit neither Ireland nor Scotland?
No sooner.. thanNo sooner had the teacher entered the classroom than the students kept quiet.
No sooner.. thanNo sooner did he enter the room than he saw a snake.
Not only..but alsoHe is not only immature but also arrogant.
Not only..but alsoHe not only lied to them but also double-crossed them.
Not only..but alsoI stole not only the hubcaps but also the tires.
Not only..but alsoI took not only the pink sofa but also the Tiffany lamp.
Not only..but alsoI want to be not only a wife and mother, but also a doctor.
Not only..but alsoNot only should you mug up for exams but also understand the basic concepts.
Not only..but alsoNot only will they paint the outside of the house but also the inside.
Rather..thanHe would rather cook at home than go out for dinner.
So..asHer poetry wasn’t so boring as he had thought.
Such..thatHe is such a bad-tempered person that no one can work with him for long.
Such..thatShe is such a beautiful actress that everyone is her fan.
The More..The moreThe more he flattered his boss the more incentives he got.
Whether or notWhether or not John is coming to the school.
Whether…orDo you care whether we have noodles or rice for dinner?
Whether…orI didn’t know whether you’d like sea bass or lobster.
Whether…orI didn’t know whether you’d want milk or cream, so I grabbed both.
Whether…orShe was confused about whether to wear pink or yellow for her engagement.
Whether…orYou’re going to eat your vegetables, whether you like it or not.

Subordinating bağlaçlar

BağlaçKategoriCümle örneği
A minute laterTimeA minute later, Harrick was showing off his golf swing.
ActuallyOpinionActually, I wanted to say on that day, shall we never get apart, OK?
AfterTimeAfter my hair appointment, I went to church.”
AfterTimeI am feeling better after taking medicine.
AfterTimeI can pass after the green light is on.
AfterTimeI can pass after the green light is on.
AfterTimeShe went to the parlour after lunch.
AfterTimeShe went to the parlour after lunch.
AfterTimeWould you like to have a drink after work?
AfterTimeYour heart will break like mine, and you’ll want only me after you’ve gone” (Ella Fitzgerald)
After a short timeTimeAfter a short time, you will feel more in control during the execution of free weight exercises.
AlthoughOpinionAlthough the sun was shining it wasn’t warm.
AlthoughOpinionAlthough he speaks seldom, he says meaningful words.
AlthoughOpinionAlthough he’s very famous he is still nice.
AlthoughOpinionAlthough I’ve been here before, he’s just too hard to ignore” (Amy Winehouse)
AlthoughOpinionAlthough she speaks seldom, she says meaningful words.
AlthoughOpinionAlthough we broke up, I still have feelings for Toby. (subordinating conjunction)
AsReasonAs I came she was leaving.
AsReasonAs I climb the mountain, I know my legs will hurt tomorrow.
AsReasonAs I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I take a look at my life and realize there’s nothing left” (Coolio)
AsReasonAs I write this letter, I know I must say goodbye.
AsReasonI went to bed at 10 pm as I had a plane to catch at 7 am.
AsReasonShe can do her hairstyle as she wants.
As a consequenceTo summarizeAs a consequence, this junction in the rocks represents a huge gap in the record.
As a resultTo summarizeAs a result, services have been drastically reduced.
As an exampleTo exemplifyAs an example, Graff raises the relation of a feminist literary canon to more familiar ones.
As ifOpinionHe behaved as if he has lost it.
As ifOpinionHe behaved as if he has lost it.
As ifOpinionHe yells as if he were mad.
As ifOpinionShe cries as if she were beaten.
As ifOpinionShe talks as if he was rich.
As ifOpinionShe talks as if he was rich.
As ifOpinionShe yells as if she had been disagreed.
As long asTimeI don’t care who you are, where you’re from or what you did as long as you love me” (Backstreet Boys)
As long asTimeThe dog would be cooperative as long as you fed him.
As long asTimeYou can go as long as you are good.
As much asComparisonHe likes football as much as he likes cricket.
As much asComparisonHe likes football as much as he likes cricket.
As much asComparisonI hate broccoli as much as I hate cauliflower.
As much asComparisonI hate broccoli as much as I hate cauliflower.
As soon asTimeAs soon as I get the details I will send the mail.
As soon asTimeAs soon as I get the details I will send the mail.
As soon asTimeAs soon as you have drunk, you turn your back upon the spring.
As soon asTimeAs soon as I went to home, I started to work.
As soon asTimeAs soon as I went to home, I started to work.
As soon asTimeSeats are limited, so you should apply as soon as possible.
As thoughOpinionIt seems as though she is in trouble.
As thoughOpinionThe virus is spreading as though it will end the world.
BarelyComparisonBarely had he driven the car a mile when it broke down.
BarelyComparison-I had barely opened my computer when the boss arrived.
BarelyComparison-We had barely finished the match when it started to rain.
BecauseReason“I’m staying home tonight because Sarah canceled our plans.”
BecauseReasonBecause of him, I learned how to start my own business.
BecauseReasonBecause of the dog bite, I always feared being next to canines.
BecauseReasonBecause you damaged my car, I can’t let you drive it again. (subordinating conjunction)
BecauseReasonHe did the task because he felt it was his duty.
BecauseReasonHe is called Mitch, because his name is Mitchell.
BecauseReasonI’m everything I am because you loved me” (Celine Dion)
BecauseReasonShe goes to the tennis club because she likes to play tennis.
BecauseReasonShe usually eats at home, because she likes cooking.
BecauseReasonShe usually eats at home, because she likes cooking.
BeforeTimeBefore I went to church, I had a hair appointment.”
BeforeTimeJust call me angel of the morning, angel. Just touch my cheek before you leave me, baby” (Juice Newton)
BeforeTimeMy work must be finished before afternoon.
BeforeTimeThe baby sleeps before the massage.
BesidesTo emphasizeBesides a father she has a younger brother to support.
BesidesTo emphasizeShe speaks three languages besides Spanish.
ConsequentlyEffectConsequently, this view is frequently referred to as mathematical Platonism.
ConsequentlyEffectMr Foster has never been to China. Consequently / Hence he knows very little about it.
DespiteOpinionDespite all her  faults, everybody likes him.
EvenTo emphasizeHe has never even heard the name of the city of Ohio.
EvenTo emphasizeHe has never even heard the name of the city of Ohio.
EvenTo emphasizeHe works every day, even on Sundays.
EvenTo emphasizeHe works every day, even on Sundays.
EvenTo emphasizeNot to speak of fruits, he cannot even buy vegetables.
EvenTo emphasizeNot to speak of standing first, he could not even pass.
EvenTo emphasizeShe likes swimming, even in winter.
Even ifTo emphasizeDon’t drink any alcohol even if you drive carefully.
Even ifTo emphasizeEven if you perform your best, you won’t be appreciated.
Even ifTo emphasizeEven if the sky is falling down, you’ll be my only” (Jay Sean)
Even ifTo emphasizeYou will go to that cinema even if they don’t allow you.
Even thoughOpinionEven though it rained, they went hiking.
Even thoughOpinionEven though many unfortunate things happened, they enjoyed their trip.
Even thoughOpinionEven though she isn’t big, she is strong.
Even thoughOpinionEven though it rained a lot, We enjoyed the holiday.
Even thoughOpinionHe quit his job even though he didn’t have another job lined up.
Even thoughOpinionShe doesn’t want to give up even though she knows it won’t better the relation.
Even thoughOpinionShe smiled even though she lost the game.
Even thoughOpinionThis book is very popular even though I don’t like it.
Even thoughOpinionWe bought it even though it was really expensive.
For exampleTo exemplifyCar prices can vary a lot. For example, in Belgium the VW Golf costs $1000 less than in Britain.
for instanceTo exemplifyThere are a number of improvements; for instance, both mouse buttons can now be used.
furthermoreSequenceI don’t want to go there, furthermore, I have no time to do so.
HenceEffectCocaine production requires large amounts of water, hence factories are nearly always built by streams.
HowOpinionDo you know how to ride a snowboard?
HowOpinionTell me the story of how you and mom fell in love.”
howeverTo contrastA short while ago, however, he became a bus driver and he has not regretted it.
howeverTo contrastHe cam however busy he was.
howeverTo contrastHe will buy that car, however, he will have to use all his savings.
howeverTo contrastHe won’t win however hard he tries.
howeverTo contrastHowever we’ve lost the match.
howeverTo contrastI bought a new car today. However, even though it was the first time I was in traffic, it was not exciting.
howeverTo contrastMichael has very much money. However, she’s not all that happy.
howeverTo contrastMichael has very much money. However, she’s not all that happy.
howeverTo contrastShe said she wouldn’t come to me, however she said we wouldn’t talk again.
howeverTo contrastThey worked hard for the test, however, they failed.
In conclusionTo summarizeIn conclusion, I would like to say how much I have enjoyed myself today.
In factOpinionHe’s not at all exciting, in fact he’s really rather commonplace.
In factOpinionShe is taking advanced classes; in fact, she is an expert now.
In order thatReasonPeople burn forests in order that they have more land.
In order thatReasonShe will leave the party early in order that I get a cab.
In order toReason
in caseReasonTake your mobile with you in case you miss the bus.
in spite ofOpinionHe looks very fit in spite of his age.
Just asReasonIt began to rain just as we got home.
Just asReasonIt began to rain just as we got home.
Just asReasonJust as I got up with the train, it drove away.
Just asReasonJust as I was watching the football match on TV, electricity went off.
Just asReasonThe job was just as I imagined it.
LestReasonHe spent whole days in his room, wearing headphones lest he disturbs anyone.
LestReasonWalk carefully lest you fall.
LestReasonYou must study hard lest you fail.
LikewiseGrateful to him, she was likewise excited to go on a tour of Europe.
moreoverSequenceI don’t like skating, moreover, the ice is too thin.
NonethelessOpinionThe book is too long but, nonetheless, informative and entertaining.
NonethelessOpinionThere are serious problems in our country. Nonetheless, we feel this is a good time to return.
NowTimeBoston is now a big city while earlier it was a small town.
NowTimeNow go home and cook meat meals.
Now sinceTimeLet’s discuss the issue now since the manager is right here.
Now thatTimeBaby, now that I’ve found you, I won’t let you go” (Tony Macaulay/John MacLeod)
Now thatTimeNow that everything is under control, the lockdown can be lifted.
on the contraryComparisonYou think you are clever; on the contrary, I assure that you are very foolish.
On the other handEffectOn the other hand, many women choose to go out to work.
OnceTimeOnce I pick you up from school we can go to the restaurant.
OnceTimeOnce I start eating, I must continue.
OnceTimeOnce in a blue moon, something good comes along.” (Van Morrison)
otherwiseConditionLook at the map, please. Otherwise you’ll get lost.
otherwiseConditionWe must water the plants; otherwise, they will die.
ProvidedConditionHe will behave properly provided you be polite to him.
ProvidedConditionI will go to cinema provided the others go.
ProvidedConditionThey can listen to music provided they disturb nobody.
Provided thatConditionI will go to the party provided that she comes.
Provided thatConditionYou can borrow the PC provided that you promise to give it back in time.
Rather thanComparisonBetter, ignore her questions rather than lie.
Rather thanComparisonHe would rather buy a car than a scooter.
Rather thanComparisonI go to theater weekly rather than monthly.
SinceReasonI guess I’ll never be the same since I fell for you” (B.B. King)
SinceReasonIt’s a long time since they met.
SinceReasonLet’s discuss the issue now since the manager is right here.
SinceReasonLife’s been so happy since I moved to Chile.
SinceReasonSince he’s lost his money, he couldn’t go to the restaurant.
SinceReasonSince I see you, I am better.
SinceReasonSince I was ill for two months, I lost my job.
So thatReasonHe joined foreign language classes so that he could learn French.
So thatReasonHe joined foreign language classes so that he could learn French.
So thatReasonHe walked fast so that we might catch the train.
So thatReasonHe works hard so that he may pass the examination.
So thatReasonShe was too late so that she could not apply for the job.
So thatReasonShe was too late so that she could not apply for the job.
SupposingConditionHe was bluffed into believing his competitors were not prepared.
SupposingConditionSupposing you had a dog, what would you do with it?
ThanComparisonI’d rather eat at a restaurant than at home.”
ThanComparisonShe runs faster than me.
ThanComparisonThe old man lived for more than 100 years.
ThatRelativityThe yellow building you are seeing there, that is my house.
ThereforeEffectShe came first. Therefore she got a good seat.
ThereforeEffectWe do not have enough money. Therefore we cannot afford to buy the new car.
ThoughOpinionThough they were whispering, their voices echoed in the hall.
ThoughOpinionThough he did not work hard, he passed the exams.
ThoughOpinionThough I don’t drink milk, I do pour milk in my coffee.”
ThoughOpinionThough it is raining, they swam in the pool.
ThoughOpinionWalk on through the rain though your dreams be tossed and blown” (Rodgers and Hammerstein)
TillTimePlease stay at home till afternoon.
TillTimeShe waited at the coffee shop till 11 pm.
To sum upTo summarizeTo sum up, there are three main ways of tackling the problem.
UnlessConditionHe will not buy you a scooter unless you score good marks.
UnlessConditionHer baby cannot fall asleep unless she stays in the room.
UnlessConditionI will go to supermarket unless it is very crowded.
UnlessConditionWe’re never going to survive unless we get a little crazy” (Seal)
UnlessConditionYou don’t need to go unless you want to.
UnlikeComparisonJack is completely unlike his father.
UntilTimeI am on vacation until January 5th.”
UntilTimeI waited up for her until eleven o’clock.
UntilTimeI’ll keep on dreaming until my dreams come true.” (Charlie Louvin)
UntilTimeUntil you try, you’ll never know.
UntilTimeUntil you wear a silk dress, you’ll never know what you are missing.
UntilTimeWait there until you receive my call.
UntilTimeWe can’t get married until we save enough money. (subordinating conjunction)
UntilTimeYou will not get a driving licence until you turn 18.
whatRelativityI don’t know what to say.
WhenTimeI add a new entry to my gratitude journal when I wake in the morning.
WhenTimeI grab a coffee when I go running.
WhenTimeI was watching tv when she came in.
WhenTimeWhen is your mother coming from Canada?
WhenTimeWhen I see you smile, I can face the world” (Bad English)
WhenTimeWhen you’re in London, write an e-mail to me.
WheneverTimePlease share the details of your friend, whenever you get time.
WheneverTimeYou can come whenever you want.
WhereasComparisonShe is very funny whereas he is boring.
WhereasComparisonShe is very funny whereas he is boring.
WhereasComparisonThe north has a hot climate whereas the south is cold.
WhereasComparisonYou will have it if it belongs to you, whereas you don’t kvetch for it if it doesn’t appear in your life.
WhereverRelativityEat healthy meals wherever possible.
WhereverRelativityWe can meet you wherever you want.
WhetherComparisonI worry about whether She’ll be a good person.
WhetherComparisonI’m going home whether you like it or not.
WhetherComparisonShe seemed undecided about whether to stay or go.
WhichRelativityI found the article which was very important.
WhichRelativityWhich is your favourite colour?
WhileTimeHe did my task while I was away from the office.
WhileTimeI look at the world, and I notice it’s turning while my guitar gently weeps” (The Beatles)
WhileTimeThe mailman delivered a package while you were at school.”
WhileTimeWhile I was playing with the children, he came the park.
WhoRelativityDo you know the person who is standing near the bookstore?
WhoRelativityI visited Alice who was ill.
WhoeverRelativityWhoever wins will get a cash prize.
WhoeverRelativityWhoever says so is a liar.
WhyReasonShe asked him why he was playing football.
WhyReasonWhy do people throw garbage on the streets?


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