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İngilizce’deki fiil üç farklı kategoride bulunur. Bunlar, durum ve hareket


  • Eylem veya Yapma Fiilleri,
  • Durum Fiilleri (durum veya statik) ve
  • Bağlama Fiilleridir (Kopula / Kopular).

Durum ve hareket fiilleri

Hareket Fiilleri

Eylem fiilleri, öznenin doğrudan fiziksel veya zihinsel eylemini ifade eder. Eylem fiilleri ayrıca Yapma veya Dinamik Fiiller olarak da adlandırılır. Bu fiiller progressive fiil biçimleri yani -ing eki alabilir. Durum Fiillerinin zıttıdırlar.



  • The children are drawing cartoon pictures. (shows a physical action)
  • She imagines a lot of things. (shows a mental action)
  • They are writing their annual examinations. (a physical action)


Durum ve Hareket fiilleri karşılaştırma

Durum FiilleriHareket fiilleri
Stative (state or static) Verbs describe a state or situation of a verb.Action Verbs (Dynamic Verbs) describe mental or physical activity.
Stative Verbs can never be used in the continuous tense.Action Verbs can be used in the continuous tense.
Stative Verbs don’t begin and don’t end.Action Verbs stop and start.


Stative Verbs (state or static) 


Statik bir durumu, sahip olmayı veya olma durumunu tanımlayan fiillere Durum (durum veya statik) Fiiller denir. Bu fiiller genellikle düşünceler, ilişkiler, duygular, duyular veya varlık durumlarıyla ilgilidir. Hareket Fiilleri zihinsel veya fiziksel aktiviteyi tanımladığından Hareket Fiillerinin (Dinamik Fiiller) zıttıdırlar.


Bazı yaygın Durum Fiillerin listesi:


Duyu Fiillerihear, see, smell, taste, touch,
Algı Fiillerinotice, recognize..,
Duygu ve Duyguların Fiillerifeel, want, wish, desire, feel, like, dislike, love, hate, hope, refuse, prefer, care, respect, please, promise, satisfy, deny, admire…,
Düşünme Fiillerithink, know, suppose, believe, find, disbelieve, doubt, agree, disagree, consider, trust, remember, forget, know, understand, misunderstand, imagine, mean, mind, remember, recollect, realize, recognize, deserve, involve, depend…,
Sahiplik Fiillerihave, has, had, possess, owe, own, weigh, belong to, contain, need, consist of, comprise…,
görünme fiilleriappear, seem, resemble.,


Bu fiiller durağan durumları tanımladıkları için ilerlemeyen fiil biçimleridir. Basit ve perfect zamanlarda kullanılabilirler, ancak sürekli ve perfect continuous zamanlarda kullanılamazlar.


I see a T.V. programme.I am seeing a T.V. programme.
He does not understand it.He is not understanding it.
I know it all alongI am knowing it all along
She tastes the curry.She is tasting the curry.
This house belongs to my uncle.This house is belonging to my uncle.
Mother loves her children very much.Mother is loving her children very much.
She hated me like poison.She was hating me like poison.
He does not believe in God.He is not believing in God.
I have not seen you for 2 years.I have not been seeing you for 2 years
Bhaskar wants to become a mechanicBhaskar is wanting to become a mechanic
He thinks that he is a heroHe is thinking that he is a hero
My friend had two cars.My friend was having two cars.


Stative – durumsal fiiller. (Sonu -ing almayan fiiller)


VerbFiil kategorisiCorrectNot Correct
abhorEmotionalJon’s father abhors parties.
adoreEmotionalI absolutely adore french food.
agreeMentalShe didn’t agree with us.She wasn’t agreeing with us.
agreeMentalTo some extent, I agree with you.
agreeMentalWhen it comes to one bone, two dogs rarely agree.
agreeMentalIt’s easier for friends to agree when they’re separated.
agreeMentalIt’s rare for two people in the same trade to agree.
agreeMentalI had to agree when he said that.
agreeMentalIt’s rare for two people in the same trade to agree.
agreeMentalDo you agree?
appearMentalIt appears to be raining.It is appearing to be raining.
appreciateEmotionalI appreciate what you are doing for me.
appreciateEmotionalWe appreciate what Max has done for our family.
appreciateEmotionalCraig really appreciates loyalty.
beDiğerShe is here.
believeMentalI don’t believe the news.I am not believing the news.
believeMentalI believe you.
believeMentalDo you believe in God?
believeMentalYou don’t expect me to believe that, do you?
believeMentalAtheists are people who do not believe in God.
believeMentalVoters, they believe, can be easily manipulated.
believeMental‘I don’t believe so!’
believeMentalThey believe that defying convention is necessary.
believeMentalIt was impossible to believe the story.
believeMentalI believe he has begun to study anthropology.
believeMentalI don’t believe she is cruel.
believeMentalI believe they were correct.
believeMentalI believe he is a covert fascist.
believeMentalYou should not believe everything you read on the internet.
believeMentalDo you believe in ghosts like I do?
believeMentalDon’t believe everything you see or even half of what you hear.
believeMentalDo you get what I’m saying? —I believe so.
believeMentalYou won’t believe what happened!
believeMentalThey’re starting to look suspicious, I believe.
believeMentalI believe that a soft sell is preferred by the majority of customers.
believeMentalI truly believe it will be successful.
belongPossessionThis book belonged to my grandfather.This book was belonging to my grandfather.
belongPossessionThis car belongs to Hanna.
belongPossessionWho does this belong to?
careEmotionalI don’t care.
concernMentalThis concerns you.This is concerning you.
concernMentalNothing concerns me.
consistPossessionBread consists of flour, water and yeast.Bread is consisting of flour, water and yeast.
consistPossessionThe exam consists of three parts.
containPossessionThis box contains a cake.This box is containing a cake.
containPossessionMilk contains natural sugar.
containPossessionThe syrup contains alcohol.
containPossessionDoes this contain nuts?
costDiğerIt costs 20 dollars.
costDiğerHow much will it cost to fix the car?
dependDiğerIt depends on the weather.It’s depending on the weather.
dependDiğerThat depends on the weather.
deserveEmotionalHe deserves to pass the exam.He is deserving to pass the exam.
deserveEmotionalWe don’t deserve anything without earning it.
deserveEmotionalShami deserves the credit for this win.
despiseEmotionalWhy do you despise me so much?
disagreeMentalI disagree with you.I am disagreeing with you.
disagreeMentalWhy do you always disagree with me?
dislikeEmotionalI have disliked mushrooms for years.I have been disliking mushrooms for years.
dislikeEmotionalI dislike tomatoes.
dislikeEmotionalHow can he dislike chocolates?
dislikeEmotionalHis coworkers had a strong dislike for him.
dislikeEmotionalTom dislikes math.
doubtMentalI doubt what you are saying.I am doubting what you are saying.
doubtMentalEvery time we doubted him, he proved us wrong.
doubtMentalIn his mind, there is still some doubt.
doubtMentalHe is, without a doubt, guilty.
doubtMentalThere didn’t appear to be any doubt.
doubtMentalHis innocence is beyond a shadow of a doubt.
doubtMentalThe cops proved his guilt beyond a shadow of a doubt.
doubtMentalI have my doubts about the veracity of this report.
enjoyEmotionalKelly enjoys walking in the rain.
envyEmotionalI do not envy at their wealth, titles, offices.
fearSensesWe fear to be hit by the storm again.
feelEmotionalI don’t feel that this is a good idea.I am not feeling that this is a good idea.
feelEmotionalI feel depressed today.
feelEmotionalI feel really cold.
feelEmotionalHow do you feel about the situation?
fitDiğerThis shirt fits me well.This shirt is fitting me well.
fitDiğerThese trousers fit very well.
forgetMentalI can’t forget what happened that day.
forgetMentalDid you forget the sandwiches?
guessMentalI’ll take your guess as good as mine.
guessMentalThe best guess for the first deliveries is April.
hateEmotionalJulie’s always hated dogs.Julie’s always been hating dogs.
hateEmotionalI hate traffic.
hateEmotionalI hated Mathematics for many years.
hateEmotionalI’m not sure why he hates his parents so much.
hateEmotionalKelly hates sushi.
havePossessionWe have some issues with the network.We are having some issues with the network.
havePossessionI have a lot of friends.
havePossessionAll of us have a gaming laptop.
havePossessionDo you have a pencil?
havePossessionThey have a big house.
hearSensesDo you hear music?Are you hearing music?
hearSensesDo you hear that noise?
hearSensesCan you hear someone crying?
hearSensesDid you hear what she said?
hopeEmotionalChris hopes to go to university.
imagineMentalI imagine you must be tired.I am imagining you must be tired.
imagineMentalI imagine that the hike is very hard.
imagineMentalI can imagine he was enraged.
imagineMentalI can’t imagine a better wife for you.
imagineMentalNow, I can’t imagine life without the kids.
impressMentalHe impressed me with his story.He was impressing me with his story.
impressMentalYour comment doesn’t impress me much.
includePossessionThis cookbook includes a recipe for bread.This cookbook is including a recipe for bread.
includePossessionThis meal includes a free drink.
involvePossessionThe job involves a lot of travelling.The job is involving a lot of travelling.
knowMentalI’ve known Julie for ten years.I’ve been knowing Julie for ten years.
knowMentalJason knows all the answers.
knowMentalEvery man knows himself best.
knowMentalFools never know when they’re in good health.
knowMentalTrue progress is knowing oneself.
knowMentalJohn doesn’t know the answer.
lackPossessionYou lack motivation.
lackPossessionThis movie lacks a story.
likeEmotionalI like reading detective stories.I am liking reading detective stories.
likeEmotionalDo you like Chinese food?
likeEmotionalShe does not like me.
likeEmotionalI can’t imagine a scene like that.
likeEmotionalIf you don’t like your food, don’t eat it.
likeEmotionalIt looks like it’s going to rain.
likeEmotionalVirtue is like a beautiful plain stone set.
likeEmotionalI’d like to get a job.
likeEmotionalIf you’d like, we can get to work right away.
likeEmotionalWe despise people like him.
likeEmotionalI’d like to see my son take more initiative.
likeEmotionalFriendship is like wine in that the older it gets, the better it is.
likeEmotionalThere’s nothing like an old fool to make you laugh.
likeEmotionalI like this song.
lookPerceptionYou look really beautiful today.
loveEmotionalWe loved his performance last night.
loveEmotionalAshish loves his parents more than anyone in the world.
loveEmotionalHis kingdom is ruled by love without saying anything.
loveEmotionalWhen love fails, we become acutely aware of all flaws.
loveEmotionalThe renewal of love is the falling out of lovers.
loveEmotionalOne type of love is that which is based on faith.
loveEmotionalNo love isn’t fair in prison.
loveEmotionalIn love and war, everything is fair.
loveEmotionalAll is fair in love and war, according to Anne Frank.
loveEmotionalI love pizza.
lovePerceptionI love chocolate.I’m loving chocolate.*
lovePerceptionWe love the class.We are loving the class.
lovePerceptionWe love holidays.
matterDiğerIt doesn’t matter.It isn’t mattering.
matterDiğerYou matter a lot to me.
meanMental‘Enormous’ means ‘very big’.‘Enormous’ is meaning ‘very big’.
meanMentalThat doesn’t mean anything bad.
meanMentalStop speaking in riddles and start saying what you mean.
meanMentalPlease accept my apologies; I didn’t mean to scare you.
meanMentalI didn’t mean to offend you in any way.
meanMentalWhat exactly do you mean?
meanMentalTo the average punter, the technical details are meaningless.
meanMentalWith a wink, he said, “Know what I mean?”
meanMentalSmall compliments can mean a lot to me at times.
measureDiğerThis window measures 150cm. This window is measuring 150cm.
mindEmotionalShe doesn’t mind the noise.She isn’t minding the noise.
needEmotionalAt three o’clock yesterday I needed a taxi.At three o’clock yesterday I was needing a taxi.
needEmotionalThe students needed some extra classes for English.The students were needing some extra classes for English.
needEmotionalPlants need water.
needEmotionalEveryone needs money to survive.
needEmotionalHe needed food very badly.
needEmotionalI am so thirsty! I need some water.
owePossessionI owe you £20.I am owing you £20.
ownPossessionI have owned this place for 10 years.I have been owning this place for 10 years.
ownPossessionShe owns two cars.She is owning two cars.
ownPossessionHe owns an apartment in New York.
ownPossessionMy friend Rohan owns this hotel.
ownPossessionI own three cars.
possessPossessionOur professor possesses a lot of knowledge.
preferMentalI prefer chocolate ice cream.I am preferring chocolate ice cream.
preferMentalI definitely prefer coffee.
preferMentalMost of my friends prefer tea over coffee.
preferMentalThe vast majority of those polled prefer television to radio.
preferMentalDo you prefer savory or sweet foods?
preferMentalI prefer to paint with watercolors in general.
preferMentalI prefer classical music to pop music.
pretendMentalWe can’t pretend to be your friend.
pretendMentalHe pretended to be a cop in front of my friends.
promiseMentalI promise to help you tomorrow.I am promising to help you tomorrow.
promiseMentalI promise not to do it again.
reachDiğerThe car reaches a top speed of 300km/h.
realiseMentalI didn’t realise the problem.I wasn’t realising the problem.
realizeMentalDon’t you realize that this is impossible?
recallMentalI can’t recall the date.
recogniseMentalI didn’t recognise my old friend.I wasn’t recognising my old friend.
recognizeMentalWe don’t recognize you anymore.
recognizeMentalThey didn’t recognize me.
rememberMentalHe didn’t remember my name.He wasn’t remembering my name.
rememberMentalI remember everything about that day.I am remembering everything about that day.
rememberMentalDo you remember that day?
rememberMentalAlways remember too little and forget too much.
rememberMentalI can’t remember what we learned yesterday.
resembleDiğerShe resembles my younger sister.
seeSensesI see a lot of protestors on the road.
seeSensesI can see that you have lost some weight.
seeSensesWe see what you mean.
seemSensesThe weather seems to be improving.The weather is seeming to be improving.
seemSensesThis task seems hard work.
seemSensesYou seem unhappy with the results, aren’t you?
seemSensesYou seem upset about something.
senseSensesI sense danger here. Let’s move fast.
smellPerceptionSomething smells bad here.
smellPerceptionYou smell great.
smellPerceptionI can smell something burning.
soundSensesThis ringtone sounds great.This ringtone is sounding great.
soundSensesYour idea sounds great.Your idea is sounding great.
soundSensesHe sounds quite confident.
supposeMentalI suppose John will be late.I’m supposing John will be late.
supposeMentalI suppose you are not coming with us.
supposeMentalI suppose he’s a business neophyte.
surpriseMentalThe noise surprised me.The noise was surprising me.
suspectMentalA local gang is suspected by police.
suspectMentalIn this case, he is the police’s top suspect.
suspectMentalThe suspect was beaten until he confessed.
suspectMentalThe prime suspect has been identified as her.
suspectMentalDark hair and green eyes characterize the suspect.
suspectMentalThe suspect is being held under constant surveillance.
tasteSensesThe pizza tasted good.The pizza was tasting good.
tasteSensesThe soup tastes delicious.
tasteSensesThis cake tastes heavenly.
tasteSensesThe food tastes awful.
tasteSensesI taste a hint of lemon.
thinkMentalI think you should leave now. It’s getting late.
thinkMentalI think he’s a thief.
thinkMentalDo you think it’ll rain today?
thinkMentalShe doesn’t think much of him.
touchSensesLittle children like to touch everything.
understandMentalDo you understand my question?Are you understanding my question?
understandMentalI don’t understand this question.I’m not understanding this question.
understandMentalThe students don’t understand the book.
understandMentalI now understand that wars do not end.
understandMentalI completely understand why you made your decision.
understandMentalNo one understands what I’m going through.
understandMentalI’m not sure I understand everything.
understandMentalI completely understand.
valueEmotionalI really value our friendship.
wantPossessionI want to go to the cinema tonight.I am wanting to go to the cinema tonight.
wantPossessionThe students want notes for English classes.
wantPossessionShe wanted a cook.
wantPossessionI don’t want to be stranded at home in the dark.
wantPossessionShe made it clear that she didn’t want to talk.
wantPossessionDo it yourself if you want a job well done.
wantPossessionPrepare for war if you want peace.
wantPossessionDo you want some more?
weighDiğerThis cake weighs 450g.This cake is weighing 450g.
weighDiğerHe weighs 70 kilograms. (His weight is 70 kilograms)
wishEmotionalI wish I had studied more.I am wishing I had studied more.
wishEmotionalWe wish her the best of luck in her new endeavor.
wishEmotionalI only wish I had known!
wishEmotionalI wish I could find a photo of Thomas.
wishEmotionalI wish you were more upbeat.
wishEmotionalI wish I was/were a couple of inches taller.
wishEmotionalThey wish for a decrease in prices.
wishEmotionalI wish we had access to a vehicle.

Fiiller Hem Durumsal hem de Dinamik Fiiller Olabilir

LookYou look fantastic in that dress.She is looking at her reflection in the mirror.
AppearHe appears to be unhappy.She was appearing in concert at Carnegie Hall.
ThinkI think that Mr. Peter is a good teacher.I am thinking about my family right now.
FeelI feel that we ought to accept his proposal.I’m feeling a bit dozy this afternoon.
HaveThey have a Mercedes Benz.We’re having a party on Saturday.
SeeDo you see that bird?The doctor is seeing a patient now.
TasteMmm! This tastes good!My mother is tasting the potato soup.
SmellThe stew smells delicious.Ann is smelling the perfume to see if she wants to buy it.
BeHe is immature.He is being immature.
WeighThe suitcase weighs 20 pounds.The butcher is weighing the meat on the scale.
MeasureThe surfboard measures 2 meters by 55 centimeters.The architects were measuring the distance between the pillars.
MindI don’t mind if we watch a movie tonight.I’m not being nosy. I’m minding my own business.
SmellThe fish smells awful.He smells the fish before packing them.
SmellYou smell nice.Just eat it; don’t smell it.
TasteThe food tastes delicious.Let him taste the food.
TasteWhat we had yesterday tasted tasted so bad.The chef is tasting the food.
SeeCan you see me?The doctor is seeing someone right now. (checking)
SeeI don’t see any problem here.She is seeing someone these days. (dating)
HaveJon has a ship.You can have (eat) my lunch.
HaveI don’t have much time.What are you having (drinking)?
ThinkI think he should try teaching.I was thinking about our conversation.
ThinkWe think we made a mistake there.I am thinking about the solution right now.
LookYou look dapper in the suit.They are looking at you.
LookShe looked tired in the class.Why did you look at my sister angrily?
WeighMy phone weighs 200 grams.The conductor is weighing the goods.
WeighYou don’t weigh more than 170 pounds.I can’t weight your bike. It is allowed here.
MeasureThe TV screen measures 42 inches.We can’t measure the statue without permission.
MeasureThe wall measures 12 feet vertically.They are measuring the length of the house.
BeMy friends are supportive.He is being sarcastic.
BeYou were mad at me last night.Your brother was being mean to me last night.
FeelI feel we are smart enough to pass the test.I am feeling something hot in my pocket.
AppearHe appears to be a talented teacher.Conor is appearing in the next show.
AppearIt appears that didn’t enjoy the match.Did Dhoni’s wife appear at the match?


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