İngilizce Fiil ve Edat grupları (verb + prepositions) [85+örnek]4 min read

Fiil ve edat kombinleri ingilizcede neredeyse her gün karşılaşacağınız bir kullanımdır.fiil ve edat

Bazı fiil ve sıfatların ardından belirli bir edat gelir. Bazen fiilleri ve sıfatları farklı edatlar takip edebilir ve bu da ifadeye farklı anlamlar verir.

Hangi edatın fiilden veya sıfattan sonra geldiğini bulmak için fiil veya sıfatı Merriam Webster gibi çevrim içi bir sözlükte arayın veya The Corpus of Contemporary American English kullanın.

Yalnızca edat yerine bu ifadeleri ezberlemek en yararlı olanıdır.

Fiil ve edat kombinasyonu örnekleri

Verb or noun or adjectivesprepositionExample
(dis)agreeWithI (dis)agree with you.
accountforBe sure to account for any discrepancies.
addressofGo to our website to get the address of your nearest branch.
advertisementforI saw an advertisement for a teaching job in Malawi which looked interesting.
age, pointat18 is the age at which you are allowed to vote.
allowforI returned the transcripts to the interviewees to allow for revisions to be made.
approach, reactiontoMy reaction to it all was to try to forget it.
approveofI approve of the idea.
argueWithShe argued with him.
arrive (a building or event)atHe arrived at the airport 2 hours early.
attemptatFisk is making his third attempt at the world record.
aware, fullofThey weren’t aware of the time.
awarenessofThere is a growing awareness of the impact of climate change among the young.
belongtoBears belong to the family of mammals.
cause, exampleofThis is an example of international collaboration.
changeinChanges in our diet have meant that more and more people suffer heart disease.
changes, differencesinChanges in society have meant that young people leave home earlier.
complainaboutShe complained about the homework.
concentrateonHe is concentrating on his work.
congratulationsonCongratulations on your new job!
consistofThe recipe consists of three basic ingredients.
contributetoI hope to contribute to the previous research.
courseinI’d like to do a course in computer programming if I could find a good one.
dealWithThey will deal with the situation.
dependonThey depend on each other.
differfromThe results differ from my original idea.
different, separatefromIs French very different from Spanish?
due, similartoThis picture is similar to the one in our living room.
exhibitionofWe went to see an exhibition of Viking jewellery.
experienceinShe has ten years’ experience in television and radio. (usually followed by a noun)
familiar, wrongwithWhat’s wrong with Isabelle?
good, surprised*atWe were really surprised at the price of food in restaurants on our holiday.
Happyabout,for, with
increaseinThere’s been a steady increase in the value of the euro.
increaseofThere has been an increase of 200,000 in the city’s population in the last ten years.
informationonCan you give us some information on/about bus tours, please?
inquiry, investigationintoThe police inquiry into the theft continues.
insistonI must insist on following this rule.
interestinHe seems to have less interest in everything these days.
interestedinLots of people are interested in Grand Prix racing but I’m not.
invitationtoThe invitation to the reception at the embassy arrived the next day.
knowledgeofHe has an amazing knowledge of European history.
leadtoMy results will lead to future research on the topic.
lessoninI need some lessons in how to set up a website.
lookatShe looked at him.
memberofCan anyone become a member of your book club?
methodofQuestionnaires are not necessarily the best method of collecting sociological data.
needforWe understand the need for change but we should move slowly.
need, reasonforWhat’s the reason for your unhappiness?
newcomertoI was a newcomer to windsurfing so I was very nervous.
occurinThe same problem occurred in three out of four cases.
placeinI’d love to show you some of the nice places in my hometown.
possibilityofThe possibility of making contact with other intelligent beings in the universe is very small.
problemofThe problem of finding a good babysitter is one that many parents have faced.
readaboutI read about the flooding in the city.
reasonforI’ve never understood the reason for all these different forms we have to fill in.
refertoPlease refer to my previous explanation.
researchintoShe did some research into the causes of back pain.
responsetoHer response to the criticism was very strong.
responsibilityforNobody seems to have responsibility for the budget.
responsible, goodforExercise is good for everyone.
resultinMy recruitment strategies resulted in finding 10 participants.
riskofWe all know the risks of getting a virus if we don’t protect our computer.
searchforThey are searching for the missing dog.
smellofThe basement smells of mildew.
smileatThe children smiled at her.
Sorryabout, for
succeedinShe will succeed in completing her degree.
sufferfromShe suffers from dementia.
translationintoShe did a translation into English of some ancient Chinese poems.
visittoThe visit to the temple was the high point of the holiday.
wayofWe need to find another way of doing things.
worried, excitedaboutWe’re really excited about our trip to Argentina.
worryaboutHe worries about the future.


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