İngilizce present continuous tense (he is speaking) (135 örnek cümle)7 min read

Present continuous tense bebeklerin ilk öğrendiği fiil çekimidir. Şimdiki zamanı anlatırken kullanırsınız. Fiilin sonuna -ing ekinipresent continuous koyarak fiile -yor anlamı katarsınız. Genellikle şu durumlarda kullanabilirsiniz.


  • şu anda gerçekleşmekte olan eylemler, mesela şimdi
  • sadece geçici olarak gerçekleşen eylemler
  • şu anda gerçekleşen, ancak konuşma anında olmayan eylemler
  • değişen durumlar
  • yakın gelecek için önceden belirlenmiş planlar, düzenlemeler veya randevular


Conjugation/Cümle kurulumu

positiveS + am/is/are V-ing + OI am speakinghe is speakingyou are speaking
negativeS + am/is/are not V-ing + OI am not speakinghe is not speakingyou are not speaking
questionam/is/are + S + V-ing + OAm I speaking?Is he speaking?Are you speaking?

Cümle kurulumu örneği/ zamirlere göre

subjectauxiliary verbmain verb
positiveIamspeakingto you.
negativeSheisnotstayingin London.
Aretheywaitingfor John?


long formcontractionexample
am (not)…’m (not)I’m (not) (not: I amn’t)
are not…’re not/… aren’twe’re not/we aren’t
is not…’s not/… isn’tshe’s not/she isn’t

Contractions in written English/ Yazılı İngilizce’de kısaltmalar

Yazılı İngilizcede, are’in kısaltılmış biçimi yalnızca zamirlerden sonra kullanılabilir, isimlerden sonra kullanılamaz.



  • They’re travelling around Australia.
  • (but not: The tourists’re travelling around Australia.)


Spelling Rules/Yazım kuralları

Fiil -e ile bitiyorsa -e silinir. Fakat –ee, -oe ve -ye değişmeden kalır.

  • come– coming
  • (but: agree– agreeing)
  • mistake – mistaking

Son ünsüzden önce kısa vurgulu sesli harf bulunan kelimelerde son ünsüz iki tane olur. Ancak, -w, -x ve -y iki katına çıkmaz

  • sit – sitting
  • (but: fix–fixing)
  • stop – stopping
  • begin – beginning


İngiliz İngilizcesinde bir sesli harften sonra son ünsüz -l her zaman iki tane olur, ancak Amerikan İngilizcesinde değildir.

  • travel– travelling (British), traveling (American)


Fiil -ie ile bitiyorsa sonundaki harf -y ile değişir

  • lie– lying


Present continuous tense Zaman belirteçleri

  • at the moment
  • Just now: şu anda
  • Right now: şu anda
  • At this moment: şu anda
  • now, just now, right now
  • This semester: bu yarıyıl
  • Temporarily: geçici olarak
  • For the time being: şimdilik
  • Currently: bugünlerde, şu sıralar
  • This week only: yalnızca bu hafta
  • For a limited time: kısa bir zaman için


Present continuous tense Kullanıldığı Yerler

şu anda gerçekleşmekte olan eylemler, mesela şimdi


  • am studying for my algebra test.
  • James is travelling around Australia.
  • Meghan is reading a book in the living room.
  • My cat is watching the birds through the window.
  • Look! James is taking a picture of another tourist.
  • She isn’t enjoying her time at the amusement park because of her toothache.
  • They are sitting at Scott’s favorite booth, the one with the sparkling red plastic seats. (For how long? We don’t know, but we do know they are sitting there )
  • The waiter is standing behind the counter right now with a notepad in his hand and pencil behind his ear. (Will he ever make it over to the booth? Probably, but not )
  • Are you waiting to open your presents after you eat your pancakes?” said Aunt Christine, taking a sip from her root beer. (Here the present continuous is being used in question form.)



sadece geçici olarak gerçekleşen eylemler

  • James is travelling around Australia.
  • Brad is working there as a tour guide over the summer.


şu anda gerçekleşen, ancak konuşma anında olmayan eylemler

  • He is staying at a youth hostel.
  • We are going to the beach during summer vacation.


değişen durumlar

  • The town is becoming more and more popular because of its beautiful beaches.


yakın gelecek için önceden belirlenmiş planlar, düzenlemeler veya randevular

  • am going to Portugal this summer.
  • When are you starting your new job?
  • He is meeting his friend Brad tonight.
  • We are celebrating Ben’s birthday next week.
  • They can play tennis with you tomorrow. They‘re not working.
  • We‘re eating at Joe’s Cafe tonight. We’ve already booked the table.


“Always, forever, constantly, continually” ile rahatsız durumlar anlatılır

  • I am constantly washing dishes.


Present continuous tense Ne Zaman Kullanılmamalıdır?

Durum fiilleriyle şimdiki zamanı kullanmayın. Durum fiilleri, değişme nitelikleri göstermeyen bir varlık durumunu gösterir. Bu fiiller basit şimdiki zamanda kalabilirler.



IncorrectAunt Christine is preferring the maple walnut pancakes over the banana peanut butter ones that Scott loves.
CorrectAunt Christine prefers the maple walnut pancakes over the banana peanut butter ones that Scott loves.

Durum formunda, to be fiili, şimdiki zaman içinde kullanılmıyor

IncorrectSarah is being a tall teenager, who loves her food spicy and her sports dangerous.
CorrectSarah is a tall teenager, who loves her food spicy and her sports dangerous.

Present continuous tense Örnek cümleler

  • We aren’t going.
  • Alice is dancing.
  • I’m walking my dog.
  • Are you not talking?
  • Police warn drivers.
  • We are not sleeping.
  • You see, I’m eating.
  • It’s raining heavily.
  • They are running now.
  • Are you sleeping, Joe?
  • I am studying English.
  • Is it raining outside?
  • She is reading a book.
  • I am helping my father.
  • What are you doing now?
  • She is playing football.
  • The boy is not studying.
  • We are moving to London.
  • You are listening music.
  • Are you playing football?
  • I’m going to the library.
  • My mother is coming home.
  • She is working right now.
  • What is Mr. Samuel doing?
  • You are not sleeping now.
  • She is not going with you.
  • He is not writing a letter.
  • He isn’t working on Monday.
  • Mary is sitting next to me.
  • They are not coming, sorry.
  • We are printing a new book.
  • He is not working very hard.
  • I am exercising in the park.
  • The bus is coming, be quick.
  • They are playing basketball.
  • He is shopping at the market.
  • Hurry up! The bus is leaving.
  • I’m preparing dinner for you.
  • I’m taking you to the market.
  • My son is currently studying.
  • They are not working with us.
  • We’re meeting at two o’clock.
  • Anthony is watching TV series.
  • I am reading a book right now.
  • I’m not watching TV right now.
  • The train is moving, hurry up.
  • They are learning Spanish now.
  • You are not doing that, right?
  • I am not giving it back to you.
  • I’m trying to fix the computer.
  • Mom and Dad are playing tennis.
  • My brother is not sleeping now.
  • The fans are shouting with joy.
  • Birds are chirping in the trees.
  • He is trying to do his homework.
  • My mother is cleaning the house.
  • The man is talking on the phone.
  • Who is asking permission for me?
  • Children are playing in the park.
  • The plane is leaving, we’re late.
  • You look sad. Why are you crying?
  • I’m going to the doctor right now.
  • Where are you going? stay with us.
  • My father is trying to fix the car.
  • The old man is watering the garden.
  • Why aren’t you doing your homework?
  • Children are studying their lessons.
  • People are eating in the restaurant.
  • The company is doing well this year.
  • Why are you staring at me like that?
  • Frances is not preparing for tonight.
  • I am meeting some friends after work.
  • I’m driving right now, see you later.
  • My sister is not completing her work.
  • You are not reading a book right now.
  • I am becoming better at sitting exams.
  • I’m not playing football this weekend.
  • Suzan is ironing her clothes right now.
  • They are trying to understand the code.
  • Alex is going to a new school next term.
  • It is not helping to me, please stop it.
  • My cat is eating its food at the moment.
  • They aren’t studying English these days.
  • We are eating meat now. It is delicious!
  • We are sitting at the cafe with friends.
  • I am not meeting with my relatives today.
  • Many workers are participating in sports.
  • My father is flying to Madrid next month.
  • The mechanic is trying to fix the engine.
  • We’re currently travelling around London.
  • She is constantly changing her hair color.
  • Players are fighting hard to win the match.
  • The boys are playing football after school.
  • He is currently trying to complete his novel.
  • Melissa and Drake are shopping at the market.
  • People are waiting for the plane to take off.
  • The students are watching the football match.
  • They are playing the guitar in the classroom.
  • The secretary is trying to prepare the report.
  • The sun is shining, and the birds are singing.
  • Scientists are still working to find a vaccine.
  • Mary is at university. She’s studying chemistry.
  • The population of the World is rising very fast.
  • My baby cries a lot generally but she is laughing.
  • Everyone is listening attentively in the math class.
  • Francisco is not standing, he is sitting on a chair.
  • My father trying to fix the broken leg of the chair.
  • He is getting fatter and fatter because of this sickness.
  • Jack and Jolie are not playing video games, they are watching a TV series right now.


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