İngilizce Contronym – kendine zıt anlamlı kelimeler [150+ kelime] (63 cümle örneği)17 min read

Hiç bir kelimeyle karşılaştınız ve hatırladığınızın tam tersi anlamına geldiğini öğrendiniz mi?

Yani kendine zıt anlamlı kelimelerden biri.

Eğer öyleyse, bir contronym ile yani kendine zıt anlamlı bir kelime ile karşılaşmış olabilirsiniz.

Evet, bazı kelimelerin iki anlamı var ve kendine zıt anlamlı kelime olabiliyor.

İngilizcede kendine zıt anlamlı olan en az 150 tane kelime var.

Genellikle bir çelişkili anlamlı kelimeler veya oto-zıt anlamlı kelimeler, bağlama bağlı olarak çelişkili veya ters anlamlar uyandıran kelimelerdir.

Yani bu kelimeler bir cümlede bir anlama gelirken diğer cümlede tam tersi bir anlama geliyor. Halbuki aynı kelime.

İngilizce Contronym – kendine zıt anlamlı kelimeler

WordMeaningMeaningExample sentence
1adumbratemeaning 1to clarify
adumbratemeaning 2to cast a shadow over
2anabasismeaning 1A military advance;
anabasismeaning 2A difficult and dangerous military retreat
3annualmeaning 1recurring every year;
annualmeaning 2only lasting a single year
4apologymeaning 1An admission of error accompanied by a plea for forgiveness;
apologymeaning 2A formal defense or justification (as in Plato’s Apology), also referred to as an apologia
5aughtmeaning 1all
aughtmeaning 2nothing
6awfulmeaning 1Originally used as a term to mean full of awe, a synonym of awesome
awfulmeaning 2now means something exceptionally bad
7back upmeaning 1To retreat
back upmeaning 2to give support, therefore holding your ground.
8badmeaning 1Undesirable or unpleasant
badmeaning 2desirable or fashionable.
9beforemeaning 1Primarily British: in advance of (“the future is before us”). In American English, the phrase would typically be “The future is ahead of us.”
beforemeaning 2at an earlier time, previously (“our forefathers came before us”)
10bermmeaning 1A flat piece of land
bermmeaning 2an artificial ridge of land
11billmeaning 1A medium of money (e.g. “a $10 bill”)
billmeaning 2a medium of money owed (e.g. “a bill for $10”).
12Boltmeaning 1To separate by fleeing
Boltmeaning 2to hold together (as with a bolt)
13bonedmeaning 1an adjective describing bones (as in “big-boned”)
bonedmeaning 2an adjective, based on the past tense of the verb “bone”, meaning that bones have been removed (as in a “boned chicken”); a synonym of deboned.
14Boundmeaning 1Going toward a destinationHe’s bound for Europe next month.
Boundmeaning 2restrained from movingThey were bound forever by the wonderful memories they shared.
15brainstormmeaning 1A success
brainstormmeaning 2a failure in the thought process.
16breakmeaning 1An opportunity
breakmeaning 2a problem
17brokemeaning 1Without any money, penniless;
brokemeaning 2broke off, rich, wealthy.
18Bucklemeaning 1To fasten together (with a buckle)Eg, The grandmother felt her knee buckle while climbing the stairs.
Bucklemeaning 2to bend or collapse from pressureEg, The air hostess requested the passengers to buckle their seat belts.
19chillymeaning 1“Cold enough to cause discomfort; feeling uncomfortably cold”.
chillymeaning 2An alternative spelling of chili.
20citationmeaning 1A commendation
citationmeaning 2a condemnation
21Cleavemeaning 1to cut something, such as woodThe tree was cleaved in two by the lightning.
Cleavemeaning 2to hold on tightly to something, such as an ideaThe politician cleaved to his moral principles during the debate.
22clipmeaning 1to fasten together; hold tightlyShe clipped the pages together to stop any from getting lost.
clipmeaning 2to cut apart; cut off (e.g. with shears)The hairdresser clipped a little too much of my hair off.
23commencementmeaning 1The beginning
commencementmeaning 2the end
24comprisemeaning 1to contain; include
comprisemeaning 2to be composed of; consist of
25consequentialmeaning 1Following as an effect, result, or conclusion; consequent.
consequentialmeaning 2Having important consequences; significant.
26Consultmeaning 1To give advice
Consultmeaning 2to get advice
27consumemeaning 1In regard to calories, one can consume them by ingesting them
consumemeaning 2by expending them.
28contemporarymeaning 1Contemporary alone means “modern”
contemporarymeaning 2with a reference point it may also mean “at a specific time in the past”.
29coolmeaning 1In commonly accepted slang, cool means happy, pleasant, agreeable;
coolmeaning 2when referring to a personal interaction, especially in politics, it usually means “less than agreeable” or “polite but strained” (he received a cool reception to his speech).
30criticalmeaning 1Can mean “vital to success” (a critical component)
criticalmeaning 2“disparaging” (a critical comment)
31custommeaning 1usual; normal
custommeaning 2special; unique
32depuratemeaning 1To purify
depuratemeaning 2to make impure.
33discountmeaning 1To leave uncounted/unchecked
discountmeaning 2counting off/down of a price.
34discursivemeaning 1to be rambling or freeform (American usage)
discursivemeaning 2to be strictly structured (British usage).
35disposedmeaning 1As a past tense verb “removed” or “gotten rid of”
disposedmeaning 2as an adjective; disposed means “available”.
36downhillmeaning 1When referring to difficulty, it means “progressively easier”;
downhillmeaning 2when referring to status or condition, it means “progressively worse”
37dropmeaning 1When referring to a film or video or especially an advertisement, it can either mean that it has been abolished, cancelled or withdrawn from circulation,
dropmeaning 2or that it has been published or released into circulation.
38dustmeaning 1to remove fine particles from (e.g. when cleaning)He made sure to dust the house before his parents came to visit.
dustmeaning 2to sprinkle fine particles ontoHe dusted the cake with icing sugar.
39dykemeaning 1Ditch dug for irrigation
dykemeaning 2flood defence built from material dug from ditch.
40egregiousmeaning 1Adjective meaning outstandingly bad or shocking
egregiousmeaning 2in a different context it can mean remarkably good.
41enduringmeaning 1“long lasting”
enduringmeaning 2“suffering through”
42Enjoinmeaning 1To order someone to do something
Enjoinmeaning 2to prohibit someone from doing something
43executemeaning 1a) To execute: To start or beginEg, The need of the hour is to execute the plan.
executemeaning 2b) To execute: To bring to an endEg, The juvenile is expected to be executed, next month.
44factoidmeaning 1A factoid is a false claim that spreads through unreliable mass media, which is the traditional meaning,
factoidmeaning 2an interesting and true bit of trivia.
45Fastmeaning 1to move quicklyDeer run very fast to get away from predators (animals that eat them).
Fastmeaning 2to stay putHis foot was stuck fast when he stepped into the mud.
46fearfulmeaning 1causing fear
fearfulmeaning 2[being] full of fear
47fearsomemeaning 1causing fear
fearsomemeaning 2inclined to fear
48finemeaning 1just meets minimum standards; satisfactoryThere’s supposed to be fine weather on Saturday.
finemeaning 2considerably better than average; excellentThe siblings had a fine relationship but they were by no means good friends.
49Finishedmeaning 1Completed
Finishedmeaning 2destroyed
50Fixmeaning 1To repair
Fixmeaning 2to castrate
51flankmeaning 1to protect the sides of something
flankmeaning 2to attack the flanks.
52Flogmeaning 1To promote persistently
Flogmeaning 2to criticize or beat
53freemeaning 1without” OR “access available” and/or “costless”.
freemeaning 2Also “free” can also be readily (or unwillingly)taken OR can choose not to be taken.
54Garnishmeaning 1To add decorative touches (to food or drink)
Garnishmeaning 2to take/withhold from (as in wages)
55give outmeaning 1to produce; distribute
give outmeaning 2to stop producing; cease functioning
56Gomeaning 1to proceed, move forwardWhen the light turns green, I’ll go.
Gomeaning 2to failI need to buy a new laptop. Mine is starting to go.
57Grademeaning 1A degree of slope
Grademeaning 2a horizontal line or position
58hackmeaning 1A hack can be a clever, ingenious solution
hackmeaning 2an ugly, temporary one.
59handicapmeaning 1advantage (e.g. in sport)
handicapmeaning 2disadvantage; disability
60hardlymeaning 1Either barely just
hardlymeaning 2with extreme power
61hellaciousmeaning 1Tremendous, remarkable
hellaciousmeaning 2extremely unpleasant, dreadful.
62Helpmeaning 1To assist
Helpmeaning 2to prevent or (in negative constructions) restrain
63hewmeaning 1To separate
hewmeaning 2to stick (to)
64Hold upmeaning 1to supportHe held his head up and faced his classmates despite knowing they were gossiping about him.
Hold upmeaning 2to obstructHe wanted to face up to his classmates who bullied him but his fear held him up.
65impassionatemeaning 1Strongly affected
impassionatemeaning 2without passion or feeling.
66impregnablemeaning 1impossible to enter (e.g. of a fortress)
impregnablemeaning 2able to be impregnated
67incorporate (adjective)meaning 1having a body, having been incorporated
incorporate (adjective)meaning 2having no body; incorporeal.
68inflammablemeaning 1Flammable
inflammablemeaning 2nonflammable.
69injointmeaning 1To injoint can mean to separate
injointmeaning 2to join
70Lease/Rentmeaning 1to lend; rent outWe leased/rented a house in France for our holiday.
Lease/Rentmeaning 2to borrow; hireThey lease/rent out their flat when they aren’t using it.
71Leftmeaning 1to go away fromThey left the party early.
Leftmeaning 2remainingThey were the last ones left at the party.
72letmeaning 1to allow; grant permission
letmeaning 2to prevent (e.g. “without let or hindrance”)
73literallymeaning 1actually; really
literallymeaning 2figuratively; virtually
74luridmeaning 1pale
luridmeaning 2glowing with color.
75Meanmeaning 1unkind/aggressive/spitefulHe wished his teacher wasn’t so mean.
Meanmeaning 2excellentHe makes a mean pasta bake.
76mediocremeaning 1ordinary, neither good nor bad
mediocremeaning 2rather poor or inferior.
77Modelmeaning 1The original, perfect example
Modelmeaning 2a copy
78mootmeaning 1debatable; arguable
mootmeaning 2academic; irrelevant
79moseymeaning 1to move quickly
moseymeaning 2to move leisurely.
80nervelessmeaning 1fearful and lacking courage
nervelessmeaning 2calm and controlled.
81nonplussedmeaning 1so surprised
nonplussedmeaning 2confused that one is unsure how to react or not disconcerted, unperturbed
82Offmeaning 1to be deactivatedShe turned her phone off because she didn’t want to be disturbed (distracted, bothered, interrupted).
Offmeaning 2to be activatedThe fire alarm went off when I burned our dinner.
83originalmeaning 1plain, or unchanged (as in original flavour)
originalmeaning 2something creative or new (an original idea)
84Outmeaning 1Out: VisibleEg, The moon was hidden behind the clouds, it took a long time to come out.
Outmeaning 2Out: InvisibleEg, In order to create complete darkness, he decided to put out the candles too.
85outstandingmeaning 1Exceptional, prominent, excellent
outstandingmeaning 2unsettled, unresolved, overdue.
86Overlookmeaning 1To watch
Overlookmeaning 2to fail to notice
87overpoweredmeaning 1the subject in question possesses more power than expected
overpoweredmeaning 2the subject has been defeated by a greater power.
88Oversightmeaning 1to overlook or miss somethingHe apologized for the oversight in his report. He meant to put the information in, but forgot.
Oversightmeaning 2to oversee something carefully, especially by a government committeeThe House Oversight Committee paid close attention to what was going on in Congress.
89pantsmeaning 1As a verb, “to pants someone” can mean to either to apply pants to
pantsmeaning 2to remove them from their body.
90Peermeaning 1a member on the nobilityIn the UK the ranks of the peerage are duke, marquess, earl, viscount, and baron.
Peermeaning 2an equalMy assignment will be marked by my peers.
91Perusemeaning 1To skim
Perusemeaning 2to read very carefully
92pitchmeaning 1To discard
pitchmeaning 2to promote
93pittedmeaning 1Having pit
pittedmeaning 2having pits removed.Pitted olives do not contain pits, but the labeling confuses some customers.
94presentlymeaning 1Its older meaning is “immediately”
presentlymeaning 2its contemporary meaning is “in a while”.
95pricelessmeaning 1so valuable that no price can be set
pricelessmeaning 2it can also mean worthless.
96publicmeaning 1common people of a society
publicmeaning 2things operated by the government
97putmeaning 1to begin to move hurriedly
putmeaning 2stationary (e.g. “stay put”)
98Put outmeaning 1ExtinguishEg, The tutorial taught 5 new ways to put out fire.
Put outmeaning 2GenerateEg, Arthur Miller put out many books.
99puzzlemeaning 1to pose a problem
puzzlemeaning 2to solve a problem
100qualifiedmeaning 1“limited” (as in “qualified success”)
qualifiedmeaning 2“skilled, skilful” (as in “a qualified expert”).
101quantummeaning 1very small (e.g. in Physics)
quantummeaning 2very large (e.g. “quantum leap”)
102quidditymeaning 1Can mean either the essence of a thing, or a quibble.
quidditymeaning 2Essence, or a trifling point of contention
103Ravelmeaning 1To separate
Ravelmeaning 2to become entangled
104recastmeaning 1“to cast an actor in the same role again”
recastmeaning 2“to replace one actor in a role with another”.
105reflexivemeaning 1“marked by reflection”
reflexivemeaning 2“characterized by habitual, unthinking behavior”
106Refrainmeaning 1to desistPlease refrain from smoking indoors.
Refrainmeaning 2a repeated (number of) linesThere’s a refrain at the end of each verse in the poem.
107remitmeaning 1Can be used to mean cancel
remitmeaning 2to send money as a payment or gift.
108Rentmeaning 1To lease something
Rentmeaning 2to offer an something for lease
109replacemeaning 1to restore to a former place or position
replacemeaning 2to put something new in the place of (e.g. “I replaced the old rug with a new one”)
110reservationmeaning 1“a confirmation” of availability
reservationmeaning 2a fear or uncertainty
111resignmeaning 1to quit; give up
resignmeaning 2to sign up again
112rhotacismmeaning 1Can mean overuse of the letter R
rhotacismmeaning 2the inability to pronounce it.
113Rockmeaning 1An immobile mass of stone
Rockmeaning 2a shaking or unsettling movement or action
114rootmeaning 1to remove completely
rootmeaning 2to become firmly established
115Sanctionmeaning 1formal approval or permission to do somethingOur boss sanctioned the meeting, so we met with the new customer last week.
Sanctionmeaning 2to impose (make, force) restrictions (rules, limits) on someone or somethingMany countries have imposed sanctions on Russia in the last few weeks.
116sanguinemeaning 1murderous
sanguinemeaning 2cheerfully optimistic
117scanmeaning 1to examine closely
scanmeaning 2to glance at hastily
118Screenmeaning 1to show something, normally a movieThe movie was screened privately for everyone who worked on it.
Screenmeaning 2to hide something from viewPatients in a hospital are usually screened off to provide privacy.
119secretedmeaning 1“hidden” (secreted away)
secretedmeaning 2“exposed” (secreted from a wound)
120secularmeaning 1Worldly, not eternal
secularmeaning 2lasting for many years
121Seedmeaning 1to sow seedsIt is important to seed plants at the right time of year so that they can grow in the best conditions.
Seedmeaning 2to remove seedsChop and seed the chillies before adding them to the sauce.
122setmeaning 1to fix in place
setmeaning 2to flow; move on
123severalmeaning 1“separate, single, or individual”
severalmeaning 2“plural, more than two”.
124shankmeaning 1latter part of a period of time
shankmeaning 2early part of a period of time
125shedmeaning 1To put into a shed (as in “I’m going to shed the lawnmower for the winter”)
shedmeaning 2to remove (as in “the snake shed its skin”).
126shelledmeaning 1Shelled can describe either the result of removing a shell (e.g., we shelled the hazelnuts)
shelledmeaning 2describe something that has a shell (e.g., turtles are like shelled snakes with legs)
127Shopmeaning 1To patronize a business in order to purchase something
Shopmeaning 2to sell something
128Sickmeaning 1to be illI was really sick yesterday, which is why I didn’t come into work.
Sickmeaning 2cool, awesome, amazing- slang, informal speech)Dude, that skateboard trick was really sick!
129skinmeaning 1to cover with a skin
skinmeaning 2to remove the skin
130splicemeaning 1to join together
splicemeaning 2to cut in two
131Stakeholdermeaning 1One who has a stake in an enterprise
Stakeholdermeaning 2a bystander who holds the stake for those placing a bet
132staymeaning 1stopping an action (“stay the execution”)
staymeaning 2to continue an action (“stay the course”)
133stemmeaning 1To make headway on something (e.g. “if the wind will only die down, we shall be able to stem the first of the flood”)
stemmeaning 2to restrict something (e.g. “we need to stem the bleeding”).
134Strikemeaning 1to hit/succeedThey struck gold.
Strikemeaning 2to miss/failHe was struck out.
135suspiciousmeaning 1a person is acting in a way that suggests wrongdoing (e.g. “He seems very suspicious”)
suspiciousmeaning 2can mean that the person in question suspects wrongdoing in others (e.g. “He was suspicious of her motives.”)
136tablemeaning 1to propose; suggest
tablemeaning 2to postpone; shelve
137targetedmeaning 1“having aimed at” (targeted missile strikes)
targetedmeaning 2“being aimed at” (targeted civilian settlements).
138teasemeaning 1To comb
teasemeaning 2to back-comb.
139tempermeaning 1to soften; mollify
tempermeaning 2to strengthen (e.g. a metal)
140terriblemeaning 1Formidable
terriblemeaning 2lousy.
141terrificmeaning 1“inducing terror”
terrificmeaning 2fantastic or “amazing”
142throw outmeaning 1“to discard”
throw outmeaning 2“to offer an idea”
143Transparentmeaning 1invisible/see-throughWe visited a beautiful beach with transparent waters.
Transparentmeaning 2apparent/obviousHer expression made her views transparent.
144Trimmeaning 1to decorate/adornEach year the family gathers to trim the Christmas tree.
Trimmeaning 2to cut away excessThe gardener trims the hedges frequently.
145Tripmeaning 1to catch your foot on something, causing you to fallShe tripped over the fallen tree while we were hiking.
Tripmeaning 2to walk along lightly, in a carefree wayI tripped along the New York sidewalks without a care in the world.
146trippingmeaning 1A fluid effortless motion
trippingmeaning 2the act of falling due to an unforeseen obstacle.
147tryingmeaning 1hard to endure’
tryingmeaning 2to make an effortA teacher’s report may say, “Your child is trying”. [22]
148Unbendingmeaning 1Rigid
Unbendingmeaning 2relaxing
149unfoldablemeaning 1That can be unfolded
unfoldablemeaning 2not capable of being folded.
150Varietymeaning 1A particular type
Varietymeaning 2many types
151vaultmeaning 1A small locked box
vaultmeaning 2the expanse of the heavens.
152Wearmeaning 1to deteriorateMy jeans always wear away at the knees.
Wearmeaning 2able to withstand deteriorationThe dress has at least another year of wear left in it.
153Weathermeaning 1to withstandThe ship is built to weather a storm.
Weathermeaning 2to deteriorateThe cliffs have weathered over the years.
154wickedmeaning 1“evil”
wickedmeaning 2(slang) “very good”.
155Wind upmeaning 1to start; prepareYou need to wind the toy train up to make it run.
Wind upmeaning 2to end; concludeIt’s time for the meeting to end– please wind up all discussions.



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