İngilizce benzetmeler (similes) 250 örnek12 min read

Similes (Benzetme), “like” veya “as” sözcüklerini kullanarak iki nesneyi veya kavramı birbiriylesimile benzetme karşılaştırmak için kullanılan bir mecazdır.

Nesneler genellikle o kadar farklıdır ki karşılaştırma şaşırtıcıdır.

Similes (Benzetme) çoğunlukla şunlar için kullanılır

  • Karşılaştırma yapmak
  • Bir duyguyu ifade etmek
  • Okuyucu için canlı bir mental görsel yaratmak


Similes (Benzetme) kullanmanın sebepleri


Benzetmeler, dili daha ilgi çekici, açıklayıcı ve yaratıcı kılmak için güçlü bir araçtır.


Zihin imgeler ve çağrışımlar yoluyla düşündüğü için benzetmeler, sıfatlardan veya kesin tanımlamalardan daha güçlü ve etkili tanımlamalar ortaya çıkarabilir; bağlantılı duyguları harekete geçirebilir, yeni zihinsel bağlantılar oluşturabilir ve belirli özelliklerin altını çizebilirler.


Ortak konuşmadan şiire, yaratıcı ifade için benzetmeler neredeyse gereklidir.

Similes örnekleri

Similes as…asMeaning
1as agile as a monkeyvery quick
2as alike as two peas in a podidentical or nearly so
3as American as apple pie
4as bald as a cootcompletely bald
5as bent as a bercowvery corrupt
6as big as a busvery big
7as big as an elephantvery big
8as black as a sweepcompletely black
9as black as coalcompletely black
10as black as pitchcompletely black
11as blind as a batcompletely blind
12as blind as a molecompletely blind
13as bold as brassvery bold
14as boring as watching paint dry
15as brave as a lionvery brave
16as bright as a buttonvery bright
17as bright as a new pinvery bright and shiny
18as brown as a berrycompletely brown
19as busy as a beaververy busy
20as busy as a beevery busy
21as busy as a cat on a hot tin roofvery busy
22as busy as an antvery busy
23as calm as a catvery calm
24as calm as a millpondvery calm and still
25as changeable as the weathersubject to change
26as cheap as dirt
27as clean as a whistlevery clean
28as clear as a bellvery clear
29as clear as crystalvery clear
30as clear as mudnot at all clear
31as cold as icevery cold
32as common as dirtvery common, rude, vulgar
33as cool as a cucumbercool
34as crafty as a foxvery cunning
35as cunning as a foxcunning
36as dead as a doornaildead
37as dead as the dododead, extinct
38as deaf as a postcompletely deaf
39as devoted as a mothervery dedicated
40as different as chalk from cheesevery different
41as difficult as nailing jelly to a tree
42as drunk as a lordcompletely drunk
43as dry as a bonecompletely dry
44as dry as dustvery dry
45as dull as dishwaterdull, boring
46as easy as A.B.C.very easy
47as easy as apple-pievery easy
48as fast as a deervery fast
49as fat as a pigvery fat
50as feeble as a childvery weak or delicate
51as fierce as a lionvery ferocious
52as fit as a fiddlein very good health
53as flat as a pancakecompletely flat
54as free as a birdvery free to go anywhere
55as fresh as a daisyvery fresh
56as frisky as a lambvery energetic
57as gentle as a dovehaving a kindly or tender nature
58as gentle as a lambvery gentle
59as good as goldvery good
60as graceful as a swanvery elegant
61as green as grasscompletely green
62as hairy as a gorillavery hairy
63as happy as a kingvery happy
64as happy as a larkvery happy
65as hard as nailsvery tough in character
66as harmless as a dovevery innocent
67as heavy as an elephantvery heavy
68as heavy as lead
69as helpless as a baby
70as honest as the day is long
71as hot as blue blazes
72as hot as hellvery hot
73as hungry as a bearvery hungry
74as hungry as a huntervery hungry
75as hungry as a wolfvery hungry
76as industrious as a beaververy active and hardworking
77as innocent as a lambinnocent, not worldly-wise
78as large as lifeconspicuously present
79as light as a feathervery light
80as light as airvery light
81as like as two herringidentical or look alike
82as long as a month of Sundays
83as loose as a goose
84as loyal as an apostlevery trustworthy
85as mad as a hattercompletely crazy
86as mad as a hornetvery angry
87as meek as a lambvery timid
88as nutty as a fruitcakecompletely crazy
89as obstinate as a mulevery obstinate, stubborn
90as old as the hillsvery old
91as open as daycompletely open
92as pale as deathvery pale or white in the face
93as plain as dayvery clear
94as plain as the nose on your face
95as playful as a kittenvery lively
96as pleased as punch
97as poor as a church mousevery poor
98as poor as dirtpoverty-stricken
99as proud as a peacockvery proud
100as pure as snowpure and innocent
101as pure as the driven snowpure and innocent
102as quick as a winkvery quick(ly)
103as quick as lightningvery quick
104as quick as silververy quick
105as quiet as a church mousevery quiet
106as regular as the clockhappens at exactly regular times
107as right as rainfeeling completely well or healthy
108as round as a barrelcompletely round
109as safe as housesvery safe
110as scarce as hen’s teethvery, very scarce
111as sharp as a needlevery sharp
112as sharp as a razorvery sharp
113as sick as a dogvery sick
114as sick as a parrotvery sick
115as silent as the deadcompletely silent
116as silent as the gravecompletely silent
117as slippery as an eelslippery, evasive
118as slow as a snailvery slow
119as slow as a tortoisevery slow
120as slow as molasses
121as smooth as a baby’s bottom
122as smooth as silkvery smooth
123as smooth as velvetvery smooth
124as snug as a bug in a rugin a very comfortable position
125as sober as a judgesober
126as soft as buttervery soft
127as solid as a rocksolid
128as solid as the ground we stand onsolid
129as sound as a bellvery clear
130as sour as vinegarvery sour
131as steady as a rockvery steady
132as stiff as a boardcompletely stiff
133as straight as an arrowstraight
134as strong as an oxvery strong
135as stubborn as a mulevery stubborn, obstinate
136as sturdy as an oakvery strong and solid
137as sure as death and taxesabsolutely certain to happen
138as sweet as honeyvery sweet
139as sweet as pie
140as tall as a giraffevery tall
141as thin as a rakevery thin
142as timid as a rabbitvery timid
143as tough as leathervery tough
144as tough as nailsvery tough
145as tough as old bootsvery tough
146as useless as a chocolate teapot
147as warm as toast
148as welcome as a skunk at a lawn partynot welcome at all
149as white as a ghostvery pale or white in the face
150as white as a sheetpure white
151as white as snowpure white
152as wise as an owlvery wise
153as wise as Solomonvery wise

Similes as…

  • big as a house
  • clean as a whistle
  • clear as mud
  • comfortable as a bed of nails
  • cute as a button
  • deep as the ocean
  • different as night and day
  • dry as the desert
  • easy as pie
  • happy as a clam
  • hot as hell
  • nutty as a fruitcake
  • sick as a dog
  • solid as quicksand
  • strong as an ox
  • sweet as sugar
  • thin as a rail
  • tough as nails
  • white as a ghost

Similes like

Similes using ‘like’meaning
1Avoid like the plagueto shun, or evade if at all possible
2Bleed like a stuck pigto bleed profusely
3Breed like rabbitsto breed very rapidly, to have many children
4busy like a bee
5Chatters like a monkey
6Climbs like a monkey
7Cry like a babycry a lot
8Cut like a knifeto sting severely, to be very sharp
9cuts like butter
10Drink like a fishto drink alcohol heavily and in excess
11Drop like fliesone after the other
12Eat like a birdto eat in small amounts rather than in a single full meal
13Eat like a pig/eat like a horseto chew noisily, with one’s mouth open, or with much greed
14eats like a pig
15Fall like teardrops
16Fighting like cats and dogs
17Fit like a gloveto be a perfect fit, to be exactly the right size
18Float like a butterflyto move effortlessly and in an agile fashion
19flowed like a river
20fought like cats and dogs
21Get on like a house on fireto immediately start a good relationship with someone
22Go down like a lead balloonto be received negatively by others
23Go out like a lightto fall asleep quickly
24Grin like a Cheshire catto smile broadly, especially in a self-satisfied way
25grow like a weed
26Have a memory like a sieveto have a poor memory; to have difficulty remembering things
27Have eyes like a hawk
28hurts like the devil
29Jumps like a frog
30Kick like a muleto have a very strong physical effect
31Laugh like a drainto laugh with a loud, coarse sound
32Laugh like a hyenato laugh hysterically
33Leak like a sievefull of holes
34Light as a featherextremely light, having minimal weight
35like a bear with a sore headvery irritable; bad-tempered
36like a box of chocolates
37like a bull in china shopclumsy, aggressive, without care or concern, without self-control
38like a bump on a logidly, listlessly, or uselessly
39like a cat on a hot tin roofjumpy, nervous
40like a charmvery effectively
41like a dog on heatvery energetic and enthusiastic
42like a dog with a bonestubborn; persistent; relentless
43like a duck takes to watervery naturally; without effort
44like a fish out of water
45like a kid in a candy storeelated or excited as a result of having many options to choose from
46like a lamb to the slaughterhelplessly and innocently, without knowing the unpleasant consequences
47like a manbravely, decisively and without complaining
48like a million dollarsextremely good or well
49like a steel trap
50like a ton of bricksvery strongly; very heavily; often unexpectedly
51like a trainwith unstoppable momentum
52like chalk and cheesetwo things that are different
53like clockworkwith perfect regularity and precision; faultless
54like crazyto a great or excessive degree; with great speed, output, enthusiasm
55like death warmed overIll, unwell
56like feeding time at the zooextremely frenetic, disorderly and messy
57like hot cakesquickly, especially by purchase or consumption
58like nobody’s businessrapidly; excessively; like crazy
59like rats from a sinking shipaway from a failing project
60like riding a bikesaid of skill that, once learned, is never forgotten
61like shelling peasrepetitive, but very easy
62like shooting fish in a barrelextremely easy
63like taking candy from a babyeasy to achieve
64like the back end of a busvery unattractive
65like the clappersvery hard or very rapidly
66like the windquickly, at a high speed
67like turkeys voting for Christmasserving to bring about a situation detrimental to the person performing the action
68like two peas in a pod
69like water off a duck’s backwithout immediate or lasting effects
70like white on riceinseparable; in very close proximity; following closely
71moves like a snail
72Nocturnal like an owl
73Out like a lightasleep or unconscious
74Quack like a duckto appear to be exactly what one is
75Read like a bookto be able to discern someone’s thoughts from his or her body language or other behaviour
76Run around like a chicken with its head cut off/run around like a headless chickento act in a haphazard or aimless way; to act frantically or without control
77Run like a topto operate smoothly
78Run like the windrun very quickly
79Runs like a horse
80runs like the wind
81Sing like a birdto have a beautiful singing voice/to reveal secrets
82Sings like a cuckoo
83Sink like a stoneto completely fail
84Sleep like a babysleeping soundly
85Slept like a log
86soared like an eagle
87Swear like a trooperto swear a lot; to utter many swear words
88Sweat like a pigto sweat profusely, to be perspiring lots of sweat
89Swim like a fishto be a very strong swimmer
90Watch like a hawkto observe closely and keenly
91works like a charm


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