İngilizce Collective nouns [2.000+’lık liste]48 min read

İngilizce collective nouns yani grup isimleri; bir grup bir şeyi (insanlar, hayvanlar, şeyler vb.)

isimlendirmek için kullanılan herhangi bir isimdir.collective noun


“Grup” çok yaygın bir collective noun’dur.


Bu makalede ingilizce collective nouns en kapsamlı kılavuzu bulacaksınız.

Yaygın görebileceğiniz 150 ingilizce grup isimleri listesi (collective noun)

Collective Nouns of PeopleCollective Nouns for ThingsCollective Nouns of AnimalsCollective Nouns that only use one word
an army of soldiersan album of autographs andan army of antscorporation’s army
a bevy of beauties / girlsan album of photographsa bevy of quailaudience
a band of musiciansan album of stampsa brood/flock of chicks /chickensboard
a band of robbersan anthology of poemsa catch of fishcabinet
a board of directorsan archipelago of islandsa cloud of fliesclass
a body of downloadinga bale of cottona cloud of insectscommittee
a bunch of crooksa bale of woola cloud of Locustscompany
a caravan of gypsiesa basket of fruita colony of gullscouncil
a choir of singersa batch of breada drove of cattledepartment
a class of pupilsa book of exercisesa drove of horsesfaculty
a class of studentsa book of notesa flight of birdsfamily
a company of actorsa bouquet of flowersa flight of dovesfirm jury majority
a company of soldiers, anda bowl of ricea flight of Locustsgroup
a congregation of worshipersa bunch of flowersa flight of swallowsminority
a crew of sailorsa bunch of grapesa flock of birdsnavy
a crowd of Spectatorsa bunch of keysa flock of geesepublic
a crowd of peoplea bundle of rags / old clothesa flock of sheepschool
a dynasty of kingsa bundle of firewood / sticksa flock of chickenssenate
a galaxy of beautiful womena bundle of haya gaggle of geesesociety
a galaxy of movie starsa catalog of prices / goodsa haul of fishteam
a gang of crooksa chain of eventsa herd of buffaloestroupe
a gang of laborersa chain of mountainsa herd of cattle
a gang of prisoners,a chest of drawersa herd of deer
a gang of robbersa cloud of dusta herd of elephants
a gang of thievesa Clump of bushesa herd of goats
a group of dancersa Clump of treesa herd of swine
a group of singersa cluster of diamondsa hive of bees
a horde of savagesis a cluster of grapesa host of sparrows
a host of angelsa cluster of starsa kindle of kittens
a line of kings / rulersa collection of coinsa litter of cubs
a mob of riotersa collection of curiosities ofa litter of piglets
a pack of Rascalsa collection of picturesa litter of kittens
a pack of thievesa collection of relicsa litter of puppies
a party of friendsa collection of stampsa menagerie of wild animals
a patrol of policemena column of smokea muster of peacocks
a posse of policemena comb of bananasa nest of ants
a regiment of soldiers,a constellation of starsa nest of mice
a staff of employeesis a cluster of starsa nest of rabbits
a staff of Servantsa fall of snowa pack of hounds
a staff of teachersa fleet of motor-cars / taxisa pack of wolves
a team of playersa group of islandsa school of porpoises
a tribe of nativesa hand of bananas ( each a finger)a school of whales
a troop of scoutsa pair of shoesa swarm of bees


1.900 ingilizce grup isimleri listesi (collective noun) kapsamlı liste

SubjectCollective NounUsage Example
orphansabandonmentabandonment of orphans
monksabominable sightabominable sight of monks
waitersabsenceabsence of waiters
facultyacademicsfaculty of academics
condimentsaccompanimentaccompaniment of condiments
adolescentsacneacne of adolescents
castactorscast of actors
companyactorscompany of actors
stageactorsstage of actors
authorsadvanceadvance of authors
flightaeroplanesflight of aeroplanes
squadronaeroplanessquadron of aeroplanes
tasksagendaagendof tasks
photographsalbumalbum of photographs
stampsalbumalbum of stamps
congregationalligatorscongregation of alligators
raftalligatorsraft of alligators
fidgetaltar boysfidget of altar boys
dentistsamalgamamalgam of dentists
metallurgistsamalgamationamalgamation of metallurgists
walkersambleamble of walkers
widowsambushambush of widows
choirangelschoir of angels
chorusangelschorus of angels
hostangelshost of angels
menagerieanimalsmenagerie of animals
neighboursannoyanceannoyance of neighbours
herdantelopeherd of antelope
poemsanthologyanthology of poems
proseanthologyanthology of prose
armyantsarmy of ants
colonyantscolony of ants
sovietantssoviet of ants
swarmantsswarm of ants
shrewdnessapesshrewdness of apes
troopapestroop of apes
orchardapplesorchard of apples
argumentarchitectsargument of architects
confusionarchitectsconfusion of architects
programmersarchivearchive of programmers
advocatesargumentargument of advocates
historiansargumentationargumentation of historians
newtsarmadaarmadof newts
warshipsarmadaarmadof warships
aardvarksarmouryarmoury of aardvarks
standarmsstand of arms
antsarmyarmy of ants
caterpillarsarmyarmy of caterpillars
frogsarmyarmy of frogs
soldiersarmyarmy of soldiers
bakersaromaaromof bakers
luminariesarrayarray of luminaries
quiverarrowsquiver of arrows
sheafarrowssheaf of arrows
conflagrationarsonistsconflagration of arsonists
batteryartillerybattery of artillery
parkartillerypark of artillery
rumbleartilleryrumble of artillery
bundleasparagusbundle of asparagus
ministersassemblyassembly of ministers
toysassemblyassembly of toys
droveassesdrove of asses
herdassesherd of asses
paceassespace of asses
yogurtassortmentassortment of yogurt
beltasteroidsbelt of asteroids
managersasylumasylum of managers
teamathletesteam of athletes
mapsatlasatlas of maps
aliens (extraterrestrial)attackattack of aliens
seniorsattitudeattitude of seniors
teenagersattitudeattitude of teenagers
listenersaudienceaudience of listeners
bookkeepersauditaudit of bookkeepers
polar bearsauroraaurorof polar bears
leavesautumnautumn of leaves
figure skatersaxelaxel of figure skaters
barbersbabblebabble of barbers
linguistsbabblebabble of linguists
cellphonesbabelbabel of cellphones
congressbaboonscongress of baboons
flangebaboonsflange of baboons
rumpusbaboonsrumpus of baboons
tribebaboonstribe of baboons
troopbaboonstroop of baboons
culturebacteriaculture of bacteria
cetebadgerscete of badgers
colonybadgerscolony of badgers
skirlbagpipesskirl of bagpipes
accountantsbalancebalance of accountants
cottonbalebale of cotton
turtlesbalebale of turtles
woolbalebale of wool
festivalballoonsfestival of balloons
bunchbananasbunch of bananas
handbananashand of bananas
coyotesbandband of coyotes
gorillasbandband of gorillas
jackdawsbandband of jackdaws
jaysbandband of jays
menbandband of men
mongoosesbandband of mongooses
musiciansbandband of musicians
piratesbandband of pirates
robbersbandband of robbers
circuitsbankbank of circuits
monitorsbankbank of monitors
knightsbannerbanner of knights
firebaptismbaptism of fire
cynicsbarkbark of cynics
thoughtbaronsthought of barons
batterybarracudabattery of barracuda
mulesbarrenbarren of mules
crocodilesbaskbask of crocodiles
fruitsbasketbasket of fruits
plumsbasketbasket of plums
vegetablesbasketbasket of vegetables
fleetbassfleet of bass
shoalbassshoal of bass
showerbastardsshower of bastards
breadbatchbatch of bread
loavesbatchbatch of loaves
colonybatscolony of bats
bankbatteriesbank of batteries
artillerybatterybattery of artillery
barracudabatterybattery of barracuda
gunsbatterybattery of guns
ramsbatterybattery of rams
testsbatterybattery of tests
guillemotsbazaarbazaar of guillemots
nestbeakersnest of beakers
hillbeanshill of beans
sleuthbearssleuth of bears
slothbearssloth of bears
packbears (polar bears)pack of bears (polar bears)
bevybeautiesbevy of beauties
colonybeaverscolony of beavers
familybeaversfamily of beavers
lodgebeaverslodge of beavers
clamsbedbed of clams
musselsbedbed of mussels
oystersbedbed of oysters
infestationbed bugsinfestation of bed bugs
brewbeerbrew of beer
commonwealthbeescommonwealth of bees
driftbeesdrift of bees
erstbeeserst of bees
flightbeesflight of bees
gristbeesgrist of bees
hivebeeshive of bees
swarmbeesswarm of bees
bullfinchesbellowingbellowing of bullfinches
pealbellspeal of bells
asteroidsbeltbelt of asteroids
bishopsbenchbench of bishops
judgesbenchbench of judges
magistratesbenchbench of magistrates
willowsbendbend of willows
monstersbestiarybestiary of monsters
beautiesbevybevy of beauties
beautiful ladiesbevybevy of beautiful ladies
dovesbevybevy of doves
dowagersbevybevy of dowagers
ladiesbevybevy of ladies
ottersbevybevy of otters
quailbevybevy of quail
roe deerbevybevy of roe deer
swansbevybevy of swans
smokersbillowbillow of smokers
wadbillswad of bills
salmonbindbind of salmon
congregationbirdscongregation of birds
dissimulationbirdsdissimulation of birds
flightbirdsflight of birds
flockbirdsflock of birds
volerybirdsvolery of birds
benchbishopsbench of bishops
seabishopssea of bishops
midgesbitebite of midges
sedgebitternssedge of bitterns
siegebitternssiege of bitterns
shoemakersblackeningblackening of shoemakers
snowblanketblanket of snow
huntersblastblast of hunters
pyromaniacsblazeblaze of pyromaniacs
unicornsblessingblessing of unicorns
podiatristsblisterblister of podiatrists
hippopotamusesbloatbloat of hippopotamuses
apartmentsblockblock of apartments
flatsblockblock of flats
sutebloodhoundssute of bloodhounds
impressionistsblurblur of impressionists
boysblushblush of boys
embarrassmentsblushblush of embarrassments
herdboarherd of boar
chess playersboardboard of chess players
directorsboardboard of directors
executivesboardboard of executives
trusteesboardboard of trustees
singularboarssingular of boars
sounderboarssounder of boars
driftboars (herded)drift of boars (herded)
aliens (noncitizens)boatloadboatload of aliens
fleetboatsfleet of boats
flotillaboatsflotilla of boats
chainbobolinkschain of bobolinks
pathologistsbodybody of pathologists
clusterbombscluster of bombs
surprisesbooboo of surprises
matchesbookbook of matches
Mormonsbookbook of Mormons
wagersbookbook of wagers
librarybookslibrary of books
pilebookspile of books
floristsbouquetbouquet of florists
flowersbouquetbouquet of flowers
melonsbouquetbouquet of melons
pheasantsbouquetbouquet of pheasants
rosesbouquetbouquet of roses
wine tastersbouquetbouquet of wine tasters
estimationsboutbout of estimations
ice creambowlbowl of ice cream
keglersbowlbowl of keglers
setbowlsset of bowls
blushboysblush of boys
orthodontistsbracebrace of orthodontists
diplomatsbranlebranle of diplomats
passelbratspassel of brats
batchbreadbatch of bread
admiralsbridgebridge of admirals
lyricistsbridgebridge of lyricists
telecom workersbroadbandbroadband of telecom workers
greeting cardsbromidebromide of greeting cards
chickensbroodbrood of chickens
hensbroodbrood of hens
nestlingsbroodbrood of nestlings
scholarsbrowbrow of scholars
bracebucksbrace of bucks
clashbucksclash of bucks
leashbucksleash of bucks
chatterbudgerigarschatter of budgerigars
lettersbudgetbudget of letters
herdbuffaloherd of buffalo
herdbuffaloesherd of buffaloes
obstinacybuffaloesobstinacy of buffaloes
orangutansbuffoonerybuffoonery of orangutans
rooksbuildingbuilding of rooks
bellowingbullfinchesbellowing of bullfinches
drovebullocksdrove of bullocks
grapesbunchbunch of grapes
thingsbunchbunch of things
asparagusbundlebundle of asparagus
clothesbundlebundle of clothes
nervesbundlebundle of nerves
ragsbundlebundle of rags
flagsbuntingbunting of flags
shufflebureaucratsshuffle of bureaucrats
coniesburybury of conies
applesbushelbushel of apples
ferretsbusinessbusiness of ferrets
stockbusinessmenstock of businessmen
flockbustardsflock of bustards
draughtbutlersdraught of butlers
kaleidoscopebutterflieskaleidoscope of butterflies
rabblebutterfliesrabble of butterflies
rainbowbutterfliesrainbow of butterflies
swarmbutterfliesswarm of butterflies
schoolbutterfly fishschool of butterfly fish
lobbyistsbuttonholebuttonhole of lobbyists
wakebuzzardswake of buzzards
computer operatorsbytebyte of computer operators
ammunitioncachecache of ammunition
armscachecache of arms
jewelerycachecache of jewelery
weaponscachecache of weapons
peregrinescadgecadge of peregrines
saintscalendarcalendar of saints
caravancamelscaravan of camels
flockcamelsflock of camels
scorncamelsscorn of camels
slatecandidatesslate of candidates
tapirscandlecandle of tapirs
kidscapercaper of kids
tokcapercailliestok of capercaillies
mewscaponsmews of capons
radiancecardinalsradiance of cardinals
herdcaribouherd of caribou
fleetcarsfleet of cars
parkcarspark of cars
actorscastcast of actors
falconscastcast of falcons
hawkscastcast of hawks
merlinscastcast of merlins
orthopaedistscastcast of orthopaedists
librarianscataloguecatalogue of librarians
anglerscatchcatch of anglers
collective nounscatchcatch of collective nouns
armycaterpillarsarmy of caterpillars
clowdercatsclowder of cats
clustercatscluster of cats
cluttercatsclutter of cats
glaringcatsglaring of cats
pouncecatspounce of cats
destructioncats (feral)destruction of cats (feral)
doutcats (house cats)dout of cats (house cats)
nuisancecats (house cats)nuisance of cats (house cats)
littercats (kittens)litter of cats (kittens)
drovecattledrove of cattle
foldcattlefold of cattle
herdcattleherd of cattle
kinecattlekine of cattle
teamcattleteam of cattle
yokecattle (two)yoke of cattle (two)
horsemencavalcadecavalcade of horsemen
badgerscetecete of badgers
bobolinkschainchain of bobolinks
eventschainchain of events
islandschainchain of islands
lynxchainchain of lynx
surveyorschainchain of surveyors
herdchamoisherd of chamois
curateschargecharge of curates
taxischargecharge of taxis
finchescharmcharm of finches
goldfinchescharmcharm of goldfinches
hummingbirdscharmcharm of hummingbirds
wordscharmcharm of words
choughschatteringchattering of choughs
cockatooschatteringchattering of cockatoos
coughschatteringchattering of coughs
coalitioncheetahscoalition of cheetahs
drawerschestchest of drawers
broodchickensbrood of chickens
cluckchickenscluck of chickens
flockchickensflock of chickens
peepchickenspeep of chickens
broodchicksbrood of chicks
chatteringchickschattering of chicks
clutchchicksclutch of chicks
yapchihuahuasyap of chihuahuas
ice cream cartschimechime of ice cream carts
cartloadchimpanzeescartload of chimpanzees
herdchinchillasherd of chinchillas
polecatschinechine of polecats
singerschoirchoir of singers
composerschoruschorus of composers
chatteringchoughschattering of choughs
clatteringchoughsclattering of choughs
friendscirclecircle of friends
bankcircuitsbank of circuits
bedclamsbed of clams
hyenasclanclof hyenas
meerkatsclanclof meerkats
Scotsclanclof Scots
tanksclankclank of tanks
gatheringclansgathering of clans
studentsclassclass of students
codexclassicistscodex of classicists
assemblyclergyassembly of clergy
convocationclergyconvocation of clergy
wormsclewclew of worms
geldingsclippingclipping of geldings
cardiologistsclotclot of cardiologists
gnatscloudcloud of gnats
grasshopperscloudcloud of grasshoppers
catsclowderclowder of cats
reedsclumpclump of reeds
treesclumpclump of trees
bombsclustercluster of bombs
churlsclustercluster of churls
coconutsclustercluster of coconuts
computersclustercluster of computers
diamondsclustercluster of diamonds
knotsclustercluster of knots
spidersclustercluster of spiders
eggsclutchclutch of eggs
familiesclutchclutch of families
kleptomaniacsclutchclutch of kleptomaniacs
mechanicsclutchclutch of mechanics
motorcyclistsclutchclutch of motorcyclists
testiclesclutchclutch of testicles
tomatoesclutchclutch of tomatoes
wrestlersclutchclutch of wrestlers
cheetahscoalitioncoalition of cheetahs
quivercobrasquiver of cobras
intrusioncockroachesintrusion of cockroaches
drugscocktailcocktail of drugs
slavescofflecoffle of slaves
robotscogcog of robots
epidemiologistscohortcohort of epidemiologists
rollcoinsroll of coins
rouleaucoinsrouleau of coins
objectscollectioncollection of objects
nounscollectivecollective of nouns
SubjectCollective NounUsage Example
catchcollective nounscatch of collective nouns
electorscollegecollege of electors
physicianscollegecollege of physicians
chemistscolloidcolloid of chemists
avocetscolonycolony of avocets
batscolonycolony of bats
beaverscolonycolony of beavers
fungicolonycolony of fungi
gullscolonycolony of gulls
ibisescolonycolony of ibises
leperscolonycolony of lepers
licecolonycolony of lice
microbiologistscolonycolony of microbiologists
pelicanscolonycolony of pelicans
penguinscolonycolony of penguins
rabbitscolonycolony of rabbits
termitescolonycolony of termites
volescolonycolony of voles
ragcoltsrag of colts
rakecoltsrake of colts
armoured carscolumncolumn of armoured cars
errorscomedycomedy of errors
cootscommotioncommotion of coots
archer fishcompanycompany of archer fish
archerscompanycompany of archers
foolscompanycompany of fools
molescompanycompany of moles
parrotscompanycompany of parrots
widgeoncompanycompany of widgeon
psychologistscomplexcomplex of psychologists
mediatorscompromisecompromise of mediators
clustercomputerscluster of computers
orgiastsconcatenationconcatenation of orgiasts
cardinalsconclaveconclave of cardinals
duncesconfederacyconfederacy of dunces
firefliesconflagrationconflagration of fireflies
wizardscongeriescongeries of wizards
geologistsconglomerateconglomerate of geologists
alligatorscongregationcongregation of alligators
churchgoerscongregationcongregation of churchgoers
ploverscongregationcongregation of plovers
worshiperscongregationcongregation of worshipers
buryconiesbury of conies
grammariansconjunctionconjunction of grammarians
pulmonologistsconsolidationconsolidation of pulmonologists
octopusesconsortiumconsortium of octopuses
mothersconsternationconsternation of mothers
votersconstituencyconstituency of voters
preachersconvertingconverting of preachers
eaglesconvocationconvocation of eagles
trucksconvoyconvoy of trucks
vehiclesconvoyconvoy of vehicles
covercootscover of coots
covertcootscovert of coots
raftcootsraft of coots
woodcordcord of wood
woodwindscordcord of woodwinds
flightcormorantsflight of cormorants
gulpcormorantsgulp of cormorants
sheafcornsheaf of corn
slugscornucopiacornucopiof slugs
anatomistscorpscorps of anatomists
mournerscortegecortege of mourners
orchidscoteriecoterie of orchids
prairie dogscoteriecoterie of prairie dogs
memberscouncilcouncil of members
cousinscountrysidecountryside of cousins
bottlescouplecouple of bottles
impalascouplecouple of impalas
threateningcourtiersthreatening of courtiers
vampirescovencoven of vampires
witchescovencoven of witches
grousecoveycovey of grouse
partridgescoveycovey of partridges
curscowardicecowardice of curs
flinkcowsflink of cows
herdcowsherd of cows
bandcoyotesband of coyotes
packcoyotespack of coyotes
herdcranesherd of cranes
sedgecranessedge of cranes
siegecranessiege of cranes
glazierscrashcrash of glaziers
rhinocerosescrashcrash of rhinoceroses
softwarecrashcrash of software
infantrycrèchecrèche of infantry
stewardscredencecredence of stewards
tortoisescreepcreep of tortoises
sailorscrewcrew of sailors
elevencricketerseleven of cricketers
baskcrocodilesbask of crocodiles
congregationcrocodilescongregation of crocodiles
floatcrocodilesfloat of crocodiles
nestcrocodilesnest of crocodiles
onlookerscrowdcrowd of onlookers
peoplecrowdcrowd of people
redwingcrowdcrowd of redwing
hovercrowshover of crows
murdercrowsmurder of crows
storytellingcrowsstorytelling of crows
hackerscruftcruft of hackers
shopperscrushcrush of shoppers
littercubslitter of cubs
bacteriacultureculture of bacteria
microbiologistscultureculture of microbiologists
headcurlewshead of curlews
cowardicecurscowardice of curs
creditorscursecurse of creditors
canteencutlerycanteen of cutlery
cobblerscuttingcutting of cobblers
jurorsdamningdamning of jurors
troopdancerstroop of dancers
troupedancerstroupe of dancers
commutersdashdash of commuters
morning gloriesdawndawn of morning glories
agentsdealdeal of agents
nursesdearthdearth of nurses
lapwingsdeceitdeceit of lapwings
cardsdeckdeck of cards
playing cardsdeckdeck of playing cards
deansdecorumdecorum of deans
herddeerherd of deer
leashdeerleash of deer
parceldeerparcel of deer
rangaledeerrangale of deer
bevydeer (roe deer)bevy of deer (roe deer)
economistsdeficitdeficit of economists
ambassadorsdelegationdelegation of ambassadors
gourmandsdelicatessendelicatessen of gourmands
gourmetsdelicatessendelicatessen of gourmets
snakesdenden of snakes
relativesdescentdescent of relatives
woodpeckersdescentdescent of woodpeckers
engineersdesigndesign of engineers
divorceesdesperationdesperation of divorcees
wildcatsdestructiondestruction of wildcats
hidesdickerdicker of hides
debutantesdiffidencediffidence of debutantes
messengersdiligencediligence of messengers
boarddirectorsboard of directors
tailorsdisguisingdisguising of tailors
gossipsdishdish of gossips
fathersdistractiondistraction of fathers
bubblediversbubble of divers
confabdoctorsconfab of doctors
doctorsdoctrinedoctrine of doctors
troopdogfishtroop of dogfish
crydogscry of dogs
kenneldogskennel of dogs
packdogspack of dogs
litterdogs (puppies)litter of dogs (puppies)
poddolphinspod of dolphins
drovedonkeysdrove of donkeys
herddonkeysherd of donkeys
pacedonkeyspace of donkeys
holinessdonutsholiness of donuts
sheldrakesdoppingdopping of sheldrakes
tripdottereltrip of dotterel
tripdotterelstrip of dotterels
bevydovesbevy of doves
cotedovescote of doves
doledovesdole of doves
duledovesdule of doves
flightdovesflight of doves
piteousnessdovespiteousness of doves
pityingdovespitying of doves
prettyingdovesprettying of doves
haresdowndown of hares
flightdragonsflight of dragons
thunderdragonsthunder of dragons
weyrdragonsweyr of dragons
wingdragonswing of dragons
butlersdraughtdraught of butlers
chestdrawerschest of drawers
psychoanalystsdreamdream of psychoanalysts
fishermendriftdrift of fishermen
icebergsdriftdrift of icebergs
lecturersdriftdrift of lecturers
rounddrinksround of drinks
bullocksdrovedrove of bullocks
elvesdrovedrove of elves
fleetducklingsfleet of ducklings
flockducksflock of ducks
stringducksstring of ducks
braceducks (a pair)brace of ducks (a pair)
flushducks (brood)flush of ducks (brood)
doppingducks (diving)dopping of ducks (diving)
plumpducks (flying)plump of ducks (flying)
pumpducks (in flight)pump of ducks (in flight)
teamducks (in flight)team of ducks (in flight)
badelyngeducks (on the ground)badelynge of ducks (on the ground)
paddlingducks (swimming)paddling of ducks (swimming)
raftducks (while idle in water)raft of ducks (while idle in water)
piledungpile of dung
flingdunlinsfling of dunlins
spiesduplicityduplicity of spies
toucansdurantedurante of toucans
armyeaglesarmy of eagles
convocationeaglesconvocation of eagles
clashingeconomistsclashing of economists
bindeelsbind of eels
swarmeelsswarm of eels
clutcheggsclutch of eggs
nesteggsnest of eggs
settingeggssetting of eggs
herdelephantsherd of elephants
memoryelephantsmemory of elephants
paradeelephantsparade of elephants
cricketerseleveneleven of cricketers
gloveselicatelicat of gloves
gangelkgang of elk
herdelkherd of elk
richesembarrassmentembarrassment of riches
staffemployeesstaff of employees
mobemusmob of emus
homosexualsensembleensemble of homosexuals
attendantsentourageentourage of attendants
actressesentranceentrance of actresses
tranquilizersequanimityequanimity of tranquilizers
politiciansequivocationequivocation of politicians
editorseruditionerudition of editors
congressEsperantistscongress of Esperantists
constellationEsperantistsconstellation of Esperantists
chaineventschain of events
larksexaltationexaltation of larks
mastersexampleexample of masters
physiotherapistsexerciseexercise of physiotherapists
heirsexpectationexpectation of heirs
midwivesexpectationexpectation of midwives
panelexpertspanel of experts
Italiansexplosionexplosion of Italians
dodosextinctionextinction of dodos
fireworksexultationexultation of fireworks
graffitieyesoreeyesore of graffiti
academicsfacultyfaculty of academics
firewoodfagotfagot of firewood
sticksfagotfagot of sticks
charmfairiescharm of fairies
herdfairiesherd of fairies
merchantsfaithfaith of merchants
castfalconscast of falcons
lambsfallfall of lambs
woodcocksfallfall of woodcocks
dominoesfallingfalling of dominoes
sardinesfamilyfamily of sardines
yeomenfellowshipfellowship of yeomen
businessferretsbusiness of ferrets
fesnyingferretsfesnying of ferrets
fesnyngferretsfesnyng of ferrets
balloonsfestivalfestival of balloons
stingraysfeverfever of stingrays
suspectsfidgetfidget of suspects
runnersfieldfield of runners
beggarsfightingfighting of beggars
manicuristsfilefile of manicurists
charmfinchescharm of finches
tremblingfinchestrembling of finches
trimmingfinchestrimming of finches
draughtfishdraught of fish
funfishfun of fish
haulfishhaul of fish
runfishrun of fish
schoolfishschool of fish
shoalfishshoal of fish
dollarsfistfulfistful of dollars
grassesfistfulfistful of grasses
flutterflagsflutter of flags
standflamingostand of flamingo
plastic surgeonsflapflap of plastic surgeons
paparazziflashflash of paparazzi
ambulancesfleetfleet of ambulances
bassfleetfleet of bass
boatsfleetfleet of boats
busesfleetfleet of buses
carsfleetfleet of cars
chartered planesfleetfleet of chartered planes
coachesfleetfleet of coaches
ducklingsfleetfleet of ducklings
jetsfleetfleet of jets
lorriesfleetfleet of lorries
mud hensfleetfleet of mud hens
shipsfleetfleet of ships
vansfleetfleet of vans
vesselsfleetfleet of vessels
yachtsfleetfleet of yachts
businessfliesbusiness of flies
swarmfliesswarm of flies
aeroplanesflightflight of aeroplanes
aircraftflightflight of aircraft
butterfliesflightflight of butterflies
cormorantsflightflight of cormorants
dragonsflightflight of dragons
dunbirdsflightflight of dunbirds
golf ballsflightflight of golf balls
goshawksflightflight of goshawks
planesflightflight of planes
refugeesflightflight of refugees
stairsflightflight of stairs
stepsflightflight of steps
swallowsflightflight of swallows
yesterdaysflightflight of yesterdays
dunlinsflingfling of dunlins
oxbirdsflingfling of oxbirds
sandpipersflingfling of sandpipers
tunafloatfloat of tuna
auksflockflock of auks
birdsflockflock of birds
budgerigarsflockflock of budgerigars
bustardsflockflock of bustards
camelsflockflock of camels
ducksflockflock of ducks
geeseflockflock of geese
ostrichesflockflock of ostriches
pigeonsflockflock of pigeons
seagullsflockflock of seagulls
swiftsflockflock of swifts
touristsflockflock of tourists
icefloefloe of ice
ideasfloodlightfloodlight of ideas
swordfishflotillaflotillof swordfish
bollflourboll of flour
blossomsflourishflourish of blossoms
strumpetsflourishflourish of strumpets
trumpetsflourishflourish of trumpets
casteflower-potscaste of flower-pots
bedflowersbed of flowers
bouquetflowersbouquet of flowers
nosegayflowersnosegay of flowers
plumbersflushflush of plumbers
wing commandersflushflush of wing commanders
jellyfishflutherfluther of jellyfish
flutistsflutterflutter of flutists
glideflying fishglide of flying fish
chairsfoldfold of chairs
stalkersfollowingfollowing of stalkers
elevenfootballerseleven of footballers
teamfootballersteam of footballers
housekeepersforesightforesight of housekeepers
stalkforestersstalk of foresters
graduate studentsfortitudefortitude of graduate students
roostfowlsroost of fowls
earthfoxesearth of foxes
fleetfoxesfleet of foxes
leadfoxeslead of foxes
leashfoxesleash of foxes
skulkfoxesskulk of foxes
northernersfreezefreeze of northerners
cheerleadersfrenzyfrenzy of cheerleaders
contestantsfrenzyfrenzy of contestants
guitaristsfretfret of guitarists
skulkfriarsskulk of friars
ghostsfrightfright of ghosts
armyfrogsarmy of frogs
colonyfrogscolony of frogs
knotfrogsknot of frogs
colonyfunguscolony of fungus
comediansgagglegaggle of comedians
womengagglegaggle of women
astronomersgalaxygalaxy of astronomers
governessesgalaxygalaxy of governesses
starfishgalaxygalaxy of starfish
starletsgalaxygalaxy of starlets
starsgalaxygalaxy of stars
noisesgallimaufrygallimaufry of noises
baggamebag of game
professionsgamutgamut of professions
bisonganggang of bison
convictsganggang of convicts
laborersganggang of laborers
thievesganggang of thieves
raccoonsgazegaze of raccoons
flockgeeseflock of geese
wedgegeese (flying in a V)wedge of geese (flying in a V)
skeingeese (in flight)skein of geese (in flight)
gagglegeese (on the ground)gaggle of geese (on the ground)
glittergeneralsglitter of generals
hordegerbilshorde of gerbils
obstetriciansgestationgestation of obstetricians
girlsgigglegiggle of girls
corpsgiraffescorps of giraffes
tottergiraffestotter of giraffes
towergiraffestower of giraffes
herdgiraffes (tower)herd of giraffes (tower)
gigglegirlsgiggle of girls
freezersglacierglacier of freezers
panesglasspanes of glass
herringsgleangleof herrings
goldfishglintglint of goldfish
generalsglitterglitter of generals
liarsglorifyingglorifying of liars
commercialsglutglut of commercials
cloudgnatscloud of gnats
swarmgnatsswarm of gnats
hordegnats (itching)horde of gnats (itching)
implausibilitygnusimplausibility of gnus
herdgnus (paper)herd of gnus (paper)
drovegoatsdrove of goats
flockgoatsflock of goats
tribegoatstribe of goats
tripgoatstrip of goats
herdgoats (caper)herd of goats (caper)
pantheongodspantheon of gods
charmgoldfinchescharm of goldfinches
chatteringgoldfincheschattering of goldfinches
drumgoldfinchesdrum of goldfinches
troublinggoldfinchestroubling of goldfinches
glintgoldfishglint of goldfish
setgolf clubsset of golf clubs
garrisongophersgarrison of gophers
bandgorillasband of gorillas
whoopgorillaswhoop of gorillas
butchersgoringgoring of butchers
flightgoshawksflight of goshawks
skeingoslingsskein of goslings
operasgrandiositygrandiosity of operas
wisdomgrandparentswisdom of grandparents
bunchgrapesbunch of grapes
clustergrapescluster of grapes
vineyardgrapesvineyard of grapes
tuftgrasstuft of grass
cloudgrasshopperscloud of grasshoppers
clustergrasshopperscluster of grasshoppers
juniorsgratitudegratitude of juniors
anatomistsGrayGray of anatomists
used car salesmengreat dealgreat deal of used car salesmen
attorneysgreedgreed of attorneys
leashgreyhoundsleash of greyhounds
electriciansgridgrid of electricians
portersgripgrip of porters
messgritsmess of grits
punsgroangroof puns
Germansgrossgross of Germans
bracegrousebrace of grouse
coveygrousecovey of grouse
packgrouse (large group)pack of grouse (large group)
broodgrouse (single family)brood of grouse (single family)
pugsgrumblegrumble of pugs
bazaarguillemotsbazaar of guillemots
groupguinea pigsgroup of guinea pigs
colonygullscolony of gulls
packgullspack of gulls
screechgullsscreech of gulls
salvogunfiresalvo of gunfire
arsenalgunsarsenal of guns
batterygunsbattery of guns
sycophantsgushgush of sycophants
vendorshagglehaggle of vendors
gunfirehailhail of gunfire
gunshipshailstormhailstorm of gunships
auctioneershammerhammer of auctioneers
hordehamstershorde of hamsters
bananashandhand of bananas
palm readershandfulhandful of palm readers
concubinesharemharem of concubines
courtesansharemharem of courtesans
downharesdown of hares
droveharesdrove of hares
huskhareshusk of hares
leashharesleash of hares
traceharestrace of hares
tripharestrip of hares
warrenhareswarren of hares
heardharlotsheard of harlots
melodyharpersmelody of harpers
errandshasslehassle of errands
cookshastinesshastiness of cooks
aeriehawksaerie of hawks
boilhawksboil of hawks
casthawkscast of hawks
kettlehawkskettle of hawks
leashhawksleash of hawks
trusshaytruss of hay
curlewsheadhead of curlews
ruinsheapheap of ruins
sandheapheap of sand
trashheapheap of trash
busheshedgehedge of bushes
arrayhedgehogsarray of hedgehogs
pricklehedgehogsprickle of hedgehogs
geneticistshelixhelix of geneticists
broodhensbrood of hens
runhensrun of hens
alpacasherdherd of alpacas
animalsherdherd of animals
antelopesherdherd of antelopes
assesherdherd of asses
boarsherdherd of boars
bucksherdherd of bucks
buffaloesherdherd of buffaloes
caribouherdherd of caribou
cattleherdherd of cattle
chamoisherdherd of chamois
chinchillasherdherd of chinchillas
cowsherdherd of cows
cranesherdherd of cranes
deerherdherd of deer
dinosaursherdherd of dinosaurs
donkeysherdherd of donkeys
elandherdherd of eland
elephantsherdherd of elephants
elkherdherd of elk
fairiesherdherd of fairies
giraffesherdherd of giraffes
gnusherdherd of gnus
goatsherdherd of goats
guinea pigsherdherd of guinea pigs
harlotsherdherd of harlots
hartsherdherd of harts
horsesherdherd of horses
ibexherdherd of ibex
llamasherdherd of llamas
mooseherdherd of moose
otologistsherdherd of otologists
oxenherdherd of oxen
pigsherdherd of pigs
reindeerherdherd of reindeer
Sea horsesherdherd of Sea horses
sealsherdherd of seals
sheepherdherd of sheep
walrusesherdherd of walruses
wildebeestherdherd of wildebeest
wrensherdherd of wrens
yaksherdherd of yaks
zebrasherdherd of zebras
observancehermitsobservance of hermits
hedgeheronshedge of herons
sedgeheronssedge of herons
siegeheronssiege of herons
armyherringsarmy of herrings
cranherringscran of herrings
gleamherringsgleam of herrings
shoalherringsshoal of herrings
dickerhidesdicker of hides
beanshillhill of beans
ruffshillhill of ruffs
bloathippopotamibloat of hippopotami
herdhippopotamiherd of hippopotami
crashhippopotami (hippos)crash of hippopotami (hippos)
fixiehipstersfixie of hipsters
argumentationhistoriansargumentation of historians
goldhoardhoard of gold
drifthogsdrift of hogs
parcelhogsparcel of hogs
passelhogspassel of hogs
sounderhogssounder of hogs
slewhomeworkslew of homework
ganghoodlumsgang of hoodlums
pockethopspocket of hops
gerbilshordehorde of gerbils
hamstershordehorde of hamsters
misershordehorde of misers
savageshordehorde of savages
nesthornetsnest of hornets
cavalcadehorsemencavalcade of horsemen
troophorsementroop of horsemen
harashorsesharas of horses
herdhorsesherd of horses
stablehorsesstable of horses
teamhorsesteam of horses
troophorsestroop of horses
studhorses (for breeding)stud of horses (for breeding)
sprinklehosessprinkle of hoses
angelshosthost of angels
sparrowshosthost of sparrows
quiltshotbedhotbed of quilts
cryhoundscry of hounds
hunthoundshunt of hounds
leashhoundsleash of hounds
mutehoundsmute of hounds
packhoundspack of hounds
senatorshousehouse of senators
helicoptershoverhover of helicopters
kestrelshoverhover of kestrels
trouthoverhover of trout
paediatricianshowlhowl of paediatricians
houseshuddlehuddle of houses
lawyershuddlehuddle of lawyers
teddy bearshughug of teddy bears
charmhummingbirdscharm of hummingbirds
shimmerhummingbirdsshimmer of hummingbirds
multiplyhusbandsmultiply of husbands
clanhyenasclan of hyenas
poetsiambiamb of poets
messiguanasmess of iguanas
magiciansillusionillusion of magicians
paintersillusionillusion of painters
baptistsimmersionimmersion of baptists
wivesimpatienceimpatience of wives
in-lawsimpositionimposition of in-laws
mockingbirdsimpressionimpression of mockingbirds
surgeonsincisionincision of surgeons
cuckoldsincredibilityincredibility of cuckolds
bitsinformationbits of information
wealthinformationwealth of information
childreningratitudeingratitude of children
swarminsectsswarm of insects
psychotherapistsinterpretationinterpretation of psychotherapists
cockroachesintrusionintrusion of cockroaches
archipelagoislandsarchipelago of islands
chainislandschain of islands
groupislandsgroup of islands
tartsjamjam of tarts
hangersjanglejangle of hangers
bandjaysband of jays
partyjaysparty of jays
scoldjaysscold of jays
flutherjellyfishfluther of jellyfish
smackjellyfishsmack of jellyfish
cachejewelscache of jewels
orthopaedistsjointjoint of orthopaedists
osteopathsjointjoint of osteopaths
benchjudgesbench of judges
neverthrivingjugglersneverthriving of jugglers
mobkangaroosmob of kangaroos
troopkangaroostroop of kangaroos
drumskettlekettle of drums
ringkeysring of keys
kittenskindlekindle of kittens
leveretskindlekindle of leverets
kendlekittenskendle of kittens
kindlekittenskindle of kittens
litterkittenslitter of kittens
rayfulknavesrayful of knaves
parishionerskneelingkneeling of parishioners
bannerknightsbanner of knights
routknightsrout of knights
pintailsknobknob of pintails
astrologersknotknot of astrologers
toadsknotknot of toads
ganglabourersgang of labourers
magazineslabyrinthlabyrinth of magazines
landlordslacheslaches of landlords
principalslacklack of principals
bevyladiesbevy of ladies
lovelinessladybirdsloveliness of ladybirds
falllambsfall of lambs
leaplambsleap of lambs
codlaplap of cod
deceitlapwingsdeceit of lapwings
desertlapwingsdesert of lapwings
ascensionlarksascension of larks
bevylarksbevy of larks
exaltationlarksexaltation of larks
zaplaserszap of lasers
hostlerslaughterlaughter of hostlers
huddlelawyershuddle of lawyers
nationsleagueleague of nations
leopardsleapleap of leopards
lordsleapingleaping of lords
greyhoundsleashleash of greyhounds
devilslegionlegion of devils
leapleopardsleap of leopards
lepeleopardslepe of leopards
snarlleopardssnarl of leopards
colonyleperscolony of lepers
bookslibrarylibrary of books
golferslielie of golfers
banklifts/elevatorsbank of lifts/elevators
kingslineline of kings
pridelionspride of lions
saultlionssault of lions
sowselionssowse of lions
trooplionstroop of lions
lutistslitanylitany of lutists
cubslitterlitter of cubs
pigletslitterlitter of piglets
puppieslitterlitter of puppies
whelpslitterlitter of whelps
loungelizardslounge of lizards
herdllamasherd of llamas
diapersloadload of diapers
dirty clothesloadload of dirty clothes
drunksloadload of drunks
hairlocklock of hair
plaguelocustsplague of locusts
sequiturlogicianssequitur of logicians
convoylorriesconvoy of lorries
fleetlorriesfleet of lorries
parking attendantslotlot of parking attendants
realtorslotlot of realtors
saltlotlot of salt
lizardsloungelounge of lizards
ladybirdslovelinessloveliness of ladybirds
diceluckluck of dice
oncologistslumplump of oncologists
pardonerslyinglying of pardoners
nestmachine gunsnest of machine guns
inventionmachinesinvention of machines
benchmagistratesbench of magistrates
tidingmagpiestiding of magpies
titteringmagpiestittering of magpies
bevymaidensbevy of maidens
sordmallardssord of mallards
sutemallardssute of mallards
flushmallards (on land)flush of mallards (on land)
puddlingmallards (on water)puddling of mallards (on water)
costmanagerscost of managers
museumsmarchmarch of museums
studmaresstud of mares
musclemarinesmuscle of marines
richessemartensrichesse of martens
Catholicsmassmass of Catholics
oncologistsmassmass of oncologists
priestsmassmass of priests
chainmatcheschain of matches
numbermathematiciansnumber of mathematicians
canyonsmazemaze of canyons
dictionariesmeaningmeaning of dictionaries
mobmeerkatsmob of meerkats
Quakersmeetingmeeting of Quakers
computer programmersmegabytemegabyte of computer programmers
riotersmeleemelee of rioters
harpistsmelodymelody of harpists
bandmenband of men
mongrelsménageménage of mongrels
gritsmessmess of grits
iguanasmessmess of iguanas
officersmessmess of officers
pottagemessmess of pottage
percussionistsmetermeter of percussionists
hordemicehorde of mice
mischiefmicemischief of mice
nestmicenest of mice
fraunchmillersfraunch of millers
streamminnowsstream of minnows
troupeminstrelstroupe of minstrels
candiesmintmint of candies
emusmobmob of emus
gangstersmobmob of gangsters
kangaroosmobmob of kangaroos
Texansmobmob of Texans
wallabiesmobmob of wallabies
wombatsmobmob of wombats
companymolescompany of moles
labourmoleslabour of moles
movementmolesmovement of moles
rouleaumoneyrouleau of money
wadmoneywad of money
packmongoosespack of mongooses
bankmonitorsbank of monitors
barrelmonkeysbarrel of monkeys
cartloadmonkeyscartload of monkeys
machinationmonkeysmachination of monkeys
tribemonkeystribe of monkeys
troopmonkeystroop of monkeys
troupemonkeystroupe of monkeys
sundaysmonthmonth of sundays
herdmooseherd of moose
branchMormons (Latter-day Saints)branch of Mormons (Latter-day Saints)
scourgemosquitoesscourge of mosquitoes
clutchmotorcyclistsclutch of motorcyclists
debtmountainmountain of debt
rangemountainsrange of mountains
cortegemournerscortege of mourners
barrenmulesbarren of mules
packmulespack of mules
rakemulesrake of mules
spanmulesspan of mules
loafersmultiplicationmultiplication of loafers
husbandsmultiplyingmultiplying of husbands
crowsmurdermurder of crows
starlingsmurmurationmurmuration of starlings
marinesmusclemuscle of marines
artmuseummuseum of art
troopmushroomstroop of mushrooms
bandmusiciansband of musicians
orchestramusiciansorchestra of musicians
pintmusselspint of mussels
peacocksmustermuster of peacocks
storksmustermuster of storks
thrushesmutationmutation of thrushes
mothers-in-lawmuttermutter of mothers-in-law
indexnamesindex of names
tribenativestribe of natives
hornetsnestnest of hornets
machine gunsnestnest of machine guns
micenestnest of mice
vipersnestnest of vipers
waspsnestnest of wasps
administratorsnetworknetwork of administrators
jugglersneverthrivingneverthriving of jugglers
quirenewspapersquire of newspapers
matchnightingalesmatch of nightingales
watchnightingaleswatch of nightingales
rump roastnounsrump roast of nouns
physicistsnucleusnucleus of physicists
mathematiciansnumbernumber of mathematicians
questionsnumbernumber of questions
statisticiansnumbernumber of statisticians
flapnunsflap of nuns
superfluitynunssuperfluity of nuns
plantsnurserynursery of plants
servantsobeisanceobeisance of servants
hermitsobservanceobservance of hermits
luggageodysseyodyssey of luggage
messofficersmess of officers
office boysogleogle of office boys
censorsomittingomitting of censors
ropeonionsrope of onions
crowdonlookerscrowd of onlookers
amoebasoozeooze of amoebas
canariesoperaoperof canaries
youthsoptimismoptimism of youths
pocketorangespocket of oranges
ophthalmologistsorbitorbit of ophthalmologists
satellitesorbitorbit of satellites
apple treesorchardorchard of apple trees
fruittreesorchardorchard of fruittrees
cricketsorchestraorchestrof crickets
swingersorgyorgy of swingers
familyotterfamily of otter
bevyottersbevy of otters
raftottersraft of otters
rompottersromp of otters
Aussiesoutbackoutback of Aussies
repairmenoverchargeovercharge of repairmen
parliamentowlsparliament of owls
stareowlsstare of owls
wisdomowlswisdom of owls
flingoxbirdsfling of oxbirds
droveoxendrove of oxen
herdoxenherd of oxen
spanoxenspan of oxen
teamoxenteam of oxen
yokeoxen (two)yoke of oxen (two)
bedoystersbed of oysters
dogspackpack of dogs
houndspackpack of hounds
juicepackpack of juice
perchpackpack of perch
ratspackpack of rats
stoatspackpack of stoats
submarinespackpack of submarines
suitcasespackpack of suitcases
wolvespackpack of wolves
lolliespacketpacket of lollies
illusionpaintersillusion of painters
lovebirdspairpair of lovebirds
swirlpaisleysswirl of paisleys
night watchmenpallorpallor of night watchmen
criticspanpof critics
reviewerspanpof reviewers
expertspanelpanel of experts
umpirespanelpanel of umpires
producerspanicpanic of producers
godspantheonpantheon of gods
foodpantrypantry of food
budgetpapersbudget of papers
stickparatroopersstick of paratroopers
hindsparcelparcel of hinds
postal workersparcelparcel of postal workers
troopsparelparel of troops
cellistsparenthesisparenthesis of cellists
fineparking wardensfine of parking wardens
instrumentsparleyparley of instruments
owlsparliamentparliament of owls
ptarmigansparliamentparliament of ptarmigans
whoresparliamentparliament of whores
companyparrotscompany of parrots
flockparrotsflock of parrots
prattleparrotsprattle of parrots
bewpartridgesbew of partridges
coveypartridgescovey of partridges
bratspasselpassel of brats
possumspasselpassel of possums
matadorspavannepavanne of matadors
musterpeacocksmuster of peacocks
ostentationpeacocksostentation of peacocks
pridepeacockspride of peacocks
bellspealpeal of bells
ropepearlsrope of pearls
stringpearlsstring of pearls
podpeaspod of peas
toilpeasantstoil of peasants
Frenchmenpeckpeck of Frenchmen
malapertnesspedlarsmalapertness of pedlars
vacationerspeelpeel of vacationers
linespencilpencil of lines
colonypenguinscolony of penguins
crechepenguinscreche of penguins
huddlepenguinshuddle of penguins
paradepenguinsparade of penguins
parcelpenguinsparcel of penguins
rookerypenguinsrookery of penguins
waddlepenguins (dry land)waddle of penguins (dry land)
raftpenguins (in water)raft of penguins (in water)
communitypeoplecommunity of people
congregationpeoplecongregation of people
crowdpeoplecrowd of people
grouppeoplegroup of people
cliquepeople/friendsclique of people/friends
troupeperformerstroupe of performers
parentspersistencepersistence of parents
umbrellasphalanxphalanx of umbrellas
fesynespheasantsfesynes of pheasants
nestpheasantsnest of pheasants
bracepheasants (a pair)brace of pheasants (a pair)
coveypheasants (on the ground)covey of pheasants (on the ground)
nidepheasants (on the ground)nide of pheasants (on the ground)
nyepheasants (on the ground)nye of pheasants (on the ground)
bouquetpheasants (when flushed)bouquet of pheasants (when flushed)
ponderphilosophersponder of philosophers
snatchpickpocketssnatch of pickpockets
bunchpigeonsbunch of pigeons
droppingpigeonsdropping of pigeons
flightpigeonsflight of pigeons
flockpigeonsflock of pigeons
loftpigeonsloftof pigeons
roostpigeonsroost of pigeons
litterpigletslitter of piglets
drovepigsdrove of pigs
herdpigsherd of pigs
farrowpigs (piglets)farrow of pigs (piglets)
sounderpigs (wild pigs)sounder of pigs (wild pigs)
shoalpilchardsshoal of pilchards
accidentspilepile of accidents
dungpilepile of dung
dustpilepile of dust
garbagepilepile of garbage
proctologistspilepile of proctologists
construction workerspilingpiling of construction workers
Irishmenpintpint of Irishmen
povertypiperspoverty of pipers
truthspithypithy of truths
prisonerspitypity of prisoners
turtledovespityingpitying of turtledoves
localsplagueplague of locals
locustsplagueplague of locusts
farmersplainplain of farmers
oboistsplaintplaint of oboists
sophomoresplatitudeplatitude of sophomores
squadplayerssquad of players
teamplayersteam of players
freshmenplenitudeplenitude of freshmen
congregationploverscongregation of plovers
standploversstand of plovers
wingploverswing of plovers
firefighterspluckpluck of firefighters
moorhensplumpplump of moorhens
waterfowlplumpplump of waterfowl
wildfowlplumpplump of wildfowl
basketplumsbasket of plums
goonsplunderplunder of goons
rushpochardsrush of pochards
orangespocketpocket of oranges
dolphinspodpod of dolphins
peaspodpod of peas
whitingpodpod of whiting
oratorspodiumpodium of orators
fencerspokepoke of fencers
aurorapolar bearsaurora of polar bears
celebrationpolar bearscelebration of polar bears
chinepolecatschine of polecats
possepoliceposse of police
equivocationpoliticiansequivocation of politicians
philosophersponderponder of philosophers
herdponiesherd of ponies
stringponiesstring of ponies
prickleporcupinesprickle of porcupines
podporpoisespod of porpoises
schoolporpoisesschool of porpoises
picturesportfolioportfolio of pictures
stockbrokersportfolioportfolio of stockbrokers
policeposseposse of police
posersposseposse of posers
sheriffsposseposse of sheriffs
passelpossumspassel of possums
trainspostponementpostponement of trains
dieterspotpot of dieters
hairdresserspoufpouf of hairdressers
runpoultryrun of poultry
carpenterspoundpound of carpenters
Englishmenpoundpound of Englishmen
pianistspoundpound of pianists
piperspovertypoverty of pipers
coterieprairie dogscoterie of prairie dogs
equestrianspranceprance of equestrians
clownspratfallpratfall of clowns
convertingpreachersconverting of preachers
pontificationpreacherspontification of preachers
jampreservepreserve of jam
hedgehogsprickleprickle of hedgehogs
porcupinesprickleprickle of porcupines
griffinspridepride of griffins
lionspridepride of lions
masspriestsmass of priests
pontificationpriestspontification of priests
stateprincesstate of princes
royaltyprincessesroyalty of princesses
gurusprofitprofit of gurus
bartenderspromisepromise of bartenders
tapsterspromisepromise of tapsters
tomorrowspromisepromise of tomorrows
jaguarsprowlprowl of jaguars
pumaprowlprowl of puma
vicarsprudenceprudence of vicars
coveyptarmiganscovey of ptarmigans
parliamentptarmigansparliament of ptarmigans
circuspuffinscircus of puffins
wheelpuffins (flying)wheel of puffins (flying)
colonypuffins (on land)colony of puffins (on land)
raftpuffins (on water)raft of puffins (on water)
silk-screenspullpull of silk-screens
masseurspummelpummel of masseurs
egospumphousepumphouse of egos
strawberriespunnetpunnet of strawberries
piddlepuppiespiddle of puppies
litterpupslitter of pups
winningspursepurse of winnings
bevyquailbevy of quail
coveyquailcovey of quail
seismologistsquakequake of seismologists
credit cardsquicksandquicksand of credit cards
arrowsquiverquiver of arrows
cobrasquiverquiver of cobras
rebuttalsquiverquiver of rebuttals
buryrabbitsbury of rabbits
colonyrabbitscolony of rabbits
downrabbitsdown of rabbits
droverabbitsdrove of rabbits
flickrabbitsflick of rabbits
huskrabbitshusk of rabbits
leashrabbitsleash of rabbits
nestrabbitsnest of rabbits
tracerabbitstrace of rabbits
triprabbitstrip of rabbits
warrenrabbitswarren of rabbits
wrackrabbits (young rabbits)wrack of rabbits (young rabbits)
gazeraccoonsgaze of raccoons
maskraccoonsmask of raccoons
nurseryraccoonsnursery of raccoons
jockeysracerace of jockeys
fieldracehorsesfield of racehorses
stringracehorsesstring of racehorses
gearsrackrack of gears
turkeysraffleraffle of turkeys
puffinsraftraft of puffins
swimmersraftraft of swimmers
coltsragrag of colts
maidensragerage of maidens
teethragerage of teeth
reasonsrainbowrainbow of reasons
partyrainbow fishparty of rainbow fish
hillsrangerange of hills
mountainsrangerange of mountains
ovensrangerange of ovens
dermatologistsrashrash of dermatologists
lawnmowersrasprasp of lawnmowers
colonyratscolony of rats
horderatshorde of rats
kingdomratskingdom of rats
mischiefratsmischief of rats
packratspack of rats
plagueratsplague of rats
swarmratsswarm of rats
rhumbarattlesnakesrhumba of rattlesnakes
conspiracyravensconspiracy of ravens
storytellingravensstorytelling of ravens
unkindnessravensunkindness of ravens
scatterraversscatter of ravers
kingfishersrealmrealm of kingfishers
paperreamream of paper
clumpreedsclump of reeds
narcissistsreflectionreflection of narcissists
hypocritesregimentregiment of hypocrites
descentrelativesdescent of relatives
architectsrenderingrendering of architects
ophthalmologistsretinueretinue of ophthalmologists
crashrhinoceri (rhinos)crash of rhinoceri (rhinos)
rattlesnakesrhumbarhumbof rattlesnakes
embarrassmentrichesembarrassment of riches
matronsrichesriches of matrons
martinsrichessrichess of martins
martensrichnessrichness of martens
minksrichnessrichness of minks
knavesriffraffriffraff of knaves
boxersringring of boxers
jewellersringring of jewellers
keysringring of keys
lobstersriskrisk of lobsters
bevyroe deerbevy of roe deer
armadillosrollroll of armadillos
coinsrollroll of coins
drummersrollroll of drummers
gamblersrollroll of gamblers
albatrossesrookeryrookery of albatrosses
buildingrooksbuilding of rooks
clamourrooksclamour of rooks
parliamentrooksparliament of rooks
storytellingrooksstorytelling of rooks
suiteroomssuite of rooms
tenementroomstenement of rooms
fowlroostroost of fowl
onionsroperope of onions
haematologistsrouleaurouleau of haematologists
drinksroundround of drinks
mailmenroundround of mailmen
schoolboysroutrout of schoolboys
snailsroutrout of snails
oarsmenrowrow of oarsmen
princessesroyaltyroyalty of princesses
billruffsbill of ruffs
hillruffshill of ruffs
poultryrunrun of poultry
fieldrunnersfield of runners
pochardrushrush of pochard
quarterbackssacksack of quarterbacks
crewsailorscrew of sailors
decksailorsdeck of sailors
watchsailorswatch of sailors
fittingsailsfitting of sails
outfitsailsoutfit of sails
setsailsset of sails
communionsaintscommunion of saints
bindsalmonbind of salmon
runsalmonrun of salmon
schoolsalmonschool of salmon
shoalsalmonshoal of salmon
Poodlessalonsalon of Poodles
shellssalvosalvo of shells
shopping cartssambasambof shopping carts
salesmensamplesample of salesmen
flingsandpipersfling of sandpipers
cowboyssauntersaunter of cowboys
sizzlesausages (snaggle)sizzle of sausages (snaggle)
hordesavageshorde of savages
ichthyologistsscalescale of ichthyologists
con artistsscamscam of con artists
radiologistsscanscof radiologists
shoesscandalscandal of shoes
activitiesscheduleschedule of activities
swindlersschemescheme of swindlers
butterfly fishschoolschool of butterfly fish
clerksschoolschool of clerks
fishschoolschool of fish
porpoisesschoolschool of porpoises
sharksschoolschool of sharks
whalesschoolschool of whales
seamstressesscoldingscolding of seamstresses
journalistsscoopscoop of journalists
reportersscoopscoop of reporters
bachelorsscorescore of bachelors
yearsscorescore of years
mosquitoesscourgescourge of mosquitoes
newsboysscreamscream of newsboys
squirrelsscurryscurry of squirrels
crabsscuttlescuttle of crabs
troublesseaseof troubles
cloudsea fowlcloud of sea fowl
herdsea horsesherd of sea horses
flockseagullsflock of seagulls
bobsealsbob of seals
bunchsealsbunch of seals
colonysealscolony of seals
crashsealscrash of seals
haremsealsharem of seals
herdsealsherd of seals
knobsealsknob of seals
plumpsealsplump of seals
podsealspod of seals
rookerysealsrookery of seals
teamsealsteam of seals
ushersseatseat of ushers
bitternssedgesedge of bitterns
housesenatorshouse of senators
examsseriesseries of exams
radiologistsseriesseries of radiologists
obesianceservantsobesiance of servants
staffservantsstaff of servants
locksmithssesamesesame of locksmiths
bowlssetset of bowls
golf clubssetset of golf clubs
numberssetset of numbers
toolssetset of tools
utensilssetset of utensils
schoolsharkschool of shark
packsharkspack of sharks
schoolsharksschool of sharks
cornsheafsheaf of corn
wheatsheafsheaf of wheat
downsheepdown of sheep
drovesheepdrove of sheep
flocksheepflock of sheep
foldsheepfold of sheep
hurtlesheephurtle of sheep
tripsheeptrip of sheep
mobsheep (Australian)mob of sheep (Australian)
doadingsheldrakesdoading of sheldrakes
doppingsheldrakesdopping of sheldrakes
iconsshieldshield of icons
armadashipsarmada of ships
fleetshipsfleet of ships
mackerelshoalshoal of mackerel
pilchardsshoalshoal of pilchards
shadshoalshoal of shad
dwarvesshortageshortage of dwarves
pediatriciansshotshot of pediatricians
winnersshoutshout of winners
bulletsshowershower of bullets
meteorologistsshowershower of meteorologists
apesshrewdnessshrewdness of apes
troupeshrimp(s)troupe of shrimp(s)
washing machinesshuddershudder of washing machines
bureaucratsshuffleshuffle of bureaucrats
weaversshuttleshuttle of weavers
heronssiegesiege of herons
cymbalssignsign of cymbals
skeinsilkskein of silk
goslingsskeinskein of goslings
silkskeinskein of silk
golf cartsskitterskitter of golf carts
foxesskulkskulk of foxes
friarsskulkskulk of friars
stenchskunksstench of skunks
morticiansslabslab of morticians
candidatesslateslate of candidates
gluttonsslaverslaver of gluttons
gangslavesgang of slaves
bearssleuthsleuth of bears
exterminatorsslewslew of exterminators
homeworkslewslew of homework
modelsslouchslouch of models
cornucopiaslugscornucopia of slugs
anaesthetistsslumberslumber of anaesthetists
slothsslumberslumber of sloths
gynaecologistssmearsmear of gynaecologists
confraternitysmokersconfraternity of smokers
escargatoiresnailsescargatoire of snails
walksnailswalk of snails
bedsnakesbed of snakes
nestsnakesnest of snakes
pitsnakespit of snakes
slithersnakesslither of snakes
photographerssnapsnap of photographers
weaselssneaksneak of weasels
walksnipe (at rest)walk of snipe (at rest)
wispsnipe (in flight)wisp of snipe (in flight)
kitessoarsoar of kites
shepherdsSodomSodom of shepherds
brigadesoldiersbrigade of soldiers
companysoldierscompany of soldiers
divisionsoldiersdivision of soldiers
draftsoldiersdraft of soldiers
mustersoldiersmuster of soldiers
platoonsoldiersplatoon of soldiers
squadsoldierssquad of soldiers
garlandsonnetsgarland of sonnets
mallardssordsord of mallards
cloudssoufflésoufflé of clouds
hogssoundersounder of hogs
swinesoundersounder of swine
warthogssoundersounder of warthogs
wild boarssoundersounder of wild boars
chefssoupçonsoupçon of chefs
hostsparrowshost of sparrows
quarrelsparrowsquarrel of sparrows
tribesparrowstribe of sparrows
ubiquitysparrowsubiquity of sparrows
ophthalmologistsspectaclespectacle of ophthalmologists
clusterspiderscluster of spiders
clutterspidersclutter of spiders
busboysspillspill of busboys
prima donnasspitespite of prima donnas
puddlessplashsplash of puddles
debtorssplitsplit of debtors
sponsorssplurgesplurge of sponsors
servingspoonsserving of spoons
mallssprawlsprawl of malls
nymphomaniacsspreadspread of nymphomaniacs
sticklebacksspreadspread of sticklebacks
vegetarianssprigsprig of vegetarians
tealsspringspring of teals
gardenerssprinklingsprinkling of gardeners
cavalrysquadronsquadron of cavalry
sermonssquashsquash of sermons
niecessquealsqueal of nieces
proofreaderssquintsquint of proofreaders
draysquirrelsdray of squirrels
scurrysquirrelsscurry of squirrels
prostitutesstablestable of prostitutes
newspapersstackstack of newspapers
employeesstaffstaff of employees
teachersstaffstaff of teachers
sarcasmstagehandssarcasm of stagehands
flightstairsflight of stairs
forestersstalkstalk of foresters
philatelistsstampedestampede of philatelists
flamingosstandstand of flamingos
galaxystarletsgalaxy of starlets
clutterstarlingsclutter of starlings
murmurationstarlingsmurmuration of starlings
clusterstarscluster of stars
constellationstarsconstellation of stars
princesstatestate of princes
turdssteamsteam of turds
skunksstenchstench of skunks
zombiesstenchstench of zombies
flightstepsflight of steps
faggotsticksfaggot of sticks
surgeonsstitchstitch of surgeons
packstoatspack of stoats
portfolio managersstockstock of portfolio managers
gypsiesstorestore of gypsies
musterstorksmuster of storks
musteringstorksmustering of storks
paratroopersstormstorm of paratroopers
punnetstrawberriespunnet of strawberries
tigersstreakstreak of tigers
minnowsstreamstream of minnows
urologistsstreamstream of urologists
beadsstringstring of beads
jobsstringstring of jobs
pearlsstringstring of pearls
poniesstringstring of ponies
racehorsesstringstring of racehorses
violinistsstringstring of violinists
tasselstripperstassel of strippers
flourishstrumpetsflourish of strumpets
maresstudstud of mares
poker playersstudstud of poker players
classstudentsclass of students
shitloadstuffshitload of stuff
wolfpacksubmarineswolfpack of submarines
designerssubtletysubtlety of designers
sergeantssubtletysubtlety of sergeants
auntssuffocationsuffocation of aunts
furnituresuitesuite of furniture
roomssuitesuite of rooms
adderssumsum of adders
nunssuperfluitysuperfluity of nuns
similessuperfluitysuperfluity of similes
bloodhoundssutesute of bloodhounds
flightswallowsflight of swallows
bevyswansbevy of swans
herdswansherd of swans
lamentationswanslamentation of swans
whitenessswanswhiteness of swans
wedgeswans (flying in a V)wedge of swans (flying in a V)
driftswans (on water)drift of swans (on water)
beesswarmswarm of bees
earthquakesswarmswarm of earthquakes
eelsswarmswarm of eels
fliesswarmswarm of flies
insectsswarmswarm of insects
suitorsswarmswarm of suitors
sopranossweetnesssweetness of sopranos
blanketsswelterswelter of blankets
flockswiftsflock of swifts
doyftswinedoyft of swine
driftswinedrift of swine
herdswineherd of swine
sounderswinesounder of swine
paisleysswirlswirl of paisleys
flotillaswordfishflotilla of swordfish
neurologistssynapsesynapse of neurologists
capitalistssyndicatesyndicate of capitalists
actuariestabletable of actuaries
disguisingtailorsdisguising of tailors
decoratorstantrumtantrum of decorators
divingtealdiving of teal
knobtealknob of teal
springtealsspring of teals
athletesteamteam of athletes
footballersteamteam of footballers
playersteamteam of players
workersteamteam of workers
palindromestenettenet of palindromes
professorstenuretenure of professors
terriersterrorterror of terriers
idiotsthicketthicket of idiots
denthievesden of thieves
gangthievesgang of thieves
mobthievesmob of thieves
baronsthoughtthought of barons
bridegroomsthrallthrall of bridegrooms
courtiersthreateningthreatening of courtiers
bridesthrillthrill of brides
fansthrillthrill of fans
mutationthrushmutation of thrush
magpiestidingtiding of magpies
ambushtigersambush of tigers
streaktigersstreak of tigers
windmillstilttilt of windmills
pharmaciststincturetincture of pharmacists
liestissuetissue of lies
knabtoadsknab of toads
knottoadsknot of toads
peasantstoiltoil of peasants
trainerstormenttorment of trainers
durantetoucansdurante of toucans
lesbianstoughtough of lesbians
flocktouristsflock of tourists
tormenttrainerstorment of trainers
astronautstrajectorytrajectory of astronauts
loverstrancetrance of lovers
heaptrashheap of trash
transvestitestravestytravesty of transvestites
dieticianstraytray of dieticians
genealogiststreetree of genealogists
clumptreesclump of trees
copsetreescopse of trees
grovetreesgrove of trees
spinneytreesspinney of trees
standtreesstand of trees
nativestribetribe of natives
dotterelstriptrip of dotterels
hippiestriptrip of hippies
baboonstrooptroop of baboons
monkeystrooptroop of monkeys
mushroomstrooptroop of mushrooms
pareltroopsparel of troops
shrimpstrouptroup of shrimps
acrobatstroupetroupe of acrobats
artistestroupetroupe of artistes
dancerstroupetroupe of dancers
performerstroupetroupe of performers
hovertrouthover of trout
treasuretrovetrove of treasure
convoytrucksconvoy of trucks
fleettrucksfleet of trucks
haytrusstruss of hay
tumulttubastumult of tubas
grasstufttuft of grass
gymnaststumblertumbler of gymnasts
tuba playerstumulttumult of tuba players
death rowturkeysdeath row of turkeys
duleturkeysdule of turkeys
flockturkeysflock of turkeys
raffleturkeysraffle of turkeys
rafterturkeysrafter of turkeys
broodturkeys (young)brood of turkeys (young)
pityingturtle dovespitying of turtle doves
baleturtlesbale of turtles
doleturtlesdole of turtles
duleturtlesdule of turtles
turnturtlesturn of turtles
public speakerstwaddletwaddle of public speakers
harpstwangletwangle of harps
pooltypistspool of typists
dictatorstyrannytyranny of dictators
spawnumbrellasspawn of umbrellas
undertakersunctionunction of undertakers
graduatesunemploymentunemployment of graduates
blessingunicornsblessing of unicorns
gloryunicornsglory of unicorns
marvelunicornsmarvel of unicorns
ravensunkindnessunkindness of ravens
summonersuntruthuntruth of summoners
mountaineersuprisinguprising of mountaineers
setutencilsset of utencils
directionsvanevane of directions
fleetvehiclesfleet of vehicles
newscastersveneerveneer of newscasters
fleetvesselsfleet of vessels
prudencevicarsprudence of vicars
environmentalistsvigilancevigilance of environmentalists
gaysvillagevillage of gays
generationvipersgeneration of vipers
nestvipersnest of vipers
patientsvirtuevirtue of patients
optometristsvisionvision of optometrists
colonyvulturescolony of vultures
venuevulturesvenue of vultures
wakevultureswake of vultures
billswadwad of bills
moneywadwad of money
noteswadwad of notes
bookwagersbook of wagers
sirenswailwail of sirens
buzzardswakewake of buzzards
vultureswakewake of vultures
mobwallabies (bounce)mob of wallabies (bounce)
herdwalrusesherd of walruses
podwalrusespod of walruses
emotionswashwash of emotions
nestwaspsnest of wasps
nightingaleswatchwatch of nightingales
Swisswatchwatch of Swiss
plumpwaterfowlplump of waterfowl
surferswavewave of surfers
documentswealthwealth of documents
informationwealthwealth of information
millionaireswealthwealth of millionaires
cacheweaponscache of weapons
packweaselspack of weasels
sneakweaselssneak of weasels
gamwhalesgam of whales
herdwhalesherd of whales
podwhalespod of whales
runwhalesrun of whales
schoolwhalesschool of whales
potterswheelwheel of potters
joggerswheezewheeze of joggers
litterwhelpslitter of whelps
potholeswhiplashwhiplash of potholes
snipewhisperwhisper of snipe
podwhitingpod of whiting
chimpanzeeswhoopwhoop of chimpanzees
millerwhoresmiller of whores
raftwidgeonraft of widgeon
ambushwidowsambush of widows
coilwigeoncoil of wigeon
companywigeoncompany of wigeon
knobwigeonknob of wigeon
plumpwildfowlplump of wildfowl
sordwildfowlsord of wildfowl
tripwildfowltrip of wildfowl
pursewinningspurse of winnings
grandparentswisdomwisdom of grandparents
covenwitchescoven of witches
argumentwizardsargument of wizards
herdwolvesherd of wolves
packwolvespack of wolves
routwolvesrout of wolves
routewolvesroute of wolves
warrenwombatswarren of wombats
bondwomenbond of women
coveywoodcockcovey of woodcock
fallwoodcockfall of woodcock
plumpwoodcockplump of woodcock
quabblewoodlicequabble of woodlice
descentwoodpeckersdescent of woodpeckers
gatlingwoodpeckersgatling of woodpeckers
robinswormworm of robins
clewwormsclew of worms
mouthfulwormsmouthful of worms
writersworshipworship of writers
congregationworshipperscongregation of worshippers
sectworshipperssect of worshippers
herdwrensherd of wrens
bankerswunchwunch of bankers
herdyaks (conversation)herd of yaks (conversation)
fellowshipyeomenfellowship of yeomen
pilotsyokeyoke of pilots
herdzebras (crossing)herd of zebras (crossing)
staplezinesstaple of zines


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