İngilizce en sık kullanılan 35 dolgu kelimesi (filler words) (59 örnek cümle)5 min read

Dilbilimde, dolgu kelime, dolgulu duraklama, tereddüt işaretçisi veya planlayıcı, bir sohbete katılanlarındolgu kelime düşünmek için durakladıklarını ancak konuşmayı bitirmediklerini belirtmek için kullandıkları bir ses veya kelimedir.

Dolgu kelimeler kalıp sözler kategorisine girer ve farklı dillerin farklı karakteristik dolgu sesleri vardır.

Dolgu kelimeleri, siz konuşurken sessizliği doldurmak için kullanılan sözcüklerdir (ve tümceciklerdir).

Cümleye gerçek bir değer katmayan kelimelerdir. Cümlenizin geri kalanını bulurken sizin devam etmenizi sağlarlar.

Gerçek adları “söylem işaretleri”dir, (discourse markers)” ancak daha yaygın olarak “dolgu kelimesi” (filler words) olarak bilinirler.

Farkında olmadan dolgu kelimeleri kullanmış olabilirsiniz. Cümlede kullanmak için doğru kelimeyi bulamadığınızda, “umm” diyebilirsiniz. Bu, garip, sessiz bir duraklama olmadan düşünürken size bir mola verir.

Dolgu kelimeleri cümleye bir anlam katmadığı için bunları kullanmayı düşünmenize gerek yok. Bu, beyninizi diğer şeyleri – hatırlamaya çalıştığınız kelime gibi – düşünmek için serbest bırakır.

İngilizce dolgu kelimeleri örnekleri

Ohdisappointment“Oh…I didn’t know.”
Likeadd emphasis“It’s, like, not a big deal.”
quoting a conversation“I was like, why didn’t you want to go?”
to mean something is not exact.“My neighbor has like ten dogs.”
You knowwe assume the other person shares the same knowledge or opinion as us“You know, I never thought this would happen.”
check for agreement“The book was sort of boring, you know?”
“He was, you know, always late.”
reaching out to other person as you’re speaking to keep their attention“It was a really big bear, you know?”
I meanadds emphasis or functions as a pause“I mean, that would be amazing!”
“I mean, don’t you want to see her show?”
“I mean…you never know.”
clarify or emphasize how you feel about something“I mean, he’s a great guy, I’m just not sure if he’s a good doctor.”
make corrections when you misspeak“The cave is two thousand—I mean—twenty thousand years old!”
I mean, I’m sure she’s a nice lady, but I don’t enjoy her as a teacher.
Or something“softening” up a sentence if we’re worried about seeming too direct.“I heard it’s about whales or something.”
sentence ending that means you’re not being exact“The cake uses two sticks of butter and ten eggs, or something like that.”
Welltransition between ideas“You’re sure? Well, just let me know!”
when you don’t know how to answer a question“Where’s your homework?,” /“Uhh. Umm. Well, you see.. My dog ate it.”
to show that you’re thinking“Well, I guess $20 is a good price for a pair of jeans.”
Justadd emphasis“Well, that’s just great.”
express hesitancy“It’s just a bird!”
make your point more indirect“Just…I don’t know what to say.”
“I just thought it would be fine.”
Could you guys just be quiet for a minute, please?
Basicallysummarizing our ideas“Basically all I did was call her.”
emphasizing our most important point“It’s basically about this superhero.”
Actuallyemphasize the truth of something“That actually happened to me!”
“Actually, I’m not sure if that’s true.”
to point out something you think is true“Actually, pugs are really cute!”
Rightchange the topic“Right, I’ll see you tomorrow.”
check for agreement“You live next door, right?”
Okaystart a sentence“Okay, are you here yet?”
change topics“Okay, let’s talk about next week’s class.”
check for understanding“I know you’re tired so let’s leave, okay?
Sowrap-up an idea “So that’s how I got here.”
“So what’s next?”
Okay, soa sign that a new topic is starting“Okay, so we’re going to need to buy supplies for our trip this weekend.”
Alrightto agree“Alright, that makes sense.”
check if someone is safe or good“The kids are alright.”
Umpause or hesitation in between ideas“That would go between the, um, couch and the TV.”
when you don’t know the answer“Umm… I like the yellow dress better!”
Yeahterm of agreement“Yeah, I feel the same way.”
to confirm or check for understanding“You know where the burger place is, yeah?”
No wayit is difficult to believe something
Tell me somethingask a direct questionAnn, tell me something, how much money do you make?
You seeno meaning“I was going to try the app, but you see, I ran out of space on my phone.”
Exactlyexpress agreement
To be honestTo be honest, not as much as I made at my previous job.
literally to state strong feelingsyou’re not just laughing you’re literally dying from laughter.
You know what I mean?make sure the listener is following what you’re saying“I really like that girl, you know what I mean?”
At the end of the daymeans “in the end”“At the end of the day, we’re all just humans, and we all make mistakes.”
Believe mea way of asking your listener to trust what you’re saying“Believe me, I didn’t want this tiny house, but it was the only one I could afford.”
I guessto show that you’re not really sure about what you’re saying“I was going to eat dinner at home, but I guess I can go eat at a restaurant instead.”
Rightmean a “yes” response“Right, so let’s prepare a list of all the things we’ll need.”
Veryto add intensity to the statementThe new store was very crowded on opening day.
Totallymeans completely or absolutelyI totally didn’t understand what you were saying.
Believe Meto get the listener’s attention and trustBelieve me, I would have been happier without the barking dog moving in next door.
You Know What I Mean?to get the listener or reader to add their inputI felt the workload was a bit intense, you know what I mean?
Like I Saidto pull the listener or reader back to something said previouslyLike I said, you will be getting some new hires in your department next week.
Or Something Like Thatshows you ran out of things to sayHe suggested he was hoping for me to take a leadership position, or something like that.
Kind Of/Sort Ofitem you are discussing is not actually certainThe dinner sort of smelled like tacos.


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