İngilizce Eşdizimler (Collocations-words go together) (238 cümle örneği)23 min read

İngilizcede eşdizimler (collocations) beraber kullanılan iki veya daha fazla kelimedir.collocations

Bu ikili kelimeler (collocations) anadili ingilizce olanların kulağına doğru geliyor ve sürekli bunları kullanıyorlar.

Diğer taraftan alternatif seçenekler de kulağa doğru gelmiyor.


NaturalNatural değil
the fast trainthe quick train
fast foodquick food
a quick showera fast shower
a quick meala fast meal
Make the bedDo the bed
Do the dishesMake the dishes
Heavy showersStrong showers
Strong windHeavy wind

Neden collocation (eşdizimler) öğrenmeliyiz?

İngilizce konuşmanız daha natürel hale gelir ve daha kolay anlaşılır.

Kendinizi ifade etmenin daha zengin yollarını bulursunuz.

Beynimiz tekli kelimelere göre blokları ve kelime öbekleri halinde daha kolay hatırlıyor.

Sample Collocations

Eşdizimlerin (collocations) birden çok çeşidi bulunuyor. Sıfat, zarf, isim, fiillerden çeşitli kombinasyonlar oluşabiliyor.

1. adverb + adjectiveWe entered a richly decorated room.
2. adjective + nounThe doctor ordered him to take regular exercise.
3. noun + nounI’d like to buy two bars of soap please.
4. noun + verbSnow was falling as our plane took off.
5. verb + nounI always try to do my homework in the morning, after making my bed.
6. verb + expression with prepositionAt first her eyes filled with horror, and then she burst into tears.
7. verb + adverbShe placed her keys gently on the table and sat down.


Collocation için sözlük:


MAKE ve DO Eşdizimleri (Collocations)

Temel olarak make ve do için ingilizcede kesin bir kural bulunmuyor.

Genel olarak birşeyler inşa ettiğimizde, yarattığımızda veya oluşturduğumuzda “make” kullanırız, göreve aktiviteler için “do” kullanırız.

MAKE:Make a cake
Make a dress
Make a bracelet
The belt is made of genuine leather.
The toy was made in China.
DO:Do a translation
Do the gardening
Do your homework
What are you doing this week-end?
She does everything around the house.
I’m bored doing nothing. Can I do anything to help?


Make ve do bunlardan sadece iki tanesi. 4.000 tane Collocation (eşdizim) kelime öbeği içeren aşağıdaki listeyi hayatınıza mutlaka katın. Konuşma ve duymanızda çok hızlandığınızı farkedeceksiniz.


4.000 tanelik collocation listesi excelini indir.

Liste çok uzun olduğu için her collocationun cümle örneği ve anlamı listenin içinde maalesef yok. İkisinin de olduğu collocationları içeren 200+lık bir listeyi kısalttım ve aşağıda inceleyebilirsiniz.

İngilizce eşdizim collocation kelime öbeği listesi


kelimecollocationÖrnek cümleAnlamı
1activeactively involvedHe’s been actively involved in politics for 30 years.playing an active role
2askask a favourCan I ask a favour?to ask someone to do something for you because you need their help
3askask a questionSally interrupted me in midstream to ask a ask somebody to tell you something
4askask for adviceYou should go to your doctor and ask for ask someone what they think you should do
5askask for directionsHow do you ask for directions in Korea?to ask someone to tell you the way to a place
6askask permissionYou must ask permission if you want to leave ask your boss, teacher, parent, etc. if you can do something
7badbad moodThe news had put him in a bad mood.a mood in which you’re easily annoyed or angered
8badbadly damageThe hurricane badly damaged the whole do a lot of damage to something
9bigbig brother / big sisterJake was my big brother and I admired him.older brother, older sister
10bigbig dealThis audition is a big deal for Joey.something that’s very important or very special
11bigbig moneyJohn won big money in Vegas last year.a lot of money
12bitterybitterly coldThey set off on a bitterly cold winter morning.extremely cold, of weather, wind, rain, etc.
13bitterybitterly disappointedSam was bitterly disappointed with the result.extremely disappointed
14breakbreak a lawIf you break a law, you go to do something illegal
15breakbreak a promiseI know he wouldn’t break a promise to me, so I try to keep this fail to do what you promised to do
16breakbreak a record“You and me, today we’re going to break a record, ” he beat a previous record in sport, speed, sales, etc.
17catchcatch a coldIf you get caught in the rain, you might catch a become sick after being infected with a cold virus
18catchcatch sight ofAs the group turns to leave, Sayid catches sight of the suddenly see something or someone
19comecome closeThe movie was so boring that I came close to walking out of the cinema.almost do something, achieve something, complete something, etc.
20comecome to a conclusionThe debate did not come to a conclusion until conclude, decide or believe something after thinking about it
21comecome to a realizationI have just come to a realization!to become aware of something
22comecome to a stopSuddenly the music came to a stop moving or happening
23comecome to an endI wondered if my football career was coming to an finish, of an event, a performance, a meeting, etc.
24comecome to sb’s rescueHe was about to drop a huge tray of dishes when Brad came to his save someone or something from danger or failure
25completecompletely differentThe twins have completely different personalities.totally different
26deepdeeply dividedThe referendum left the country deeply divided.seriously split by disputes or different opinions
27deepdeeply regretI deeply regret the loss of your loved one.I am strongly sorry for my actions.
28timedeparture timeDo you know your exact departure time?the exact time at which a plane, train, etc. is scheduled to leave
29deskdesk jobsYoung people have gone away to college and taken desk jobs.a job at a desk or in an office
30directdirect flightThis is the first direct flight to Tokyo.a flight that doesn’t stop on its way to a destination
31dodo a dealThe unions are ready to do a deal over make an arrangement, esp. in business
32dodo a favourCouldn’t you do a favour and leave me alone?do something to help somebody
33dodo betterWe’ll do better next time, I’m improve in performance or condition
34dodo businessIt’s been a pleasure to do business with engage in business activity
35dodo damageDid the flood do much damage?to cause harm or damage
36dodo goodIf I do good next year, I can come out have a good effect on somebody or something
37dodo harmDrugs can do harm to have a bad effect on somebody or something
38dodo laundryShe loves to do the same thing
39dodo the dishesHe often helps his wife do the wash plates, cups, pots, pans, knives, forks, etc. used to cook and eat a meal
40dodo the ironingI have to do the ironing, and there’s lots of iron clothes, sheets, etc.
41dodo the shoppingI always do the shopping on a buy food and groceries
42dodo the washing upI’ll do the washing up and you can put Johnny to wash clothes, sheets, towels, etc.
43dodo wellA business can’t do well without good perform well in a job, a game, an exam, etc.
44dodo workStudents do work experience in local put effort into a task or a job
45dodo your bestIt doesn’t matter if you fail, just do your all you can to succeed
46dodo your dutyDo your duty without regard to the what you should do at work, at home, or for your community
47equalequal rightsWomen demanded equal rights.rights that are the same for all races, genders, classes, etc.
48freefreely appreciateWe freely appreciate the current difficulties in this market.I certainly understand something.
49frontfront doorA gust of wind blew the front door shut.the door at the front of a house
50fullfully recognizeI fully recognize your need to improve your career.I am aware of some situation.
51fullfully understandThe store manager fully understood why the customer was understand the full meaning or importance of something
52getget a callI didn’t get a call from anyoneto receive a telephone call from somebody
53getget a chanceI get a chance to sleep in at the have an opportunity, or the time, to do something
54getget a jobHe wanted to see if he could get a job with us.Find work
55getget a jokeI go there to get a joke each understand a joke
56getget a move onYou’d better get a move on or you’ll miss the bus!Hurry up
57getget a shockThey’ll get a shock when they get this be very surprised by something
58getget a ticketCan you get a ticket for me?to get a fine for parking illegally, speeding, etc.
59getget an ideaI’ve got an idea. I think the kids would love a picnic!Think of something
60getget angryHis father got angry when Justin damaged his car.Become angry
61getget aroundIt’s not easy to get around the city without a map.Circulate/travel
62getget awayThe burglars got away before the police arrived.Escape
63getget betterI hear you’ve got the ‘flu. I hope you’ll get better soon.Improve health
64getget cold feetTom wanted to enter the competition but at the last minute he got cold feet.Hesitate/stop
65getget crackingYou’d better get cracking Alex or you’ll never get your homework done.Start
66getget darkIt gets dark very early in the become dark, esp. when the sun goes down
67getget divorcedTom and Amy announced their decision to get divorced.End marriage
68getget dressed/ undressedThe first thing I do in the morning is get put on clothes
69getget drunkYou can go to the party but don’t get drunk!Drink too much
70getget excitedThe children got excited when they saw the clown.Become excited
71getget into troubleIf you get into trouble, don’t hesitate to ask for become involved in a bad, difficult or dangerous situation
72getget lostWe always get lost in become lost, or be misplaced
73getget marriedTom and Sarah are getting marry somebody, or marry each other
74getget movingThe traffic is already heavy so let’s get moving.Start something
75getget nowhereI’m trying to repair the machine but I’m getting nowhere.Not succeed
76getget oldHe’s getting old and his hearing isn’t very become an old or elderly person
77getget on withBe quiet and get on with your homework!Continue
78getget out ofSome husbands manage to get out of doing the dishes.Avoid
79getget permissionYou have to get permission to copy the article.Be allowed
80getget readyHurry up! It’s time to get ready for school.Prepare
81getget rid ofLet’s get rid of everything we don’t use!Eliminate
82getget sleepIt’s important to get sleep so don’t stay up too spend time asleep
83getget somewhereThe technician has arrived. Now we’ll get somewhere!Succeed
84getget startedIt’s time for the meeting to begin so let’s get started.Begin
85getget the driftI didn’t understand every word but I got the drift.Understand the essential
86getget the messageWhen Tony pointed to his watch, I got the message – it was time to leave.Understand
87getget the sackThe employee was caught stealing so he got the sack.Lose your job
88getget thereThe climb will be difficult but we’ll get there.Succeed/arrive
89getget tiredI get tired of educating become tired and feel like resting or sleeping
90getget to sleepHe couldn’t get to sleep because he was too start sleeping
91getget togetherWhy don’t we all get together for lunch one day?Meet
92getget upsetI knew John would get upset when he got the become unhappy, disappointed or annoyed because of something
93getget used toYou’ll get used to spicy food when you move to India.Become accustomed to
94givegive a handHe always give a hand to anyone in give help, support or assistance
95givegive an adviceWe are here to give people advice about health tell somebody what you think they should do
96givegive birthI’m pregnant and I’ll give birth.If a mother gives birth, her unborn baby passes into the outside world.
97givegive evidenceI was asked to give evidence at the say what you witnessed or know in a court of law or at an inquiry
98givegive noticeShe’s given notice that she intends to tell somebody that a job, or the occupation of a property, will end at a certain time
99givegive permissionThe city authorities gave permission for the rally to take allow or permit somebody to do something
100givegive rise toThey can give rise to cosmetic cause or result in something
101givegive somebody a callI’ll give you a call later in the telephone somebody
102givegive somebody a chanceIt gives me a chance to get away from soccer a give somebody the opportunity to do something
103givegive somebody a liftPlease give me a lift onto the take somebody somewhere in a car or other vehicle
104givegive something a goI doubt if he’ll listen to advice from me, but I’ll give it a attempt something, esp. something you’ve never tried to do before
105givegive thought (to)Have you given any more thought to going back to school?to think about or consider something
106givegive wayYou must give way to any pedestrians on the yield, or let another vehicle go first, when driving in traffic
107gogo baldMany men go bald at an early become bald, or have hair fall out
108gogo bankruptThe company is about to go be unable to pay debts and go out of business or into receivership
109gogo crazyThe old man is going to go become mentally ill
110gogo on a dateAs for myself I doubt I’ll ever go on a go out with someone you’re dating
111gogo out of fashionTheir music will never go out of become unfashionable
112gogo smoothlyThe process did not always go smoothly.happen without problems, difficulties or delays
113greatgreat deal ofgreat deal of timea very large amount of
114havehave a babyShe’s going to have a give birth to a baby
115havehave a chatI’ll have a chat to John about have a friendly talk with someone
116havehave a goCan I have a go on your guitar?to attempt to do something
117havehave a lookCan I have a look at your wedding photos?to look at something
118havehave a rightPeople have a right to be heard and express their views.have a moral or legal claim or ability
119havehave a wordCan I have a word with you?to talk about something with somebody
120havehave access (to)Who had access to my computer while I was away?to be able to get or use something
121havehave an effect (on)Did increasing the price have much effect on sales?to cause a change
122havehave an ideaI’ve just had a really good idea!to think of something
123havehave roomWe don’t have room for a pool table in our have enough space for something
124havehave sexI had heard that the girls are forced to have have sexual contact with someone
125havehave the chance (to)You will have the chance to ask questions at the have the opportunity or the time
126havehave timeHopefully we should have time to have enough time to do something
127havehave troubleI know you have trouble with eye find it difficult to do something
128heavyheavily armedThe soldiers guarding the building were all heavily armed.having or carrying many weapons
129heavyheavy trafficIt has been widely praised for reducing heavy traffic in the city.traffics that’s congested and moving slowly
130highhigh standardsWe aim to maintain high standards of customer care.very good standard
131highhighly unlikelyIt is highly unlikely that he’ll be late.very unlikely
132honestlyhonestly believeIhonestly believe he is telling the truth.I think something is true without any doubt.
133keepkeep a diaryI decided to keep a diary of our trip to own and write in a diary
134keepkeep a promiseIt is easier to make a promise than to keep a do what you promised to do
135keepkeep a secretCan I trust you to keep a secret?to not tell anyone a secret
136keepkeep in touchI keep in touch with a lot of my friends around the have regular contact with somebody by phone, mail, email, etc.
137keepkeep quietPlease, keep quite when I’m on the make very little noise
138keepkeep recordsIt’s usual to keep records of all store detailed information, e.g. in business, legal cases, health care, education, etc.
139keepkeep scoreWe have to keep scoring the points in the fourth keep a record of the score in a game or a match
140keepkeep the changeI told the taxi driver to keep the not return the change after someone has paid for something
141keepkeep your balanceYou must learn to keep your balance in remain steady on your feet and not stumble or fall
142legallegal adviceGood legal advice can be expensive.advice from a lawyer, a solicitor, or any other a legal expert
143timelong timeI first met Jennifer a long time ago.a great amount of time
144makemake a bedI can make a bed for you in the other neatly arrange the sheets, blankets and pillows on a bed
145makemake a decisionHave you made a decision yet?to decide what to do
146makemake a differenceI can make a difference in this cause a situation or condition to change
147makemake a fortuneI could make a fortune as a research consultant on these make a huge amount of money
148makemake a fussI didn’t make a fuss over their costumes, or dress up create unnecessary excitement or concern about something
149makemake a livingShe will worry about making a living when she gets earn money for the things you need in life
150makemake a messShe didn’t like to make a create an untidy or disorganized state or situation
151makemake a mistakeIt’s easy to make a do something that’s wrong or has bad results
152makemake a note (of)I’ll make a note of our next meeting in my write down something so that you don’t forget it
153makemake a profitWe can’t undertake that you will make a make money from business or investments
154makemake a reservationWe make a reservation with an airline or travel book or reserve a seat on a train, a table in a restaurant, a room in a hotel, etc.
155makemake amendsShe tried to make amends by inviting him out to do something to show you’re sorry for your bad behaviour in the past
156makemake an appointmentI’d like to make an appointment with Doctor Evans, arrange a date and time to visit an office, clinic, dentist, doctor, etc.
157makemake an effortWe need to make an effort to do well in this put time and energy into doing something
158makemake an excuseI suppose I could make an give a reason for doing something you shouldn’t do, or for not doing something you should do
159makemake an offerI’ve decided to make an offer on state a price you’re willing to pay for something
160makemake believeLet’s make believe we are pretend that something is real or true
161makemake changesWe need to make some changes to the change something in specific ways
162makemake contactWe’d like to make contact with other schools in the contact a person or an organisation
163makemake friendsThey made friends with the children next form new friendships
164makemake loveHe refused to make love before they were have sex with someone, esp. someone you love
165makemake progressWe will just be looking to make progress from last get closer to a goal, or to improve in ability
166makemake roomI had taken a big painting off the wall to make create space by moving something
167makemake senseThey tried to make sense of her mumblings.If an idea, plan or action “makes sense”, it’s sensible and rational and not stupid or likely to fail.
168makemake something easyHe didn’t make it easy for me to cause something to be less difficult
169makemake sureCan you make sure we have enough copies of the report for everybody at the meeting?to check so that you’re sure about something
170nicenice timeI was having a nice time here for about three days.a pleasant or enjoyable experience
171officeoffice jobI like to work outdoors, but my brother prefers an office job.a job that’s done at a desk in an office
172outout like a light“As soon as he went to bed he was out like a light.”Be so tired as to fall asleep very quickly
173outout of character“The way she panicked was out of character for her.”Unlike someone’s usual behaviour
174outout of circulation“I’m going to do a summer course so I’ll be out of circulation for a while.“Unavailable
175outout of earshot“They waited until Tess was out of earshot before discussing her surprise birthday party.”Too far away to hear or be heard
176outout of harm’s way“You’d better put that glass bowl out of harm’s way.”In a safe place where it won’t be damaged
177outout of sight, out of mind“Since I moved, my old friends seem to have forgotten me – out of sight, out of mind!”Seen so unfrequently that you forget about them
178outout of sorts“The baby is out of sorts today. Perhaps he’s cutting a tooth.”Upset and irritable
179outout of sync“The traffic lights are out of sync and causing a lot of confusion.”Not coordinated
180outout of the blue“I had almost given up hope when out of the blue I was offered a job!”Very unexpectedly
181outout of the picture“We were beaten in the semi-finals, so that’s us out of the picture!”Be eliminated in a contest or tournament
182outout of the question“Buying a new car is out of the question – we simply can’t afford it.”Impossible so not worth discussing
183outout of this world“The hotel was very comfortable and the food was out of this world.”Extremely good or impressive
184outout of touch“I’ve been out of touch with Caroline since we left college.”No longer communicate with someone
185outout of your depth“The level was so high that I felt out of my depth.“Be unable to understand or deal with something
186outout of your own pocket“Breakfast is included but you must pay for lunch out of your own pocket.”Pay with your own money
187outout on a limb“Jack was out on a limb with his proposal – nobody supported his idea.”Do something risky or unsupported
188outout to lunch“He’s hopeless as a leader – considered as ‘out to lunch’ by the group.”Unaware of what’s going on
189painfulpainfully shyAs a child I was painfully shy – I didn’t speak much.extremely shy, or so shy that other people find it disturbing
190paypay a billI refuse to pay a bill if I am not satisfied with the pay the amount stated on a bill
191paypay a visitIf you have time, pay a visit to the local visit someone or something
192paypay attentionThe teacher told the student to pay attention to his watch closely or listen carefully to someone or something
193perfectlyperfectly normalIt’s perfectly normal to be nervous before an exam.not unusual at all
194personalpersonal belongingsYou should be given a private locker to store your personal belongings.personal possessions that belong to you
195positivepositively encourageWe’d like to positively encourage you to buy this stock.I hope that you do something very strongly.
196rainyrainy dayIt’s a cold rainy day in October.a day during which it rains quite a lot
197readilyreadily availableInformation is readily available for visitors.easy to obtain or easy to find
198readilyreadily endorsesOur company readily endorses his run for office.I believe in something someone else does without hesitation.
199reasonablereasonably happySince moving to London Carla seems reasonably happy.fairly pleased or reasonably satisfied
200reasonablereasonably pricedHousing is reasonably priced in this area.for sale or rent at a fair price
201savesave livesSpotting the disease early can save prevent deaths, or stop people from dying
202timesave timeYou’ll save time if you turn off your smart phone and concentrate on the use less time
203saysay goodbyeI just have to say goodbye to say a parting word as you leave, or as somebody else leaves
204saysay sorryWhy should I say sorry when it’s not my fault?to apologize to someone
205seriousseriously illThe doctor informed us that dad was seriously ill.very sick
206sincerelysincerely hopeI sincerely hope you will be rewarded for your work.I honestly want something for someone else.
207strongstrongly recommendI’d like to strongly recommend you visit an employment specialist.I really think you should do something.
208taketake a breakI wanted to take a break and work on some stop doing something for a short time
209taketake a riskShe is left with little choice but to take a do something you know is dangerous
210taketake a seatTake a seat while I get you something to sit down on a chair, bench, sofa, etc.
211taketake a stepI take a step into the center of the do something that helps to achieve a goal
212taketake actionWe must take action to cut vehicle do something to achieve a goal or solve a problem
213taketake care ofWe had a chance to take care of our own care for or look after somebody or something
214taketake notesHe drew out his notebook and began to take write notes in a lecture or when reading
215taketake partHe will take part in this be involved, or to participate in something
216taketake placeThe wedding will take place in happen or occur
217timetake timeHer mental scars will take time to take a long time
218timetake your timeWhatever you do, slow down and take your take as long as you like, without rushing
219totaltotally rejectThey totally reject any compromise in these negotiations.I refuse to believe or do in any case.
220forvote forThere were 21 votes for and 17 against the motion, with 2 give someone or something your vote


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