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İngilizce iş terimleri

Sales Vocabulary (Satış iş terimleri)

wordmeaningexample sentence
after-sales servicen. service that continues after a product has been sold [eg: repairs etc]Online support is an important part of after-sales service for buyers of software.
buyern. 1 any person who buys anything 2 a person employed by a firm to buyDoes your bank offer special loans for first-time home buyers?
clientn. a person who buys services from a lawyer, architect or other professionalsHow much do lawyers in the UK charge their clients for basic legal advice?
closev. to finalize a deal or sale; to make a saleWe can close the deal as soon as the customer accepts our usual terms and conditions.
cold callv. to telephone a prospect without previous contact – also n.Would you work for a company that tries to boost sales by cold-calling people at random?
customern. a person who buys goods or services from a shop or businessA retail business like ours depends on building relationships with regular customers.
dealn. a business transaction – also v. dealer n.Do you think $1,500 a month for an apartment like this is a good deal?
discountn. a reduction in the price; a deduction [usually expressed as a percentage (%)]We’ll give you a ten per-cent discount if you place the order today.
follow upv. to continue to follow persistently; to maintain contact [eg: after a lead]Make sure you follow up any leads by contacting them again the next day.
guaranteen. a promise that a product will be repaired or replaced etc if faulty – also v.All our mobile phone sales are covered by a 12-month money-back guarantee.
in bulkin large quantity, usually at a lower priceYou get a much better deal if you purchase products in bulk, of course.
leadn. useful indication of a possible customer to be followed upHow did you go with those leads I sent yesterday? Any sales?
objectionn. a reason given by a prospect for not buying – to object v. see overcomeThe sales objections we have to overcome the most are about price and the fear of replacing a trusted brand.
overcomev. [-came, -cometo overcome an objection to show an objection is invalid; to beat an objectionTo overcome an objection, tell your prospect about your product’s unique selling proposition.
productn. something made and usually for sale – to produce v. see serviceA good sales rep makes a product seem so exciting that the buyer feels they must have it.
prospectn. a possible or probable customer; prospective customerMake sure your prospect is someone with the power to make purchasing decisions, or you’ll be wasting your time.
representativen. sales representative person who represents & sells for a firm; salesperson – also sales rep [informal abbr.]How many sales representatives are we currently employing on our sales team?
retailv. to sell in small quantities (as in a shop to the public) – also n. see wholesaleThey started off retailing books in a store, but now they retail a huge range of products worldwide on e-commerce websites.
servicen. work done usually in return for payment – to serve v. see productThe main difference between selling a product and a service is that buyers can see, touch and feel a product, but they have to imagine a service.
USPn. Unique Selling Proposition, a feature that makes a product or service stand out from its competitors, such as lowest price, highest quality, best design etc – also Unique Selling PointWhen selling, be sure to emphasize your product or service’s USP.
wholesalev. to sell in bulk (as to a shop for resale to the public) – also n. see retailIf you’re wholesaling a product, the price you charge should be around half the recommended retail price that retailers will charge.

Advertising Vocabulary (Reklam iş terimleri)

wordmeaningexample sentence
adabbr. advertisement – also advert abbr.Those ads for hamburgers always make me feel hungry.
advertisementn. item of publicity on TV, radio, the Internet etc that’s meant to persuade people to do something like buy a product, attend an event, etcAre TV channels allowed to run advertisements for gambling websites in your country?
advertising agencyn. company specialising in producing and placing advertisements for clientsBefore becoming a film director, Peter worked for an advertising agency.
AIDAabbr. Attention, Interest, Desire, Action – the objective of all advertisementsThe AIDA model lists the four stages consumers go through when being persuaded to buy something.
benefitn. advantage of a product or service, usually derived from its featuresA good advertisement makes buyers think about a product’s benefits more than the features that create these benefits.
billboardUSn. a large signboard, usually outdoors, on which a poster-style ad is displayed; hoardingUKI wonder what it costs to advertise on one of those billboards you drive past on the way to the airport.
circulationn. average number of copies of a magazine or newspaper sold in a particular periodOur newspaper’s circulation has dropped every year since people began going online for news.
classified adsn. small advertisements carried by magazines, newspapers, websites etc categorised by subject – also classifieds n.We list our job offers in the classified ads in Craigslist and the local newspaper.
clickn. (in advertising) the act of pressing a mouse or touch screen on a display ad to visit the advertiser’s websiteAny online ad that gets enough clicks to generate a click-through rate of above 0.4% is doing great.
commercialn. a paid advertisement on radio or TVAfter every song on the radio we get two or three commercials. It’s too much advertising for me.
couponn. part of a printed advertisement used for ordering goods or getting a discount, sample etcMarian saves a lot by cutting out those discount coupons you see in supermarket catalogues and magazines.
double-page spreadn. advertisement printed across two pages in a magazine or newspaperMercedes Benz has commissioned our agency to do a series of double-page spreads for their latest models.
eye-catchern. something that especially attracts one’s attention – eye-catching adj.For an online ad to generate a lot of clicks it has to be an eye-catcher that really grabs people’s attention.
featuren. special characteristic of a product, usually leading to certain benefitsThe drink’s main feature is its low sugar content, and its benefit is that it makes you look slimmer and sexier.
postern. large printed sheet of paper, often illustrated, used to advertise a product, event etcPoliticians must spend a fortune on those posters they put up everywhere before an election.
PPCabbr. pay per click; advertising model in which advertisers pay a publisher each time one of their ads is clicked onWhen we advertise online, we always choose the PPC option.
prime timen. hours on radio and TV with the largest audience, esp. the evening hoursHow much is a 30-second radio slot in prime time?
promotev. to (try to) increase sales of a product by publicising and advertising itLil Nas was smart enough to promote his music online for free and his song was a hit after his home-made video went viral.
slotn. specific time in a broadcasting schedule when a commercial may be shownThe most expensive ads on TV are those 30-second slots in the Super Bowl that cost over $4,000,000 each.
targetn. objective; what one is aiming at – target audience n.If your target is the teen market, make sure your ad includes language and designs they’ll identify with.

Banking Vocabulary (Bankacılık iş terimleri)

wordmeaningexample sentence
balancen. the difference between credits and debits in an accountIf you put money in your bank account, does the balance go up or down?
bank chargesn. money paid to a bank for the bank’s services etcIf I withdraw money from an ATM machine, I have to pay $2.50 in bank charges.
branchn. local office or bureau of a bank that customers can visitIs there a branch of the National Bank near here?
checkbookn. book containing detachable checks; chequebookUKIf I had my checkbook, I’d pay by writing you a check.
checkn. written order to a bank to pay the stated sum from one’s account; chequeUKThey promised to send me a check, but I didn’t get it.
creditn. money in a bank a/c; sum added to a bank a/c; money lent by a bank – also v.The bank gives her just enough credit to pay her bills.
credit cardn. (plastic) card from a bank authorising the purchasing of goods on creditWhen Kim realized she’d left her credit card in the ATM machine, she ran back to get it.
current accountn. bank a/c from which money may be drawn at any time; checking accountUSCurrent accounts are good for day-to-day purchases, but you don’t get much interest.
debitn. a sum deducted from a bank account, as for a cheque – also v.What was this debit in last month’s expense account for?
deposit accountn. bank a/c on which interest is paid; savings accountUSWhat interest rate are you getting for your deposit account?
fill inv. to add written information to a document to make it complete; to fill outUSPlease fill in this application form before seeing the loans officer.
interestn. money paid for the use of money lent – interest rate n.Why aren’t banks paying as much interest as they used to?
loann. money lent by a bank etc and that must be repaid with interest – also v.You’ll have to get a housing loan before buying a property.
online bankingn. the management of a bank account over the internet – also e-bankingGrandma does her own online banking, from paying bills to checking her balance.
overdraftn. deficit in a bank account caused by withdrawing more money than is paid inIf there isn’t enough in my account for a purchase, I get an automatic overdraft.
pay inv. [paid, paid] to deposit or put money in to a bank accountMy salary gets paid in every month, and then I withdraw it as needed.
payeen. person to whom money is paidWhen writing a check, make sure you spell the name of the payee correctly.
paying-in slipn. small document recording money that you pay in to a bank accountDo you keep all your paying-in slips?
standing ordern. an instruction to a bank to make regular paymentsAsk your bank if they’ll pay the rent by standing order for you.
statementn. a record of transactions in a bank accountI do all my banking online now, so I don’t get statements in the mail.
withdrawv. [-drew, -drawn] to take money out of a bank account – withdrawal n.Before ATM machines, we took our passbooks to a bank to withdraw money.

Organisation Vocabulary (Organizasyon iş terimleri)

wordmeaningexample sentence
accounts departmentn. department responsible for administering a company’s financial affairs – also accounting departmentFor all billing enquiries, please contact our accounts department.
A.G.M.abbr. Annual General Meeting of a company’s shareholdersThe A.G.M. is where shareholders get an annual report on their company’s performance and strategy.
board of directorsn. group of people chosen to establish policy for and control a companyDo you know anyone on Samsung’s board of directors?
chairmann. person who heads a board of directors; head of a company – also chairperson; chair of the board (COB)chairman makes sure the board of directors is running the company properly.
directorn. member of a board of directorsHow many new directors are being elected at this year’s A.G.M.?
executive officern. person managing the affairs of a corporation, incl. chief executive officer (CEO), chief financial officer (CFO), etcSony’s replacing several executive officers, including their CEO.
headquartersn. a company’s principal or main office or centre of controlFacebook built its new headquarters near San Francisco in California.
managern. person responsible for day-to-day running of a business or company department; executive officerUSMy sister’s now the manager of an online media company.
managing directorn. senior director under the chairman responsible for day-to-day managementBeing the managing director can be a really stressful job.
marketing departmentn. department that manages branding, promotion, advertising, packaging, pricing etc of productsHow many staff are working in our marketing department?
organisation chartn. a table or plan showing a company’s structure graphicallyShouldn’t the Chairman of the Board be at the top of the organisation chart?
personnel departmentn. department responsible for recruitment and welfare of staff or employeesIf you have a job interview, go to the personnel department on the third floor.
presidentn. the highest executive officer of a company; head of a companyThe company’s president has the biggest office, of course.
production departmentn. department responsible for the manufacture, creation or crafting of productsAll our factories are designed and run by the production department.
purchasing departmentn. department responsible for finding and buying everything a company needsThe production department asked the purchasing department to buy some new equipment.
R & D departmentn. department responsible for inventing new products or improving existing productsSteve Jobs made sure his R & D department created the most innovative and exciting new products.
receptionn. the place where visitors and clients report on arrival at a companyWho’s that guy sitting in reception waiting for?
sales departmentn. department responsible for finding customers and making salesHas the sales department’s new strategy improved our sales figures yet?
shareholdern. person who owns shares or holds stock in a company or corporationDid many shareholders come to the A.G.M. this year?
vice presidentn. any of several executive officers, each responsible for a separate division – also VP (abbr)Our vice president of marketing used to be a Sony Music VP, you know.

Contract Vocabulary (Sözleşme iş terimleri)

wordmeaningexample sentence
agreementn. an arrangement made between people, companies, countries etc; contractAll countries, except the USA, have signed a new agreement on climate change.
appendixn. extra material or additional content at the end of a book, contract, report etcThe tables and graphs in Appendix A are based on the latest data.
arbitrationn. settlement of a dispute by a person chosen by both parties – to arbitrate v.By taking the company to arbitration, the workers got the wages they were owed.
articlen. a particular statement or stipulation in a contract etc; clauseFor details of payment, see Article 4.
clausen. a particular statement or stipulation in a contract etc; articleWhere’s the clause on extending the rental agreement?
conditionn. anything necessary before the performance of something elseShe spoke to reporters on the condition that her name wasn’t used.
force majeuren. an unforeseeable event such as a flood, earthquake, war etc used as an excuse for not fulfilling a contract agreementArticle 7 of the contract covers termination conditions and force majeure provisions.
fulfilv. to satisfy a condition; to complete the required task; to fulfillUSIf one party doesn’t fulfil their obligations, the other party can demand arbitration.
hereinadv: in here; in this (document etc)Any other costs not specified herein are the responsibility of the buyer.
hereinafteradv: in the following part (of this document etc)The musician known as Prince is hereinafter referred to as “the artist”.
heretoadv: to this (document etc) [eg: attached hereto]Attached hereto is the full text of the contract.
heretoforeadv: up until now; until the present; before thisThe artist heretofore known as Prince is now known as Prince Rogers Nelson.
in behalf ofin the interests of (person etc); for (person etc); on behalf ofUKThe money was raised in behalf of refugees from war-torn countries.
null and voidinvalid; without legal force; not bindingHer last will was declared null and void after being challenged in court.
on the one handon one side – on the other hand: on the other sideOn the one hand she works quickly, but on the other hand she makes mistakes.
partyn. the person or persons forming one side of an agreementIf both parties agree, the contract can be altered.
stipulatev. to specify as an essential condition – stipulation n.As stipulated in the contract, the apartment cannot be sublet to a third party.
termsn. conditions or stipulationsThis is one of the terms you agreed to by signing the contact.
warrantv. to give formal assurance; to guaranteeOur legal firm is warranted as reliable by many former clients.
whereasconj: it being the case that; in view of the fact that [in introduction to contracts]Holidays are covered in Article 5, whereas sick leave is covered in Appendix A.

Employment Vocabulary (İşe alım iş terimleri)

wordmeaningexample sentence
bonusn. additional pay given to an employee as an incentive or rewardMy bonus this year was equal to three month’s salary.
curriculum vitaen. a short account of one’s education, career etc; CVUK; resuméUS; resumeUSShould I list every job I’ve ever had in my curriculum vitae?
dismissv. to remove or discharge from employment; to sack [colloq.]; to fireUSIf you’re being unfairly dismissed, ask your union representative to help you.
employern. person or firm who employs people – employee n. person employedThis factory is the town’s biggest employer by far.
firev. [colloq.] to dismiss from a jobJimmy was fired for getting to work late too many times.
interviewn. a formal meeting in which a person applying for a job, a course, a visa etc is questioned – also v.Before going for a job interview, prepare answers to any questions you’re expecting.
make redundantv. [made, made] to dismiss because of not being needed – redundancyUK n.Hundreds of workers were made redundant when the factory closed down.
maternity leaven. period of absence from work (for a woman) when having a babyHow many months of paid maternity leave does your employment contract stipulate?
noticen. advance warning of intention to resign or leave a job – to give or tender one’s notice v.Maria always says she’s quitting her job, but she never gives notice.
perkabbr. perquisite; an extra benefit in addition to a regular salary [eg: free medical care; a car]It’s a boring job, but it has decent perks like a rent-free apartment and medical insurance.
personneln. the people who work for a firmMost of the company’s personnel work from home.
personnel officern. manager responsible for recruitment, training and welfare of personnelIf you’re being bullied at work, tell the personnel officer.
promotionn. advancement to a higher position or better-paid job – to promote v.When did you get your last promotion?
prospectsn. opportunity for success, chance of promotion etcWhen I applied, I was told the prospects for promotion were excellent.
recruitv. to look for and employ personnel or new staff – recruitment n.Most companies recruit new staff by advertising their jobs online these days.
resignv. to give up a job – letter of resignation n.If you’re not happy there, resign and look for a better job.
retirev. to leave employment, esp. because of old age – retirement n.As soon as she was entitled to the old-age pension, Kelly retired.
salaryn. a fixed, regular payment, usually monthly, made by an employer to an employeeWhen was the last time you raised your housekeeper’s salary?
staffn. the people who work for a firm or a particular department; employeesIf the staff are happy, a business has a much better chance of succeeding.
take onv. [took, taken] to employ; to hireI’ll let you know the next time we’re taking on new staff.
unionn. an organization that represents the interests of workers – labor unionUS unionUK n.Creating unions gave workers the power to fight for higher wages and better working conditions.

Import-Export Vocabulary (Dış ticaret iş terimleri)

wordmeaningexample sentence
bill of ladingn. list of all goods being sent and shipping instructions; waybillThe list of goods on the bill of lading is correct.
c.&f.abbr. cost & freight: includes shipping to named port but not insuranceDo they want a quote for sending the shipment c.&f. or c.i.f.?
c.i.f.abbr. cost, insurance & freight: includes insurance and shipping to named portThey usually want c.i.f., but check to make sure.
cargon. goods or products that are being transported or shippedHow’s the cargo getting from the port to our warehouse?
certificate of originn. a document that shows where goods come fromShould I put the city on the certificate of origin, or just the country?
containern. huge box to hold goods for transport – container port n. to containerise v.Have you ever watched containers being loaded from a dock onto a ship?
customsn. 1 government tax or duty on imported goods 2 officials who collect this taxCustoms won’t clear our shipment until we’ve paid customs duty.
declarev. to make a statement of taxable goods – customs declaration form n.If customs officials find taxable goods that you haven’t declared, you’ll have to pay a fine.
f.a.s.abbr. free alongside ship [includes delivery to quayside but not loading]If the shipment’s sent f.a.s., the buyer pays for loading onto the ship.
f.o.b.abbr. free on board: includes loading onto shipIf it’s f.o.b., the loading cost is included.
freightn. goods being transported; cargoLet’s pay a freight forwarder to arrange transport and prepare all the documents.
irrevocableadj. that cannot be undone; unalterable – irrevocable letter of credit n.The granting of citizenship is irrevocable, isn’t it?
letter of creditn. a letter from a bank authorising a person to draw money from another bankBefore shipping, we’d require either payment in advance or a letter of credit.
merchandisen. things bought and sold; commodities; wares – also v.We import a range of merchandise, from clothes to furniture and electrical goods.
packing listn. a document that is sent with goods to show that they have been checkedMake sure the quantity of each item matches the quantity on the packing list.
pro forma invoicen. an invoice or request for payment sent in advance of goods suppliedCould you send us a pro forma invoice, please?
quayn. a solid, artificial landing place for (un)loading ships; wharf – quayside n.The customs warehouse is in the docklands area near the old quay.
shipv. to send or transport by land, sea or air – also n. shipment n.The latest models are being shipped from Osaka this week.
shipping agentn. a person acting for or representing a ship or ships at a portIf you use a freight forwarder, you won’t have to find a shipping agent yourself.
waybilln. list of goods and shipping instructions; bill of lading – air waybill n.If you’re sending air freight, use an air waybill instead of a standard bill of lading.

Marketing Vocabulary (Pazarlama iş terimleri)

wordmeaningexample sentence
brandn. a particular make of product – to brand v. – branded adj.I’ve tried lots of other brands of shampoo, but this one’s still my favourite.
consumern. the person who buys and uses a product or service – to consume v.Most consumers don’t care where the products they buy come from.
costv. [cost, costed, costed] to estimate the price of making a product – costing n.Many inputs like labour and materials must be costed before a product’s retail price is set.
developv. to create a new product or improve an existing one – product development n.To succeed over the long term, we have to keep developing new and better products.
digital marketingn. marketing through digital devices such as computers and smart phones; includes TV/radio by some definitions – also e-marketingWe now spend far more on digital marketing than on traditional marketing.
distributionn. the delivering of products to end-users, incl. advertising, storing etcHas your company ever handled distribution of luxury goods for a top international brand?
end-usern. the person, customer etc who is the final and actual (or “real”) user of a productIf end-users aren’t happy with the quality or price, they won’t recommend it to their friends.
imagen. the concept or perception the general public has of a company or product – public image n.It only took one media story about child labour in a factory overseas to destroy the company’s positive image.
labeln. small piece of paper, cloth etc on a product giving information about itTo find out how much sugar a drink contains, check the nutrition information on the label.
launchv. to introduce a new product, with publicity etc – product launch n.If Kim launches a new line of clothing, she invites heaps of celebrities to the product launch.
market researchn. study of consumers’ needs & preferences, often for a particular productWe only launch new products if our market research shows high consumer demand.
onlineadj. while connected to the Internet or other computer network – also adv. to shop onlineOur online sales are increasing now that more people are shopping online.
packagingn. the wrapping or container for a productIf a product’s packaging is made of plastic, environmentally-aware consumers might not buy it.
point of salen. the place where a product is actually sold to the public – point-of-sale adj.The advertising of cigarettes isn’t allowed, even at the point of sale.
productn. something made to be sold; merchandise [includes services] – to produce v.When creating products for teenagers, use cool designs that fit with today’s teen culture.
public relationsn. creation and maintenance of a good public image – public relations officer n.When their CEO was caught sending racist e-mails, the company faced a public relations nightmare.
registeredadj. officially recorded or listed (eg. as in “registered trademark” and its symbol ®) – to register v.Our lawyers have advised that we must register all new products for our own protection.
sponsorn. firm supporting an organisation in return for advertising space and brand recognition – also v.The sponsor of a Premier League football club has their brand or logo on the team’s shirt.
S.W.O.T.abbr. Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities, ThreatsAnyone who’s studied marketing knows what the letters S.W.O.T. stand for.
total productn. in marketing, the whole product, inc. name, packaging, instructions, reliability, after-sales etcThis is a total product issue and you should raise it with Marketing, not Advertising.
trademarkn. special symbol, design, word etc used to represent a product, brand or companyHave you registered the trademark yet?

Meetings Vocabulary (Toplantı iş terimleri)

wordmeaningexample sentence
A.G.M.abbr. Annual General Meeting at which directors of a company or association present their annual report to shareholders or membersHow many shareholders attended this year’s AGM?
A.O.B.abbr. Any Other Business [usually the last item on a meeting’s agenda, for raising topics not listed elsewhere]Add a heading for AOB at the end just in case someone wants to raise something else.
absentadj. not here; not present [at a meeting, in a class, at work etc]If someone doesn’t come to the meeting, write “absent” next to their name.
agendan. a written schedule or list of topics for a meetingThe first item on the agenda is to make a brief statement of welcome.
apologiesn. item on an agenda for announcing people who are absent; apologies for absenceThe second item is apologies from board members and office holders unable to attend.
ballotn. a type of vote, usually in writing and usually secret- secret ballot n.If the workers don’t get a pay rise, they’ll hold a ballot on whether to strike or not.
casting voten. a deciding vote (usually held by the meeting’s chair) cast only when votes are otherwise equalIt was a tie, so the chair used her casting vote to decide the matter.
chairmann. the person who leads or presides at a meeting – also chairperson or chair [often preferred, esp. when referring to a woman]The chairman ended the meeting by thanking all those who’d attended.
conferencen. formal meeting for discussion, esp. a regular one held by an organisationAt this year’s conference, leading scientists will discuss the damaging effects of plastic waste.
conference calln. telephone call between three or more people in different locationsWe’ve arranged a conference call for 2 o’clock, so please make sure you’re available.
consensusn. general agreementThere’s a growing consensus among shareholders that the CEO’s ten million-dollar performance bonus wasn’t justified.
decisionn. a conclusion or resolution to do something – to decide v.All decisions made at the meeting must be communicated to our members immediately.
itemn. a separate point for discussion [as listed on an agenda]The next item on the agenda is a proposed wage rise for all full-time employees.
matters arisingn. item on an agenda for discussion of what has happened as a result of the last meetingThe first item is matters arising, beginning with the wage rise proposed at last month’s meeting.
minutesn. a written record of everything said at a meetingYou can read the minutes of last month’s meeting if you want to know what everyone said.
proxy voten. a vote cast by one person for, or in place of, another person who isn’t presentHow many proxy votes were cast on behalf of absent committee members?
show of handsn. raised hands to express an opinion in a voteVoting will be conducted by a simple show of hands.
unanimousadj. in complete agreement; united in opinionAfter another year of losses, there was a unanimous vote of no confidence in the CEO.
videoconferencen. conference of people in different locations using video links and videoconferencing software to see and hear one anotherBefore the videoconference begins, make sure your webcam is turned on and your video link is up and running.
votev. to express an opinion in a group by voice, hand, in writing etc – also n. – to cast a vote v.Guess how many executives voted in favour of a pay rise for their workers.
absentnot presentThe vice president is absent due to unforeseen circumstances.
accomplishsucceed in doingWe have a lot to accomplish today, so let’s begin.
addressdeal with; speak onI hope we do not have to address this matter again in the future.
ournclose a meetingIf there are no further comments, we will adjourn the meeting here.
agendalist of objectives to cover in a meetingPlease forward the agenda to anyone who is speaking at the meeting.
AGMAnnual (yearly) General MeetingWe always vote for a new chairperson at the AGM.
allocateassign roles/tasks to certain peopleI forgot to allocate someone to bring refreshments.
AOBAny Other Business (unspecified item on agenda)The last item on the agenda is AOB.
apologiesitem on agenda announcing people who are absent; apologies for absenceEveryone is present today, so we can skip the apologies.
ballota type of vote, usually in writing and usually secretPlease fold your ballot in half before you place it in the box.
board of directorsgroup of elected members of an organization/company who meet to make decisionsThe board of directors meets once a month to discuss the budget.
boardrooma large meeting room, often has one long table and many chairsThe boardroom is reserved for a managers’ meeting, so we’ll have to meet in the lounge.
brainstormthinking to gather ideasLet’s take a few minutes and brainstorm some ways that we can cut costs.
casting votedeciding vote (usually by the chairman) when the votes are otherwise equalThe role of treasurer was decided based on the chairman’s casting vote.
chairperson/ chairthe person who leads or presides at a meetingAs chair, it is my pleasure to introduce to you, Mr. Allan Davis.
clarification/ verificationexplanation/proof that something is true/understoodBefore we address this matter, I’ll need some clarification as to who was involved.
closing remarkslast thoughts spoken in a meeting (i.e. reminders, thank yous)I just have a few closing remarks and then you will all be free to go.
collaboratework together as a pair/groupThe board fell apart because the members had difficulty collaborating.
commencebeginWe will commence as soon as the last person signs the attendance sheet.
commentexpress one’s opinions or thoughtsIf you have a comment, please raise your hand rather than speak out.
conferenceformal meeting for discussion, esp. a regular one held by an organisationBefore the conference there will be a private meeting for board members only.
conference calltelephone meeting between three or more people in different locationsPlease make sure I have no interruptions while I’m on the conference call.
confidentialprivate; not to be sharedAny financial information shared during this meeting should be kept confidential.
consensusgeneral agreementIf we cannot come to a consensus by the end of the meeting we will put it to a vote.
deadlinedue date for completionThe deadline for buying tickets to the conference is May 25th.
designateassignIf no one volunteers to take the minutes I will be forced to designate someone.
formalitya procedure (often unnecessary) that has to be followed due to a ruleEveryone knows who is going to be the next vice president, so this vote is really just a formality.
grievancecomplaintThe first item on the agenda relates to a grievance reported by the interns.
guest speakerperson who joins the group in order to share information or deliver a speechI am delighted to welcome our guest speaker Holly, who is going to be offering some sales pitch tips.
implementmake something happen; follow throughIt’s not a question of whether or not we’re going to use this idea, it’s whether or not we know how to implement it.
mandatoryrequiredIt is mandatory that all supervisors attend Friday’s meeting.
minutesa written record of everything said at a meetingBefore we begin with today’s meeting, let’s quickly review the minutes from last month.
motiona suggestion put to a voteThe motion to extend store hours has been passed.
objectivesgoals to accomplishI’m pleased that we were able to cover all of the objectives today within the designated time.
opening remarkschairperson or leader’s first words at a meeting (i.e. welcome, introductions)As I mentioned in my opening remarks, we have to clear this room before the end of the hour.
overhead projectormachine with a special light that projects a document onto a screen or wall so that all can seeI’m going to put a pie chart on the overhead projector so that everyone can visualize how our profits have declined.
participantperson who attends and joins in on an eventCan I have a show of hands of all of those who were participants in last year’s conference?
proxy votea vote cast by one person for or in place of anotherThere must have been one proxy vote because I count twelve ballots but only eleven attendees.
punctualon time (not late)Firstly, I want to thank you all for being punctual despite this early meeting.
recommendsuggestrecommend that you sit closer to the front if you have trouble hearing.
show of handsraised hands to express an opinion in a voteFrom the show of hands it appears that everyone is in favour of taking a short break.
strategyplan to make something workWe need to come up with a strategy that will allow us to have meetings less frequently.
unanimousin complete agreement; united in opinionThe vote was unanimous to cut work hours on Fridays.
voteto express (the expression of) an opinion in a group by voice or hand etcWe need to vote for a new vice chairperson now that Jerry is retiring.
wrap upfinishLet’s wrap up here so that we can get back to our desks.

Negotiation Vocabulary (Uzlaşma iş terimleri)

wordmeaningexample sentence
alternativesother optionsWe can’t offer you the raise you requested, but let’s discuss some other alternatives.
amplifyexpand; give more informationCould you amplify on your proposal please.
arbitrationconflict that is addressed by using a neutral third partyWe’re better to settle this between us, because a formal arbitration will cost both of us money.
bargaintry to change a person’s mind by using various tacticsWe bargained on the last issue for over an hour before we agreed to take a break.
bottom-linethe lowest one is willing to goI’ll accept a raise of one dollar per hour, but that’s my bottom-line.
collectivetogetherThis is a collective concern, and it isn’t fair to discuss it without Marie present.
compensatemake up for a lossIf you are willing to work ten extra hours a week we will compensate you by paying you overtime.
complyagreeI’d be willing to comply if you can offer me my own private office.
compromisechanging one’s mind/terms slightly in order to find a resolutionWe are willing to compromise on this issue because it means so much to you.
concessiona thing that is granted or acceptedI think we can offer all of these concessions, but not all at once.
conflict resolutiongeneral term for negotiationsIt is impossible to engage in conflict resolution when one of the parties refuses to listen.
confrontpresent an issue to someone directlyconfronted my boss about being undervalued, and we’re going to talk about things on Monday.
consensusagreement by allIt would be great if we could come to a consensus by 5:00 P.M.
cooperationthe working togetherI have appreciated your cooperation throughout these negotiations.
counter proposalthe offer/request which is presented second in response to the first proposalIn their counter proposal they suggested that we keep their company name rather than creating a new one.
counterattackpresent other side of an issueBefore we could start our counterattack they suggested we sign a contract.
counterpartperson on the other side of the negotiationsI tried to close the discussions at noon, but my counterpart would not stop talking.
cordiallypolitelyIn the past I have had little respect for that client, but today she spoke cordially and listened to my point of view.
demandsneeds/expectations that one side believes it deservesThey had some last minute demands that were entirely unrealistic.
deadlockpoint where neither party will give inWhen the discussions came to a deadlock we wrote up a letter of intent to continue the negotiations next week.
disputeargument/conflictI was hoping to avoid discussing last year’s dispute, but Monica is still holding a grudge.
dominatehave the most control/stronger presenceMax has such a loud voice, he tends to dominate the conversations.
entitledbe deserving ofMy contract says that I am entitled to full benefits after six months of employment.
flexibleopen/willing to changeWe have always been flexible in terms of your working hours.
hagglingarguing back and forth (often about prices)We’ve been haggling over this issue for too long now.
hostilitylong-term anger towards anotherI want you to know that we don’t have any hostility towards your company despite last year’s mixup.
high-ballmake a request that is much higher than you expect to receiveI’m planning to high-ball my expectations when I open the discussion.
impulsequick decision without thought or timeI acted on impulse when I signed that six-month contract.
indecisivehas difficulty choosing/making a decisionThey were so indecisive we finally asked them to take a break and come back next week.
leverage(bargaining power) something that gives one party a greater chance at succeeding over anotherWe have a little bit of leverage because we are the only stationary company in town.
log-rollingtrading one favour for anotherAfter a bit of log-rolling we came to an agreement that pleased both of us.
low-balloffer something much lower than you think the opponent will ask forI was expecting my boss to low-ball in the initial offer, but he proposed a fair salary increase.
misleadconvince by altering or not telling the whole truth about somethingThey misled us into thinking that everything could be resolved today.
mutualagreed by both or allThe decision to call off the merger was mutual.
objectivegoal for the outcomeMy prime objective is to have my family members added to my benefits plan.
point of viewperson’s ideas/ thoughtsFrom my point of view it makes more sense to wait another six months.
pressurework hard to convince another of an ideaHe pressured me to accept the terms by using intimidation tactics.
proposalargument to presentWhile I listened to their proposal I noted each of their objectives.
receptiveopen to/interested in an ideaHis positive body language demonstrated that he was receptive to our suggestions.
resentmentanger held onto from a previous conflictMary’s resentment stems from our not choosing her to head the project.
resistancea display of oppositionWe didn’t expect so much resistance on the final issue.
resolveend conflict, come to an agreementBefore you can resolve your differences you’ll both need to calm down.
tacticsstrategies used to get one’s goals metThere are certain tactics that all skillful negotiators employ.
tensionfeeling of stress/anxiety caused by heavy conflictThere was a lot of tension in the room when George threatened to quit.
trade-offterms that are offered in return for something elseLower payments over a longer period of time sounded like a fair trade-off until we asked about interest charges.
ultimatuma final term that has serious consequences if not metHis ultimatum was that if I didn’t agree to give him the raise he asked for, he’d quit today without two week’s notice.
unrealisticvery unlikely to happenIt’s unrealistic to think that we will have all of our demands met.
victorya winWe considered it a victory because they agreed to four of our five terms.
yieldto give in to another’s requestsThe client will only yield to our conditions, if we agree to work over the holiday weekend.


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