İngilizce kısaltmalar (contractions) listesi (Ain’t, didn’t, ‘bout) (137 örnek cümle)8 min read

İngilizce kısaltmalar, iki veya daha fazla kelimeyi belirli harfleri kaldırarak ve genellikle bir kesme işareti ekleyerekingilizce kısaltma birleştiren bir tür kısaltmadır.

Yalnızca belirli sözcükler kısaltılabilir:

tipik olarak küçük ve yaygın sözcükler (not, is/are),

özellikle zamirler (I, he/she/it, they) ve

kipli fiiller (can, will, might, must, should, would, could).

Birden fazla kelimeyi temsil etmelerine rağmen,ingilizce  kısaltmalar tek bir kelime gibi davranır. Dahası, kısaltmaların hepsinin belirli bir yazılışı vardır, bu da kelimeleri istediğiniz gibi birleştiremeyeceğiniz anlamına gelir.

Yine de dikkatli olun, çünkü iki farklı kısaltma aynı şekilde hecelenebilir,


I would ve I had gibi, her ikisi de I’d gibi kısaltılır.

  • I would = I’d
  • I had= I’d

İngilizce kısaltmalar listesi

A lot ofAlotta
about’bout (informal)
against’gainst (informal)
alrighta’ight (informal)
Am not, are not, is not, has not, have notAin’t*You ain’t see nobody like this before.
Am not; are not; is not; has not; have notAin’tain’t interested in that kind of thing.
and’n’ / ‘n’ (informal)
Are notAren’tWe aren’t available that day.
Are notAren’tThey aren’t coming to the party tonight.
aren’t you / are not you (colloquial)arencha (informal)
because’cause (informal)
beneath’neath (informal)
Bet youBetcha
between’tween (informal)
CannotCan’tI can’t come out today.
CannotCan’tYou can’t do that!
captaincap’n (informal)
Come onCmon
Could haveCould’veI could’ve done that if you had just asked.
Could haveCould’veShe could’ve done it if she really tried.
Could notCouldn’tI couldn’t believe my eyes.
Could notCouldn’tShe couldn’t sit through the movie without getting scared.
cup ofcuppa
Did notDidn’tI didn’t know you knew her.
Did notDidn’tMom, I didn’t do it!
Did youDija
Didn’t youDidntcha
Do notDon’tPlease, don’t touch that.
Do notDon’tI don’t know.
Do youD’you
do you / did youd’ya (informal)
Does notDoesn’tShe looks like a princess, doesn’t she?
Does notDoesn’tHe doesn’t understand what you said.
don’t know/do not knowdunno (informal)
Don’t youDontcha
Everybody isEverybody’sCome on in, everybody’s waiting for you.
except’cept (informal)
give megimme (informal)
going togonna (informal)
Good dayG’dayG’day to you, beautiful weather we’re having!
got togotta (informal)
Had notHadn’thadn’t thought of that solution before.
Has notHasn’tShe hasn’t come home.
Has notHasn’tThe mail still hasn’t come today.
Have notHaven’tThey haven’t done anything wrong.
He hadHe’dShe wanted to buy tickets to the theater but he’d already seen the movie.
He hasHe’sHe’s been looking for a job since he got fired.
He isHe’sHe’s a great friend.
He isHe’sHe’s so handsome.
He willHe’llHe’ll pay for it!
He willHe’llHe should put on a coat or he’ll get sick.
He wouldHe’dHe’d like to ask your daughter to the school dance.
He wouldHe’dHe’d be better off in a different city.
Here isHere’sHere’s the papers you asked for.
Here isHere’sHere’s the car I was telling you about.
How didHow’dHow’d you know I was in the library?
how do you do / how do you farehowdy (informal)
How isHow’sI heard about the accident. How’s she feeling?
How willHow’llOur phones don’t work here. If we split up, how’ll we find each other?
I amI’mI’m going to eat lunch.
I amI’mI’m trying to improve my English.
I hadI’dI’d never seen the beach until the summer we visited Florida.
I haveI’veI’ve been to his house before.
I willI’llI’ll finish that up today.
I willI’llI’ll finish that project later.
I wouldI’dI’d ask your mom first.
I wouldI’dI’d love to visit but flights are too expensive.
Is notIsn’tIsn’t that your friend?
Is notIsn’tIt isn’t healthy to eat a lot of fast food, either.
It isIt’sIt’s time to pick up our toys!
It isIt’sIt’s against the law!
It willIt’llIt’ll take about twenty minutes.
It willIt’llYou should come to the party! It’ll be fun!
It wouldIt’dIt’d be great if you could come watch our child tonight.
It wouldIt’d
is notisn’t
it shall; it willit’ll
it wouldit’d
kind ofkinda (informal)
Let meLemme
Let usLet’sLet’s watch the fireworks together.
Let usLet’sLet’s go to the mall.
MadamMa’amHave a good day, ma’am.
Might haveMight’vemight’ve missed the error if you didn’t point it out to me.
might notmightn’t
Must haveMust’veI’m sorry I forgot our appointment, it must’ve slipped my mind.
Must notMustn’tYou mustn’t do that!
need notneedn’t
need notneedn’t
Nobody isNobody’sIt looks like nobody’s coming to the party.
Of the clockO’clockThe time is five o’clock.
ought haveought’ve
Ought toOughta
Out ofOutta
shall notshan’t
she had / she wouldShe’dShe’d found the perfect bag but it had sold out.
She hasShe’sShe’s already told you once before!
She isShe’sShe’s very beautiful.
She willShe’llShe’ll ring you up on this register.
She willShe’llShe’ll love her birthday present.
She wouldShe’dShe’d always ask before eating a cookie.
She wouldShe’dShe’d like to get a pet dog.
Should haveShould’veI should’ve checked with the teacher first.
Should haveShould’veThe students should’ve listened to the teacher’s warning.
Should notShouldn’tI shouldn’t have gone.
Should notShouldn’tYou shouldn’t eat too much junk food.
So isso’s (informal)If I’m coming, then so’s he!
Something isSomething’sListen! I think something’s coming this way.
Sort ofSorta
Tell themTell’em
That isThat’sThat’s because I studied for the test.
That isThat’sThat’s awesome!
That willThat’llI bought a pound of beef but I’m not sure if that’ll be enough.
That wouldThat’dI’d like to go to the circus, I think that’d be fun.
There hadThere’dWhen to the office, there’d been no one there.
There have / there hasThere’ve / There’sThere’ve been some strange noises at night these past few days.
There isThere’sWaiter, there’s a fly in my soup!
There willThere’llThere’ll never be peace if we don’t listen to each other!
There wouldThere’dThere’d be no sunshine without you!
These haveThese’vePut on different shoes, these’ve got mud on them.
These willThese’llI wanted to buy the more expensive brand, but these’ll work just as well.
These wouldThese’dI love peonies! These’d make a great addition to my garden.
They areThey’reThey’re never going to win.
They areThey’reThey’re such cute puppies!
They hadThey’dThey’d finished cooking dinner by the time we got home.
They haveThey’veThey’ve never been to Disney before.
They haveThey’veThey’ve just arrived.
They willThey’llI hope they’ll get home before it gets dark.
They wouldThey’dThey’d leave before it was time to clean up.
They wouldThey’dThey’d enjoy this if they could come.
This willThis’llThis’ll only take a minute.
until’til (informal)
want towanna
Was notWasn’tIt wasn’t what I expected.
Was notWasn’tThis wasn’t a good idea.
We areWe’reWe’re planning on going next week.
We areWe’reIf you don’t get dressed soon we’re going to be late!
We hadWe’dWe wanted to win the soccer match last month, so we’d practiced a lot.
We haveWe’veWe’ve just finished up our chores.
We haveWe’veWe’ve been wanting to visit for a long time.
We willWe’llWe’ll have so much fun!
We willWe’llWe’ll arrive there around 3 p.m.
We wouldWe’dWe’d like to go to dinner with you.
We wouldWe’dWe’d hate to upset you.
Were notWeren’tYou two were friends, weren’t you?
Were notWeren’tLuckily, we weren’t hurt in the car accident.
What are youWhatcha
What didWhat’dEverything is dark! What’d you do?
What have / what hasWhat’ve / What’sThis is terrible! What’ve we done?
What isWhat’sWhat’s for dinner?
What willWhat’llHe lost his job! What’ll he do when he runs out of money?
When didWhen’dI didn’t see you come in. When’d you get here?
When isWhen’sIt’s so exciting that you got engaged! When’s the wedding?
Where didWhere’dWhere’d you go? I miss you so!
Where have / where hasWhere’ve / Where’sWhere’ve they been shopping?
Where isWhere’sWhere’s my key? I can’t remember where I put it.
Where willWhere’llWhere’ll you go next?
Who didWho’dWhen you went to the store, who’d you see?
Who hasWho’sWho’s got the chalk?
Who isWho’sWe’re going down to the beach tonight. Who’s with me?
Who willWho’llWhen you’re older, who’ll take care of you?
Why didWhy’dYou threw that rubber band at me! Why’d you do that?
Why isWhy’sWhy’s that guy looking at me like that?
Will notWon’tI won’t be able to come that day.
Will notWon’twon’t be able to make it to the meeting.
Would haveWould’veAnd we would’ve gotten away with it, too, if it weren’t for you meddling kids!
Would notWouldn’tYou wouldn’t know it.
Would notWouldn’tYour parents wouldn’t like your behavior right now.
Wouldn’t haveWouldna
yes ma’am / yes madamyes’m
You allY’all*Have y’all been to the new car wash yet?
You allY’allY’all better pay attention.
You areYou’reYou’re really good at that!
You areYou’reYou’re such a sweetheart!
You hadYou’dI was sorry to hear that you’d been waiting
You haveYou’veYou’ve never seen an ice cream sundae like this before.
You haveYou’veYou’ve been trying to contact her for days.
You willYou’llYou’ll have to ask your mom.
You willYou’llYou’ll regret that!
You wouldYou’dYou’d make a great doctor.
You wouldYou’dIf you’d stop panicking, you could do your job.


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