İngilizce Sık Kullanılan 1.000 İfade (Oxford Phrase Listesi) [CEFR seviyelerine göre ayrılmış]17 min read

Oxford phrase listesi, A1’den C1 seviyesine kadar 1.000 phrase listesidir.oxford phrase


Deyimler, öbek fiiller, bileşik kelimeler, eşdizimler, edat öbekleri ve diğer yaygın sabit ifadeleri içerir.




Oxford Phrase listesi

1a fewa bita bit morea bit of a…above all
2a few minutesable to do stha bit of sthaccount for sthall but
3a few timesa couple of sthaccess to sthaccused of sthall the more
4a few yearsadd to sthafter allact as sthas far as sb/sth is concerned
5a good ideaagain and againa great dealaimed at sbas of…
6Good idea!all about…a great deal betteraimed at doing sthas opposed to
7It’s a good idea to…Tell me all about it.a great deal of sthall the wayas such
8That’s a good idea!all kinds of…aim to do stha means of sthas to sth
9agree with sball over…a kind of…a means of communicationas to how…
10a littleall over the worldI had a kind of feeling thisa means of transportas to whether…
11a little helpall sorts of…might happen.appeal to sbat the expense of sb/sth
12a little moneyall the timea little bitapply to sb/sthat the hands of sb
13a little sugara long time agoa little moreas a wholeback and forth
14a lota long wayalong with sb/sthas far as I am concernedbear sb/sth in mind
15a lot to doa number of stha lot moreas follows…bear in mind that…
16a lot of stha large number of sthalternative to sthas for sb/sthkeep sb/sth in mind
17all dayapply for sthand so onas long as…keep in mind that…
18all nightart galleryapart fromassociated with sthbe attributed to sb
19all over the worldas a resulta range of sthassociated with doing sthbe entitled to sth
20anything elseas a result of stha wide range of sthas though…be found to do sth
21anyone elseas part of sthas if…at oncebe meant to do sth
22a period of timeas part of a teamas if nothing had happenedat presentbe reported to be sth
23around the worldas soon asas much asat some pointbe reported to have sth
24arrive at…as wellas soon as possibleat the end of the daybe said to be sth
25arrive in…as well as sb/sthat lastat this pointbe said to have sth
26ask for sthat firstat riskat this stagebring sth about
27at homeat leastat timesawareness of sthbring sth up
28at schoolat the age of…attached to sb/sthback sb/sth upby means of sth
29at the beginning of sthat the start of stha variety of sthbe charged with sthby no means
30at the endat the timebe about to do sthbe charged with doing sthcall on sb
31at the end of sthat that timebe going onbe derived from sthcall on sb to do sth
32at the momentat the time of sthWhat’s going on?be expected to do sthconsistent with sth
33at the same timeat the topbe known as sb/sthbe known to do sthdedicated to sth
34at the weekendat the top of sthbenefit from sthbe made up of sthdeprive sb/sth of sth
35at universitybased on sthbe supposed to do sthbe surrounded by sb/sthdispose of sb/sth
36at workbe allowed to do sthbe supposed to be sthbe to blamefollow sth up
37away from sb/sthbelieve in sb/sthbreak upbe to blame for sthfor that matter
38bad for sb/sthbelong to sbbreak up with sbboth sidesfor the benefit of sb
39bad newsbelong to sthby the time (that)…both sides of the argumentfor the sake of sb/sth
40bad thingbe made of sthcan’t afford sthon both sidesget away with sth
41the bad things about sthby the end of sthcan’t afford to do sthbound to do sthgiven that…
42because ofcare about sthcare for sbbound to be sthhave sb/sth in mind
43begin with sthcarry oncaused by sthbring sb uphave sb/sth in mind for sth
44be going to do sthcarry on with sthcheck sb/sth outby nowhave nothing to do with sb/sth
45best friendcarry sth outchoose to do sthcall for sthbe nothing to do with sb/sth
46black and whitecheck inclean upcase studyin accordance with sth
47car parkcheck in at…clean sth upcome across sb/sthin any case
48cell phonecheck sth inclick on sthcome truein a position to do sth
49city centrecheck outcome up with stha dream come truein conjunction with sb/sth
50in the city centrecheck out of sthcompared with sthconcerned about sthin connection with sb/sth
51come from…climate changeconcentrate on sthconcerned with sthin effect
52come into sthclose to sb/sthconsist of sb/sthconfidence in sb/sthin full
53He came into the room.come backdecide on sthcontribute to sthin line with sth
54differences between A and BCome on!depending oncontrol over sb/sthin practice
55difficult for sbconnected to sthdeveloping countriescope with sthin respect of sth
56it is difficult for sb to do sthconnected with sb/sthdue to sb/sthdecline in sthin such a way (that)…
57each othercredit cardeconomic growtha decline in student numbersin the absence of sb/sth
58end in sthdeal with sbend updependent on sb/sthin the course of…
59every daydeal with stheven ifdespite the fact that…in the event of sth
60every weekdepend on sb/stheven thoughdraw attention to sb/sthin the face of sth
61every yeardepend on sb/sth for sthexactly the sameengage in sthin the hands of sb
62excuse medepend on sthexperience in sthengaged in sthin the light of sth
63family memberdo wellfail to do sthever since(…)in light of sth
64find outeach onefall asleepexposure to sthin the meantime
65find out about sthend with sthfar morefar from sthin the midst of sth
66find out moreeven more…far more importantfar from doing sthin the presence of sb
67for a long timeeven more difficultfar more opportunitiesfigure sb/sth outin the presence of sth
68a long timeeven more excitingfar toofind yourself doing sthin the wake of sb/sth
69for a momenteveryone elsefar too much homeworkget ininvolvement in sth
70for exampleexcept forfed upget into sthlet alone
71for lunchfall in lovefor a whileThe train got in late.little more than…
72for many yearsfall in love with sbfor freeget over sth/sblive on sth
73for the first timefall offfor instanceYou’ll get over it.may well
74get homefall off sthfor lifeget rid of sb/sthnothing like
75get marriedfar awaya job for lifego offnot to mention
76get offfeel goodfor longShe went off to get a drink.on behalf of sb
77get off the busfeel like sthfor some timeA bomb went off.on the part of sb
78I’m getting off here.fill sth inget on with sbThe alarm went off.over the course of…
79get onfind it difficult to do sthget to know sbThe lights went off.put it
80get on the busfirst of allget used to sthgo on to do sthHow shall I put it?
81Are you getting on?focus on sb/sthget used to doing sthgo through sthseek to do sth
82get readyfollowed by sb/sthglobal warminghad betterset to do sth
83get ready for sthfor the rest of sthgo aheadhang onthe extent to which…
84get ready to do sthfor this reasongo ahead with sthhuman beingto date
85get thereget backgo wronghuman rightshis best work to date
86get to…get bettergrowth in sthif only…up against sth
87get upget losthave no ideaI have to say…with regard to sb/sth
88go backget outhave sth in commonin actionwith respect to sth
89go back to…get out of sthhave sth in common with sbin advancewith the exception of sb/sth
90go homegive uphave sth in common with sthin an attempt to do sth
91go into sthgive sth uphear of sb/sthin part
92She went into her room.go and…heart diseasein place
93good at sthgo and get helphigh streetin relation to sb/sth
94good for sb/sthgo awayhigher educationin spite of sth
95Good morninggo downif I were youin the first place
96Good afternoonPrices are going additionin the near future
97Good eveninggo down sthin addition to sb/sthin turn
98good newsGo down the a way that…investment in sth
99good thinggo for sthin case…I would say…
100the good things about sthgo for a walkjust in case…loads of sb/sth
101go outgo upin charge of sb/sthmental health
102go to bedPrices are going contrastmore or less
103go to schoolgood luckin contrast to sb/sthno doubt
104go to workhappen to sb/sthin favour of sb/sthno matter…
105grow uphappy with sb/sthin generalno matter how…
106Guess what…have a lookin order of sthno matter what…
107half an hourhave a look at sthin order to do sthnothing but
108hard workhave got toin other wordson board
109have funHave you ever…?in particularonce again
110have gothealth problemsin publicone another
111have timehear about sb/sthin recent yearson the basis of sth
112have time for sthI don’t carein response to sthon the one hand
113have time to do sthif necessaryin terms of sthopposed to sth
114he or sheif you want toin the case of sthor so
115high schoolI guessin the form of sb/sthother than
116his or herI’m afraid…in the way (that)…potential for sth
117How about…?I meanin this casepretty much
118How are you?in businessin timeprior to
119How long…?in dangerin time for sthprove to be sth
120How many…?in historyin time to do sthput sth forward
121How much…?the first time in historyin touchput sth together
122How often…?in hospitalbe in touchquality of life
123important for sb/sthin loveget in touchranging from
124It is important for sb/sth to doin love with sbkeep in touchprices ranging from €25 to €60
125sthin prisonin touch with sbregarded as sth
126I’m sorryin some casesI wonder if…relevant to sb/sth
127in Aprilinstead ofleave sb/sth outrely on sb/sth
128in July, the airlikely to do sthrole model
129in bedin the endlook forward to sthset out
130in classin the middlelook outshort of sth
131in factin the middle of sthmake a differenceso as to do sth
132in front ofin the same waymake sth upsomething like…
133in my opinionin this waymanage to do sthsort sb/sth/yourself out
134in schoolit dependsmean to do sthstick to sth
135in spaceit all dependsI didn’t mean to.subject to sth
136in summerI think somore and moresum up
137in winterI don’t think somove onsum sth up
138in the centrelead to sthmove on to sthtake advantage of sb/sth
139in the centre of sthless than…no longertake sth into account
140in the countryLet me…not any longertake over
141I live in the country.Let me help more than…take over from sb
142the best… in the countrylet me knownot eventhat is
143in the futurelook after sb/sth/yourselfI didn’t even see it.the vast majority of sth
144in the morninglook back at sthnot necessarilyturn into sth
145in the afternoonLook back at your notes.not onlyup to sb
146in the eveninglook sth upnot only… but also…when it comes to sth
147in the northmake a mistakeon a regular basiswhen it comes to doing sth
148in the southmake moneyon my ownwhether or not…
149in the eastmake senseon their ownwould rather…
150in the westmake sureon your own
151in the pastmake sure of sthon the other hand
152in the streetmake sure that…on the street
153in the summermuch betteron the streets
154in the winternot at allon the way
155in townI didn’t enjoy it at all.or something
156it is important to do sthno wayor somebody
157It takes…No way!or somewhere
158It takes an hour to get there.There is no way (that)…or two
159kind of sb/sthOh deara day or two
160What kind of music do youOh wella moment or two
161like?on eartha pound or two
162know howon the groundought to
163know how to do sthon the other sideout there
164last timeon the other side of sthover the years
165the last timeon the wallover time
166last yearon timeparticipate in sth
167last monthon top of sth/sbpoint of view
168last summerone or twopoint out
169last weekordinary peoplepoint sth out
170last weekendpay attentionpoint out that…
171learn how to do sthpay attention to sb/sthprepared to do sth
172listen to sb/sthper hourprimary school
173live with sbkilometres per hourprime minister
174living roommiles per hourput sth up
175look at sb/sthpick sb/sth upquite a…
176look for sb/sthpolice officerquite a good player
177look like sb/sthpolice stationquite a long time
178lots of…public transportraise money
179millions of…put sth onraise money for sth
180mobile phonequite a lotrather than
181more than…quite a lot of sthreaction to sth
182next timereasons whyrelate to sth/sb
183next yearrefer to sb/sthrelating to sth/sb
184next monthrefer to sb/sth as sthrelated to sth/sb
185next weekreport on sthrespect for sb/sth
186No problemrespond to sth/sbresult in sth
187of coursesave moneyrise in sth
188Oh no!science fictiona rise in the number of visitors
189Oh yessearch for sth/sbrun out
190old friendso that…run out of sth
191once a…solution to sthsearch engine
192once a monthsort of sthsecondary school
193once a weekWhat sorts of things do youset sth up
194once a yeardo?slow down
195one daysound like sb/sthso far
196on holidaystart with sb/sthsome kind of…
197on Mondaysuch a/an…succeed in doing sth
198on Tuesday, etc.such a good ideasuffer from sth
199on televisiontake care of sb/sth/yourselfsure to do sth
200on the televisiontake offtake sb/sth on
201on the beachtake sth offtake up sth
202on the floortake parttake up too much room
203on the internettake part in sthtake sth up
204on the lefttake placetake up golf
205on the rightthe best thingtell the truth
206on the phonethe best thing to dotend to do sth
207be on the phonethe first thingtend to be sth
208talk on the phonethe first thing I didthanks to sb/sth
209on TVthe following…that’s it
210out of sththe following daythe case
211over therethe important thingbe the case that…
212pay for sththe most important thingthe fact that…
213phone callthe other side of sththose who…
214phone numberthe other side of the worldThere are those who say…
215plan for sththe rest of sthto do with sb/sth
216make plans for sththe rest of the worldbe to do with sb/sth
217What are your plans forthese dayshave to do with sb/sth
218next year?they say…together with
219play with sb/sthThey say you can’t buytoo bad
220post officehappiness.try and…
221pretty goodthrow sth awayturn out
222really enjoyturn sth offturn out to be sth
223I really enjoyed it.turn sth onturn sth up
224really goodup and downunable to do sth
225really likeWhy not…?up to sth
226I’d really like to…work outup to 60 miles per hour
227right nowworried about sb/sthway of life
228See youwould love to do sthwell known
229See you aroundwrite sth downwork on sth
230See you laterwork sth out
231See you soonwrong with sb/sth
232sit downyou see
233someone else
234something else
235speak to sb
236spend time
237spend time doing sth
238spend time with sb
239stand up
240stay in
241stay in a hotel
242stay in bed
243I’m staying in tonight.
244such as
245swimming pool
246talk about sb/sth
247thank you
248thank you very much
249that day
250the 20th century
251the 21st century
252the 19th century
253the next day
254there is
255there are
256there was
257there were
258think about sb/sth
259think of sb/sth
260This is…
261This is my dad.
262this kind of…
263this morning
264this afternoon
265this evening
266this time
267this year
268this summer
269this weekend
270thousands of…
271too long
272too far
273too hard
274too much
275too many
276town centre
277in the town centre
278TV show
279wait for sb/sth
280wake up
281welcome to sth
282What about…?
283work as sth
284work for sb/sth
285work hard
286work together
287work together for sth
288work together to do sth
289work with sb
290would like
291I would like…
292I would like to…
293Would you like…?
294X hours a day
295X times a…
296X times a day
297X times a week
298X years ago
299X days ago
300X months ago
301X weeks ago
302X years later
303X days later
304X minutes later
305X years old
306You’re welcome


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