İngilizce Phrasal Verbs Listesi [750+ liste] (359 örnek cümle)51 min read

Phrasal verbs, orijinal sözcüklerden ayrı bir anlamla birlikte tamamen yeni bir sözcük gibi davranan ikiphrasal verb veya daha fazla sözcüktür.


“pick up”, tek başına “pick” ve “up” tanımlarından çok farklı olarak “tutma” veya “kaldırma” anlamına gelir.

Konuşma İngilizcesinde popüler olan (phrasal verbs) deyimsel fiiller oldukça kafa karıştırıcı olabilir çünkü tanımlarını tahmin etmek her zaman kolay değildir ve bunlardan binlerce vardır.

Aslında, pek çok phrasal verb, aynı temel fiilin farklı varyasyonlarıdır ve bu da kafa karışıklığına katkıda bulunabilir.

Özellikle çok dilli konuşanlar için phrasal verbs İngilizce öğrenmenin en zor konularından biridir. Bu karmaşık konuyu basitleştirmeye yardımcı olmak için, bu makalede phrasal verb listeleri bulacaksınız.

  • Emir olarak kullanılan 100 phrasal verb listesi
  • En sık kullanılan 200 phrasal verbs listesi
  • En sık kullanılan 650 phrasal verbs listesi

Emir olarak kullanılan 100 phrasal verb

Phrasal VerbMeaning
Back away!move backwards, away from something frightening or dangerous
Back off!(slang – rude) stop bothering or threatening someone
Back up!move backwards; step backwards; drive backwards
Bear down!push or press down hard
Bend down!lean over and forward; lean down
Bend over!lean forward from the waist
Breathe in!take a breath in; take air into the lungs
Breathe out!take a breath out; push air out of the lungs
Brighten up!be cheerful; be happier
Buckle down!start working, studying, or doing something else seriously
Buddy up!find a partner
Bugger off!(slang – rude) Go away!
Butt out!(slang ­– rude) don’t interfere
Buzz off!(slang – rude) Go away!
Calm down!relax, don’t be angry, don’t be upset, don’t be worried
Carry on!keep doing what you were doing
Cheer up!be happier; don’t be sad
Chill out!relax; don’t be upset or angry
Clean up!clean yourself or your surroundings
Close down!close a shop or business so it is not operating
Come back!return to where you were
Come down!move down off something high,come south
Come on!(encouraging someone) do what I am telling you to do
(not believing someone) I don’t believe you
(rushing someone) move faster
Come in!enter a closed space
Come out!leave a closed space
Come over!come to my house; come to where I am
Come up!move to a higher place
Cool down!Relax; don’t be upset or angry
Cover up!put on more clothes
Double up!form pairs because space or resources are limited
Dream on!(slang) I don’t think what you have just said will happen
Drink up!finish your drink
Eat up!finish your food
Fess up!(slang) confess / admit what you did; tell the truth about what you did
Finish up!finish what you have been doing
Fuck off!(slang – very, very rude) Go away!
Gather around!make a group and come together in one place
Gear up!get ready to do something
Get away!move away; run away; escape
Get down!come down from a high place
Get in!go inside something, like a car or bus
Get off!go out of something, like a bus or train
Get on!climb on board something moving or about to start moving, like a train
Get out!(slang ­– rude) Leave this place! (used when angry at someone)
Get up!become awake; don’t sleep
Give up!stop doing what you’re doingx
give yourself to the police or authorities
Go around!move to where you need to go by passing some obstacle instead of going straight
Go away!leave the place where you are
Go back!return to where you were
Go on!continue what you were saying
Grow up!behave in a mature way; don’t act like a child
Hang on!wait, hold tight
Hang up!end the phone call
Hold on!waithold this tight or you might fall
Hurry up!do whatever you are doing quickly, whether it’s physical or mental
Keep away!stay away; do not go near
Keep out!stay outside; do not enter
Lace up!tie your shoelaces; put on your shoes
Lay off!(slang – rude) stop doing something that bothers someone
Lie down!put your body in a horizontal position; relax on a bed or sofa
Lighten up!cheer up; don’t be so serious or worried
Line up!make or form a line
Listen up!listen carefully
Loosen up!(slang) relax; don’t be so stressed
Move along!keep moving; don’t stop in this spot
Move back!move to a place in the back
Move forward!move to a place in the front
Move on!continue your life; go on with your life
Open up!Open the door!
Perk up!cheer up; don’t be sad
Press on!keep doing what you need to do; don’t give up
Pull back!move backward
Quiet down!stop being noisy
Queue up!Make or form a line
Saddle up!Get ready to ride a horse by putting the saddle on the horse
Scoot over!(slang) move to make space for someone else
Stand up!stand
Shut up!(slang – rude) be quiet; stop talking
Sit down!sit; be seated
Sit up!sit straight in your chair, bed, etc.
Smarten up!become more intelligent and aware of what’s happening around you
Speak up!talk louder
Speed up!move faster
Stand up!stand
Stay away!don’t go near
Straighten up!stand straight; do not bend
Stretch out!lie down comfortably
Sum up!summarize
Take off!leave fast
Tidy up!clean the place; put things in the right places
Turn back!go backwards
Turn over!move your body so that the other side faces up
Wait up!wait for me to catch up with you
Wake up!don’t sleep anymore; become awake
Walk away!leave a difficult situation
Walk out!leave a situation because you do not approve of something
leave someone (leave a relationship)
Watch out!be very careful
Work away!continue working
Write back!reply to a letter or email


En sık kullanılan 200 phrasal verb

Phrasal VerbMeaningExample
act onTo take action because of something like information received.The police were ACTING ON a tip from an informer and caught the gang red-handed.
act outPerform something with actions and gestures..They ACTED OUT the story on stage.
act upBehave badly or strangely.My computer’s ACTING UP; I think I might have a virus.
add onInclude in a calculation.You have to ADD the VAT ON to the price they give.
add upTo make a mathematical total.We ADDED UP the bill to check it was correct.
agree withbeing at same idea with someoneI feel terrible- that food didn’t AGREE WITH my stomach.
aim atTo target.The magazine is AIMED AT teenagers.
allow forInclude something in a plan or calculation.You should ALLOW FOR delays when planning a journey.
allow ofMake possible, permit.The rules don’t ALLOW OF any exceptions.
angle forTry to get something indirectly, by hinting or suggesting.He’s been ANGLING FOR an invitation, but I don’t want him to come.
answer backTo reply rudely to someone in authority.Her mother was shocked when she started ANSWERING her BACK and refusing to help.
argue downPersuade someone to drop the price of something they’re selling.She ARGUED him DOWN ten percent.
argue outArgue about a problem to find a solution.If we can’t ARGUE our differences OUT, we’ll have to take them to court.
ask aboutAsk how someone is doing, especially professionally and in terms of health.He ASKED ABOUT my father.
ask afterEnquire about someone’s health, how life is going.Jenny rang earlier and ASKED AFTER you, so I told her you were fine.
ask aroundAsk a number of people for information of help.I have no idea, but I’ll ASK AROUND at work and see if anyone can help.
ask inTo invite somebody into your house.Jon’s at the door.’ ‘ASK him IN.’
ask outTo invite someone for a date.He wanted to ASK her OUT but was too shy.
ask overInvite.They have ASKED us OVER for drinks on Friday.
ask roundInvite someone.We ASKED John ROUND for diner.
auction offSell something in an auction.They AUCTIONED OFF their property as they were heavily in debt.
back awayRetreat or go backwards.The crowd BACKED AWAY when the man pulled a knife.
back downRetract or withdraw your position or proposal in an argument.She refused to BACK DOWN and was fired.
back intoEnter a parking area in reverse gear.He prefers to BACK his car INTO the garage.
back offRetreat.The police told the protesters to BACK OFF.
back outFail to keep an arrangement or promise.He BACKED OUT two days before the holiday so we gave the ticket to his sister
back out ofFail to keep an agreement, arrangement.She BACKED OUT OF the agreement at the last minute.
back upMake a copy of computer data.You should always BACK UP important files and documents so that you won’t lose all your work if something goes wrong with the hardware.
bag outCriticise.Don’t bag out BAG OUT Australian English.
ball upConfuse or make things complicated.The new project has BALLED me UP- I have no idea what to do.
bargain downPersuade someone to drop the price of something they’re selling.I BARGAINED her DOWN to half what she originally wanted.
bash aboutMistreat physically.If you BASH your monitor ABOUT like that, it won’t last long.
bash inBreak, damage or injure by hitting.The burglars BASHED the door IN to enter the house.
bash outWrite something quickly without much preparation.I BASHED the essay OUT the night before I had to hand it in.
be afterTry to find or get.The police ARE AFTER him because of the theft.
be alongArrive.The next bus should BE ALONG in the next quarter of an hour or so.
be awayBe elsewhere; on holiday, etc..She’s AWAY on business for three weeks.
be cut out forBe suitable, have the necessary qualities.She’s not CUT OUT FOR this kind of work.
be cut upBe upset.She was very CUT UP about coming second as she thought she deserved to win.
be downBe depressed.He’s BEEN DOWN since his partner left him.
be fed upBe bored, upset or sick of something.I AM FED UP of his complaints.
be taken withLike something.I WAS very TAKEN WITH the performance- it was superb.
be upBe out of bed.She’s not UP yet.
bear down onMove towards.She spotted him on the other side of the room and BORE DOWN ON him.
bear onInfluence, affect.The judge’s character may well BEAR ON the final decision.
bear outConfirm that something is correct.Statistics BEAR OUT the government’s positions on the issue.
bear upResist pressure.How are you BEARING UP under the strain?
bear up underCope with something difficult or stressful.He’s BEARING UP UNDER the pressure.
bear withTolerateI can’t bear to continue with this suffering.
beat downStrong sunshine.The sun WAS really BEATING DOWN and we couldn’t stay outdoors.
beat outNarrowly win in competition.The marathon runner barely BEAT OUT his rival at the tape.
beat upAttack violently.The mugger BEAT him UP and stole his wallet.
belong withBe in the correct or appropriate location with other items.Does this disc BELONG WITH those on the shelf?
bend downLower the top half of your body.I BENT DOWN to pick it up off the floor.
big upExaggerate the importance.He BIGS himself UP all the time.
bitch upSpoil or ruin something.I BITCHED UP the interview.
black outFall unconscious.He BLACKED OUT and collapsed on the floor.
blast offLeave the ground- spaceship or rocket.The space shuttle BLASTED OFF on schedule yesterday.
block inPark a car and obstruct another car.I couldn’t drive here this morning because someone had BLOCKED me IN.
block offObstruct an exit to prevent people from leaving.The police BLOCKED OFF the road after the murder.
blow awayImpress greatly.Her first novel BLEW me AWAY.
blow downWhen the wind forces something to fall.A tree was BLOWN DOWN in the storm.
blow inArrive, sometimes suddenly or unexpectedly.He BLEW IN from Toronto early this morning.
blow offNot keep an appointment.We were going to meet last night, but she BLEW me OFF at the last minute.
blow upExplode.The bomb BLEW UP without any warning.
boil upFeel a negative emotion strongly.The anger BOILED UP in me when I saw what they had done.
bone up onStudy hard for a goal or reason.I need to BONE UP ON my French grammar for the test.
book inCheck in at a hotel.WE took a taxi from the airport to the hotel and BOOKED IN.
call upTelephone.I CALLED him UP as soon as I got to a phone to tell him the news.
calm downrelax after an energetic or irritated stateI need a few minutes to calm down after that match.
cancel outHave an opposite effect on something that has happened, taking things back to the beginning.The airport taxes CANCELLED OUT the savings we had made on the flight tickets.
cap offFinish or complete, often with some decisive action.She CAPPED OFF the meeting with a radical proposal.
care forLike.I don’t CARE FOR fizzy drinks; I prefer water.
carried awayGet so emotional that you lose control.The team got CARRIED AWAY when they won the championship and started shouting and throwing things around.
carry forwardMake something progress.They hope the new management will be able to CARRY the project FORWARD.
carry offSucceed, winHe carried off the first prize in the tennis tournament.
carry onContinueLet the task carry on.
decide uponChoose, select.Jane spent a long time looking at houses before she bought one, but eventually DECIDED UPON one near her office.
die awayBecome quieter or inaudible (of a sound).The last notes DIED AWAY and the audience burst into applause.
die backWhen the parts of a plant above ground die, but the roots remain alive.The plant DIES BACK in the winter.
die downDecrease or become quieter.It was on the front pages of all the papers for a few days, but the interest gradually DIED DOWN.
die forWant something a lot.I’m DYING FOR the weekend- this week’s been so hard.
die offBecome extinct.Most of the elm trees in the UK DIED OFF when Dutch elm disease arrived.
die outBecome extinct or disappear.Some scientists say that the dinosaurs DIED OUT when a comet hit the earth and caused a nuclear winter.
dig inStart eating greedily.We were starving so we really DUG IN when the food finally did arrive.
dig intoReach inside to get something.She DUG INTO her handbag and pulled out a bunch of keys.
fawn overPraise someone in an excessive way to get their favour or something from them.She FAWNED OVER the inspectors in the hope that they would give her a good grade.
feed offEat a food as part of an animals diet.The gecko FEEDS OFF mosquitoes and other insects.
feed onGive someone a particular food.He FEEDS his cat ON dry food.
feed upGive someone a lot of food to restore their health, make them bigger, etc.She’s been ill for a fortnight so we’re FEEDING her UP.
feel upTouch sexually, grope.Someone FELT me UP in the club as I was trying to get to the bar.
feel up toFeel capable of doing something.I’m so tired. I don’t think I FEEL UP TO going out tonight.
get aheadto be successful in the workI will get ahead at work with this project.
get ahead ofMove in front of.I work at home in the evening to GET AHEAD OF schedule.
get alongLeave.It’s late; we must be GETTING ALONG.
give upAbandonNever give up on your study.
hit onHave an idea.I suddenly HIT ON the solution
hold offStop someone from attacking or beating you.Chelsea couldn’t HOLD their opponents OFF and lost the game.
hold onWait.Could you HOLD ON for a minute; she’ll be free in a moment.
hook upMeet someone.We HOOKED UP at the conference.
hunt outSearch until you find something.It took me ages to HUNT OUT the photos.
jack upIncrease sharply.They have JACKED UP the price of oil this month.
jam onApply or operate something forcefully.Jack JAMMED ON the brakes when the rabbit ran in front of his car.
jaw awayTalk just for the point of talking rather than having anything to say.That shows that your interest is not in helping the student, but in JAWING AWAY.
jazz upMake something more interesting or attractive.The show was getting stale so they JAZZED it UP with some new scenes.
keep aroundKeep something near you.I KEEP a dictionary AROUND when I’m doing my homework.
keep atContinue with something difficult.She found the course hard but she KEPT AT it and completed it successfully.
keep awayDon’t allow someone near something.Medicines should always be KEPT AWAY from children.
keep backMaintain a safe distance.The police told the crowd to KEEP BACK from the fire.
key toPlan things to fit or suit people or situations.Promotions are KEYED TO people’s abilities.
key upMake someone excited or nervous.The noise got us KEYED UP.
kick aboutDiscuss.We KICKED the idea ABOUT at the meeting.
kick inWhen a drug starts to take effect.Her hayfever didn’t feel half as bad once the antihistamines had KICKED IN.
kick outExpel.The family KICKED the au pair OUT when they found out that she was planning to move to work for another household.
knock offFinish work for the day.We KNOCKED OFF early on Friday to avoid the rush hour queues.
lash downSecure something with ropes or cords.We LASHED the tarpaulin DOWN to stop the wind blowing it away.
lash intoCriticise someone strongly.He LASHED INTO them for messing thins up.
lash outSuddenly become violent.He LASHED OUT and broke the man’s nose.
lay onOrganise, supply.They LAID ON a buffet lunch at the conference.
lay outSpend money.They LAID OUT thousands of pounds on their wedding reception.
let inAllow someone to enter.The doorstaff didn’t LET him IN the nightclub because he was wearing jeans.
let offCause to explode or releaseStand back when you let off fireworks.
line upArrange events for someone.We have LINED UP a lot of meetings for them.
link upConnect, join.The train LINKS UP the cities.
live byFollow a belief system to guide your behaviour.He tries hard to LIVE BY the Bible.
live downStop being embarrassed about something.If I fail the test and everyone else passes, I’ll never be able to LIVE it DOWN.
live withAccept something unpleasant.It’s hard to LIVE WITH the pain of a serious illness.
log inEnter a restricted area on a computer system.I had forgotten my password and couldn’t LOG IN.
log intoEnter a restricted area of a computer system.I LOGGED INTO the staff intranet to check my email.
log offExit a computer system.When she’d finished working on the spreadsheet, she LOGGED OFF and left the office.
log onEnter a computer system.He entered his password for the college intranet and LOGGED ON.
log outExit a computer system.Danny closed the programs and LOGGED OUT when it was time to go home.
look upFind outLook up the criminal urgently.
magic awayMake something disappear quickly.He MAGICKED the bill AWAY and paid for us all before I could get my wallet out.
make afterChase.The police MADE AFTER the stolen car.
make away withSteal.The thieves MADE AWAY WITH the painting.
make itArrive or get a result.I thought you weren’t coming, so I was really pleased you MADE IT.
make it up toTry to compensate for doing something wrong.He tried to MAKE IT UP TO her, but she wouldn’t speak to him.
make ofMake something ofThe table is made of wood.
make offHurry away, escapeThe thieves made off before the police arrived.
mash upMix sources of audio, video or other computer sources..She MASHED UP the songs into a single track.
melt downHeat something solid, especially metal, until it becomes liquid.They MELTED the gold statue DOWN and turned it into gold bars.
mess aboutNot be serious, not use something properly.The children were MESSING ABOUT with the TV remote control and broke it.
mix upconfuse something with something elseIt’s easy to mix up Chris Pine and Chris Pratt.
move intoStart living in a place.They MOVED INTO the house as soon as it was ready.
move upMove to make space.Could you MOVE UP and let me sit down?
nail downSucceed in getting, achieve.They are having trouble NAILING DOWN the contract.
name afterGive someone a name to remember another person.I was NAMED AFTER my uncle who died in the war.
narrow downRemove less important options to make it easier to choose.I am not sure which university to apply to, but I have NARROWED my list DOWN to three.
nerd outPlay safe and avoid taking a risk.I’m going to NERD OUT and not go on the river trip.
opt forChoose.I OPTED FOR an endowment mortgage and lost a lot of money.
opt inChoose to be part or a member of something.If you want them to notify you of updates, you have to OPT IN.
opt intoChoose to be a member or part of something.I OPTED INTO the scheme.
opt outChoose not to be part of something.The UK OPTED OUT of a lot of EU legislation on working hours and conditions.
pack inStop doing something.I’m trying to PACK IN smoking.
pack offSend someone away.His boss PACKED him OFF to a regional office.
pack outFill a venue.The stadium was PACKED OUT.
pack upStop doing something.You should PACK UP smoking.
pad downSleep somewhere for the night.I’m too tired to come home; can I PAD DOWN here tonight?
pad outMake a text longer by including extra content, often content that isn’t particularly relevant.I couldn’t think of much to write, so I PADDED the essay OUT with a few lengthy quotes.
pal aroundBe friendly and spend time with someone.We PALLED AROUND at university.
pal upBecome friends.We PALLED UP when I started working with her.
pass awayDie.Sadly, Georgia’s uncle PASSED AWAY yesterday after a short illness.
pass backReturn.I felt awful when the teacher started to PASS BACK the exam papers.
pass byGo past without stopping.I was just PASSING BY when I saw the accident.
patch upFix or make things better.I tried to PATCH things UP after the argument, but they wouldn’t speak to me.
pay backRepay money borrowed.I PAID BACK the twenty pounds I’d borrowed.
pay offProduce a profitable or successful result.Their patience PAID OFF when he finally showed up and signed the contract.
peel awayLeave a group by moving in a different direction.Some of the crowd PEELED AWAY to get out of the crush.
peg outPut washing outside to dry.I PEGGED the washing OUT after it stopped raining.
phase inIntroduce gradually.They are PHASING IN the reforms over the next two years.
phase outRemove gradually.They have introduced a compact edition of the newspaper and are PHASING OUT the broadsheet edition over the next few months.
pick atEat unwillingly.I wasn’t very hungry so I just PICKED AT my food.
pick upCollect.While you’re in town, can you PICK UP my trousers from the Dry Cleaner?
pig outEat a lot.The food was great, so I really PIGGED OUT.
pile upAccumulate.Work just keeps on PILING UP and I really can’t manage to get it all done.
pin downDiscover exact details about something.The government can’t PIN DOWN where the leak came from.
pin onAttach the blame to someone.The police tried to PIN the crime ON him.
pin upFix something to a wall, or other vertical surface, with a pin.I PINNED the notice UP on the board
pine awaySuffer physically because of grief, stress, worry, etc.He’s been PINING AWAY since his wife died and is a shadow of his former self.
pipe downBe quiet (often as an imperative).The lecturer asked the students to PIPE DOWN and pay attention.
pipe upTo speak, raise your voice.At first, no one answered, then finally someone PIPED UP.
play alongPretend to agree or accept something in order to keep someone happy or to get more information.I disagreed with the idea but I had to PLAY ALONG because everyone else liked it.
play aroundBe silly.The children were PLAYING AROUND and being annoying.
play upBehave badly.The children PLAYED UP all evening and drove the babysitter mad.
plug inConnect machines to the electricity supply.He PLUGGED the TV IN and turned it on full blast.
plump downPut something in a place without taking care.He PLUMPED his bag DOWN and kicked his shoes off.
plump forChoose.I PLUMPED FOR the steak frites.
point outMake someone aware of something.He POINTED OUT that I only had two weeks to get the whole thing finished.
poke aboutMove things around or search in a casual way to try to find something.I POKED ABOUT in my CD collection to see if I could find it.
poke aroundMove things around or search in a casual way to try to find something.I POKED AROUND in my desk to see if the letter was there.
polish offFinish, consume.She POLISHES OFF half a bottle of gin every night.
polish upImprove something quickly.I need to POLISH UP my French before I go to Paris.
pop inVisit for a short time.He POPPED IN for a coffee on his way home.
pop offTalk loudly, complain.He’s always POPPING OFF when things don’t suit him.
power upTurn a computer or electronic device on so that it is ready to use.I POWERED UP my laptop and started work.
price upCharge more for something.In rural areas where they have a monopoly, some garages PRICE UP fuel because there’s nowhere else to buy it.
pull aheadOvertake, move in front.The lorry was going slowly but we managed to PULL AHEAD.
pull outMove into traffic.The traffic was so bad that it took me ages to PULL OUT.


İkinci 450 phrasal verb listesi (ilk 200 lük liste hariçtir)

Phrasal VerbMeaningExample
act forDo something in favourMr Kim acts for my father.
ask forTo request something.There’s someone in the shop asking for the manager.
back [x] upsupport or defend someoneDon’t forget to back up your work.
believe inTo feel confident about something or someone.I don’t believe in miracles.
bite offTo use your teeth to bite a piece of something.I bit off a chunk of chocolate.
blow outTo extinguish or make a flame stop burning.
boil down toTo have determined or analyzed the solution or reason for something.
break downCrushThe building is going to break down.
break inTo enter a place illegally and with the use of force.
break intoEnter or open forciblyThe thief breaks into the house.
break offTo remove a part of something with force.
break outTo escape from a place, situation or way of life.
break throughMeaning:  Forcefully get inThe man breaks through the shop.
break upTo stop a fight.
bring backTo return something you’ve borrowed.
bring overTo bring someone or something from one place or area to another.
bring upAdoptHe brings up the child.
brush offTo remove something(dust particle, insect, etc) with your hand.
brush upTo practice and review your knowledge or a skill that you haven’t used in a while.
build in/intoTo add a fixture or component to a certain area or place through construction.
bump intoWhen you meet people by accident or unexpectedly.
burn downWhen someone uses fire to destroy a structure.
burn outWhen a candle stops burning because there is nothing left to burn.
burn upTo destroy something with heat or fire.
burst outTo suddenly do or say something.
butt inTo interrupt a conversation or activity.
call [x] offcancelWe called the party off. / We called off the party.
call aroundcontact multiple peopleRoy called around to find a nearby mechanic.
call backTo call someone again.
call forDemandMrs Selina calls for some money.
call inTo request that someone come and help.
call offTo cancel an event that has been previously planned.
call-inSummonPlease call in the envoy.
carry awayTo do something out of the ordinary due to strong emotions.
carry on aboutContinue in an annoying wayShe kept carrying on about how much money she made.
carry on with ContinueI want you to carry on with the work while I am out of the country.
carry out Perform a taskI would like to carry out the plan.
carry over Continue past a certain pointThe meeting carried over into lunchtime.
catch onTo understand or realize something.
catch upTo move faster to reach someone or something that is ahead of you.
cheat onWhen you are emotionally and/or sexually unfaithful to your girlfriend/boyfriend or spouse.
check [x] outverify a person or thing (can sometimes be flirtatious when used in reference to a person)I’ll check the contract out. / I’ll check out the contract.
check inTo register at a hotel or airport upon arrival.
check outTo leave a hotel or other form of an accommodation after your stay there.
chicken outTo refrain from doing something because of fear.
chop upTo cut something into pieces with a knife.
clean outTo clean or clear the inside of something thoroughly.
clean upbe extremely successful in an endeavor, such as business, sports, or gamblingOur hockey team cleaned up at the tournament and went home undefeated.
clear outTo remove things completely from an area or place.
clear upTo do something to solve a problem or a misunderstanding.
clog upWhen something in a drain or valve prevents the flow of water or other liquids
close downWhen the activities or services of a business permanently end.
close offTo block an entrance or pathway.
come aboutWhen something happens or occurs.
come acrossThe way other people perceive something or someone.
come afterTry to find or captureThe police comes after the robber.
come apartWhen something breaks or separates piece by piece.
come aroundchange an opinion or see a new point of viewI never liked seafood, but came around after trying fried calamari.
come backTo return to a place.
come betweendisturb a relationshipAfter more than fifty years of marriage, nothing could come between them.
come downTo move from a higher to a lower position or from north to south.
come down onattack or punish harshlyEver since last month’s accident, police have been coming down on drunk driving.
come down toWhen a situation is reduced to a certain outcome.
come down withWhen you start to experience the symptoms of a disease or illness.
come down withbecome sickAfter sitting in the rain for hours, Chandra came down with a nasty cold.
come fromOriginate inHe comes from Denmark.
come inWhen someone or something enters a place, building, or room.
come ofTo be descended fromShe comes of a royal family.
come offCelebrate, observeWe came off our program yesterday.
come onArrive fasterThey came on a few minutes ago.
come outTo leave a place.
come out ofhappen as a consequence of another eventWe missed a day of school, so at least some good came out of our boring class trip.
come overTo make a visit.
come roundRecover consciousnessThe patient will come round soon.
come throughWhen someone or something expected arrives.
come upbecome the topic of discussion or receive attentionEveryone talked about how much they enjoyed the movie, but the run time never came up in the conversation.
come up withWhen you think of a solution, idea, plan, or excuse.
come up withthink of an idea, especially as the first person to do so, or to produce a solutionSahar comes up with her best story ideas at night, so she writes them down before she forgets them.
con intoTo persuade someone to do something through lies and deception.
con out ofTo persuade someone to give or do something through lies and deception.
cool offTo lose temperature.
count onTo rely on someone for support when you need it most.
count onrely or depend onIf I’m ever making a mistake, I can count on my friends to warn me.
count upTo count all of something or people in a group.
cover upTo use something to conceal something else.
crack downTo take more action than usual against wrongdoing.
cross offTo remove or delete someone or something from a list.
cut backWhen you spend less money on something.
cut downReduceHe has cut down the forest for no reason.
cut offDetachMr Hamilton cut off his relationship with his family.
cut outTo remove something using a knife or a pair of scissors.
cut upWhen you use a knife or scissors to cut something into several pieces.
deal withWhen you do everything you must do to solve a problem or complete.
dive intooccupy oneself with something; to pore over quickly or reach into quicklyI’ll dive into that new TV show later tonight.
do away withTo dispose of something.
do overTo do something again in order to improve or correct mistakes.
do withTo make a connection between two or more things.
do withoutTo manage well without something or someone.
doze offTo go to sleep unintentionally.
dress upwear nice clothes or put forth in the best lightAbed dressed up for the award ceremony.
drop inTo visit someone unexpectedly or without making arrangements first.
drop offTo gradually decline/become less.
drop outTo quit a school program or training course.
dry offTo dry something or a surface quickly.
dry outTo remove water or other liquid from a container.
dry upWhen all the liquid and/or moisture evaporates.
eat upWhen someone consumes all their food.
empty outTo remove everyone or everything from a space.
end upeventually reach some conclusion or destinationAfter thinking for a day, he ended up taking the job.
fall apartbreak into piecesMy new dress completely fell apart after just two washes.
fall backMove or turn backThey fall back from their mission.
fall behindTo move slower than others.
fall downTo fall to the ground.
fall forWhen you have an intense attraction to something or someone.
fall inGet in line, line upThe students are agreed to fall in.
fall in withAgreeThey are willing to fall in with the agreement.
fall intoSeparateThe apple is fallen into three parts.
fall offA decrease in somethingThe leaves are fallen off from the trees.
fall onAttack fiercely or unexpectedlyHe falls on his enemy.
fall outTo fall from or through something.
fall overWhen someone or something falls from an upright position to the ground.
fall throughCome to nothing, failAll of his dreams fall through by this misdeed.
fight backWhen you defend yourself/resist an attack, or make an effort against an opponent in a competition.
figure onTo expect or plan for something.
fill inTo add personal information in the blank spaces of an official document.
fill outTo complete a form.
fill upTo fill something completely.
find outdiscover or learnWe’ll have to wait until the next TV episode to find out who the killer is.
fix upTo make plans or arrangements with someone or for others.
flip outTo become very mad or lose control over your emotions.
float aroundWhen an object or a person is near, but you cannot pinpoint the exact location.
follow upTo find out more about something, or take further action in regards to it.
fool aroundTo waste time doing unimportant or silly things.
freak outWhen someone becomes irrationally upset or angry, sometimes to the point of confusion.
get (sth) acrossto make people understand somethingThe teacher couldn’t get her ideas across to the students.
get along / get on / get on withIf people get along, they like each other and they have a good relationship.I can’t get along with the neighbours anymore.
get around toTo do something that needed to get done at an earlier time.
get at sbto criticise someone repeatedlyThe boss always gets on me. I don’t know why he behaves like that.
get at sthto touch or to reach somethingThe child can’t get at the books on the high shelf.
get awayEscapeThe criminal has gotten away from jail.
get backTo return to a place.
get back atTo get revenge.
get back toWhen you talk to someone at a later time either because you are busy or you have obtained additional or new information.
get behindTo learn, work, or progress more slowly than others.
get byManage with difficulty to liveIt’s impossible to get by without my father.
get downDescendHold the pillar or you will get down.
get inArriveThe boy has got in a few minutes ago.
get intoAscendHe gets into the bus.
get offEscape a punishmentThe thief is getting off from police custody.
get off onTo be excited or to truly enjoy doing something.
get onProceedYou have to get on in this way.
get outGo outPlease get out from here right now.
get out ofTo receive a benefit and/or satisfaction from doing something.
get overOvercomeHe gets over all the difficulties.
get over withTo finish something that needs to get done.
get throughSucceedYou will be gotten through after hard work.
get toTo arrive to or assist someone to a place.
get togetherTo meet and spend time together.
get upRiseWe should get up early in the morning.
give awayMakeoverThe principal gives away all the prizes.
give inCease fightingThe enemies give the battle in after losing their weapon.
give outDiscloseYou should give out your offense.
go aboutRoamingI go about in my dream.
go about sthto deal with somethingI want to solve this problem but I don’t know how to go about it.
go aboutTo take the necessary steps to get something done.
go afterFollowYou should go after your mentor.
go after sbto try to catch or stop someoneWe should go after her and tell her the truth.
go after sthto try to get somethingHe is planning to go after his friend’s project.
go against sth/sbto oppose or to disagree with someone or somethingThe people’s votes went against us.
go aheadto start or to continue to do something, especially after waiting for permissionWhy don’t you go ahead and eat it?
go along withConsent or agreeShe has to go along with the incident.
go aroundTo follow a circular path.
go awayLeavePlease go away from your workplace.
go backTo return to a place, time, activity, or a person.
go back onWhen you fail to fulfill a promise you made to someone.
go back on/uponWithdrawI want to go back on my opinion.
go beyondTo be more than or better than what is normal or expected.
go byTo pass someone or something quickly.
go downSink or crushThe ship is going down after hitting the stone.
go forDecide on, chooseI went for the rose flower.
go inTo enter a place, building, room, etc.
go in forLike or habitually take part inI go in for sports.
go in/intoTo enter a place, room, building, etc. usually through a door.
go offOf a gun, bomb or similar deviceThe vehicle is going off by an accident.
go onContinuePlease go on your duty.
go outTo leave a place or area you’re in.
go overChangeHe goes over his decision.
go throughReadShe goes through the sweet story.
go through withWhen you make a decision to do something, and actually do it.
go upTo move or extend to a higher level or farther North.
go withTo accompany someone to a place.
goof aroundTo waste time doing silly or unimportant things.
gross outTo be disgusted with someone or something.
grow out ofTo become too big or too tall for your clothes.
grow upWhen you physically change from a child to an adult.
hand backWhen you return something to the person who owns it after the person has given it to you
hand insubmit (especially an assignment)The teacher wants us to hand in our essays through email.
hand outTo distribute something free to other people.
hand overTo give upon request or demand.
hang about/aroundRemain nearYou have to hang about yourself.
hang aroundTo spend time in a place or an area.
hang backRemain behindI never hang back when you speak.
hang onTo wait for a short timePlease hang on a minute I’ll be back shortly.
hang outTo hang something, usually wet clothes, to dry.
hang upTo stop a phone conversationDue to her excessive shouting I hung up.
have onTo wear clothing, cosmetics, perfume, etc.
head backTo go to a place where you’ve been before or where you started from.
head forWhen a situation becomes more likely.
head towardTo move in the direction where someone or something is.
hear aboutWhen you learn details about something or someone.
hear ofWhen you learn about something or someone.
heat upTo make something warmer or cause a rise in temperature.
help outTo assist people with something.
hold againstWhen you don’t forgive or have little respect for someone because of something they did.
hold outTo extend your hand or an object in front of you.
hold upTo hold someone or something up in the air.
hurry upTo do something quickly.
keep downTo make sound, music and noise minimal.
keep fromTo stop yourself or other people from doing something.
keep offTo avoid discussing a particular subject or topic.
keep onTo continue doing something.
keep toWhen you don’t share information.
keep upTo continue to do something.
kick backTo illegally pay extra money to someone as part of the price.
knock outWhen someone is struck hard enough to cause them to lose consciousness.
knock overTo make contact with something or someone in such a way it or they fall.
know aboutTo have knowledge of or be familiar with something.
lay downTo place something on a surface or an object.
lay offWhen a company or business ends a worker’s employment.
lead up toWhen a period of time or a series of events cause an event, situation or conversation to happen.
leave [x] outomit or disregardOrna left the graph out of the presentation. / Orna left out the graph from the presentation.
leave behindWhen you don’t take something or someone with you when you leave.
leave offTo accidentally or intentionally not include a person or thing on a list.
leave outTo not include someone or something.
leave overWhen you have a portion that still remains from something after you have used or eaten the rest of it.
let [x] downdisappointKamal let Marco down when he arrived late. / Kamal let down Marco when he arrived late.
let [x] inallow to enterClose the door or you’ll let the flies in!
let [x] knowtell someone somethingLet me know as soon as Leslie texts back.
let downTo disappoint someone.
let go ofrelease or freeDon’t let go of the rope until I’m safe.
let onMake clear, evinceYou don’t want to let on how rich you really are.
let outMake biggerI need to let out this skirt.
let upWhen someone or something becomes less intense or strong.
lie aroundTo be lazy or to not do anything.
lift upTo raise someone or something to a higher level.
light upTo illuminate something.
lighten upWhen a conversation is changed or a person changes to become less serious.
lock inTo secure people or things behind a closed door.
lock outWhen you don’t have the key or passcode to enter a secured place.
lock upWhen you shut the windows and doors of a place or building.
look afterTake care ofPlease look after my family.
look aroundTo turn your head to see what or who is around you.
look atGazePlease look at the window.
look atTo divert your eyes to someone or something.
look down onWhen you consider someone or something as unimportant or with little to no value. The opposite of yesterday’s phrasal verb.
look down uponHateI look down upon the culprit.
look forSearchHe is looking for a new job.
look forward toExpect eagerlyI look forward to doing this job.
look intoInvestigateThe police look into the incident.
look on, uponWatch without getting involvedI have looked on at the incident carefully.
look outBe vigilant and take noticeThe law enforcer agency are looking out the affected area with enough caution.
look overTo examine somethingThe teacher looks over the students.
look throughInspect carefullyLook through the device.
look up toThis particular phrasal verb is used to say you view someone with respect and/or admiration.
look up to [x]admire or idolize someoneI looked up to this YouTuber until I read about their scandal.
look uponObeyYou have to look upon your responsibility.
luck outTo have exceptionally good luck.
make awayKillHe made away himself.
make forMove towards a placeI have to make for a new place.
make forTo go in a certain direction, typically in a hurry.
make outUnderstandI have made out your problem.
make overTransferMr Joseph is made over from his workplace.
make upCompleteI made up all of my tasks.
make up forCompensate for somethingI don’t eat dinner but I make up for it at breakfast.
mess upWhen something is dirty or unorganized.
monkey around withTo try to play with or repair a device that you have no true knowledge about.
move inWhen you bring your personal belongings and stuff to a new place where you will live. Yesterday’s phrasal verb, Move Out, has the opposite meaning.
move outWhen you permanently remove all your belongings and personal items from a place where you live or stay.
pay forTo purchase merchandise.
pay upTo pay all the money that is owed or asked for.
pick onTo tease and/or criticize someone over a period of time.
pick outWhen you are able to recognize something or someone from a group.
pile upTo put things in a pile or heap.
piss off[Informal] To be angry about something.
plan aheadTo prepare for a future event or situation.
plan forTo prepare for a big event or expectation in the future.
plan onWhen you have the intention to do something.
plug in/intoTo connect an electrical appliance/machine to another piece of equipment or to a power source.
plug upTo block a narrow passage such as a hole, drain, or pipe so that nothing can flow through.
point toWhen you aim at something or someone using your finger or hand.
print outTo produce a hard copy of a computer document.
pull [x] upretrieve or bring something nearerEugene pulled the document up on his computer. / Eugene pulled up the document on his computer.
pull offTo succeed in doing something difficult or tricky.
pull overTo drive your vehicle to the side of the road to stop.
pull throughTo recover from an injury or illness.
punch inTo enter data or record time on a device.
punch outTo record the time you leave the workplace using a special clock.
put [x] onwear or add something to your person or an objectI always put my backpack on before leaving the house. / I always put on my backpack before leaving the house.
put awayLeaveThey put away from the country.
put backWhen something is causing a project to slow down.
put downWrite somethingCan you put down your address on the paper?
put forwardTo offer an ideaHe rejected all the objection put forward by the man.
put inWhen you invest or make a deposit. In this example, the amount almost always separates the verb.
put offTake off, postpone, get rid ofYou must put off your bad habits.
put onWearI put on my shoes.
put outExtinguishPlease put out the light.
put pastTo not be surprised by a person’s actions. [Always used with the negative]
put toTo cause someone or something to be in a certain state or to do something extra.
put togetherBe togetherWe should be put together in order to face any danger.
put upHang upThe girl put up her clothes on the roof.
put up toTo encourage or persuade someone to do something.
put up withTolerateHe can’t be put up with the torture.
read intoto believe that an action, remark, or situation has particular importance or meaning, often when this is not true Her speech is very clear. Don’t try to read anything else into it.
read over/throughto read something quickly from the beginning to the endYou should read over your exam paper when you have finished.
ring upTo call someone on the phone.
rip offWhen someone asks for a price for something that is too high, when someone cheats or steals.
rip upTo tear something (i.e. paper, cloth, etc.) into pieces.
rule outWhen someone or something is excluded as a possibility.
run acrossTo move or run from one side to the other.
run afterChaseHe runs after his aim.
run aroundTo go from one place to another in a hurry.
run awayFleeThe boy has run away from his house.
run downTo hit someone or something with a vehicle.
run intoFall into, to be involved inHe ran into a dangerous place.
run outBecome exhaustedThe man is run out.
run out ofuse all of or drain the supply of somethingIsabella ran out of toilet paper at the worst possible time.
run over Go over quickly as a reminderShe ran over without any hesitation.
run upTo run from a lower elevation or level to a higher elevation or level.
screw onTo ensure the top of a container/bottle is sealed.
screw out ofTo cheat or deceive someone.
screw upTo make a mistake or do something really bad.
see aboutTo seriously think about doing something.
see offTo bid goodbyeI am waiting to see my friend off.
see tomake sure something is doneI’ll see to watering the plants while you’re gone.
see-throughDetect the true nature ofI see through the incident.
sell outWhen all the inventory of a particular product has been purchased.
set [x] uparrange or organizeSince no one invited me to join their study group, I set one up myself.
set about sbto attack someoneThe crowd began to set about him with stones.
set about sth/doing sthto begin or start doing somethingExamples: I don’t know how to set about the work.
set forthto begin travelingWe set forth at noon.
set inBegin and seem likely to continueI set my study in because my examination is knocking at the door.
set offBegin a journeyHe sets off by train.
set off sthto cause a signal to start somethingThe loud sound set off the baby’s crying.
set outto leave a place and begin a journeyWe set out on a lonely journey.
set out ( to do something )to start an activity or something with a special aim or intendShe set out to protect her kids.
set upEstablishMr Cambell sets up a new organisation.
settle downTo begin living a stable and routine life.
settle forTo accept something even though it’s not what you want or need.
shake upTo mix something in a container by shaking it.
show offdeliberately display abilities or accomplishments in order to impress peoplePanya didn’t need to shoot so many three-pointers; she was just showing off.
shut [x] offturn off, especially a machineDon’t forget to shut the water off after your shower. / Don’t forget to shut off the water after your shower.
shut offTo stop the operation of an electrical or mechanical device.
shut upTo stop talking.
sign inTo write your name on a list to indicate the day and time you arrived at a certain place.
sign outTo write your name on a list to indicate the day and time of your departure.
sit downTo change from a standing to a sitting position.
slow downTo do something slower.
sneak in/intoTo enter a place quietly to avoid being seen or heard.
sneak outTo leave a place without being noticed.
sort outTo arrange or separate things into groups according to similarities.
space outWhen someone’s attention is not in the present moment. [Adj.] {spaced out} To describe a person whose attention isn’t in the present moment.
stand againstOpposeI want to stand against the matter.
stand aroundTo stand in one place or area when you should be doing something.
stand bySupportHe stands by his friend.
stand forTo support or represent an idea, belief, etc.
stand upTo rise from sitting or lying down to a vertical position.
start offThe beginning of an event, activity or time period.
start outTo begin a trip or venture to some place.
start upTo start something.
stay offTo avoid discussing a certain subject or topic.
stay outTo spend time out of your own home.
stay upTo remain in a place that is higher than ground level.
step onTo place your foot on something or someone.
stick aroundTo stay in a place or with someone for any period of time.
stick outTo extend something outward.
stick toWhen something is attached to another by some form of adhesive.
stick upTo use a weapon, especially a gun, to rob someone.
stick withTo continue to use or do something.
stop offTo make a quick stop on your way to a destination.
stop overTo visit someone for a short period of time.
straighten outTo make something straight.
stress outTo feel very worried, nervous or anxious.
switch offWhen you move something from the ‘on’ state to the ‘off’ state. Synonymous with “Turn Off.” Yesterday’s “Switch On” is the opposite.
switch onWhen you move something from the ‘off’ state to the ‘on’ state. Synonymous with “Turn On,” while “Switch Off” is the opposite.
take [x] outmove something outsidePlease take the garbage out before dinner. / Please take out the garbage before dinner.
take afterresemble, especially with parents and their childrenLi takes after his father when it comes to politics.
take apartTo disconnect or separate the parts of an object.
take backTo return something or someone.
take inTo be successfully tricked or deceived by someone.
take offPut offHe takes off his clothes.
take outTo remove an object from an area, place or container.
take out onTo direct your anger towards someone or something when you’re really upset about someone or something else.
take up onWhen you accept an invitation or offer from someone.
talk down toTo talk to someone as if they are less intelligent than you by conveying a tone of voice or attitude that says so.
talk intoTo convince someone to do something.
talk out ofTo convince someone not to do something.
talk toTo have a conversation with someone.
tear downTo deconstruct a building or home.
tear offTo remove with force.
tell apartTo be able to differentiate something or someone from something or someone else.
tell onTo inform an authoritative figure about what someone else did.
think [x] overconsider somethingWhen his parents suggested selling his Pokemon cards, Yosef thought it over.
think aboutTo consider something prior to making a final decision.
think aheadTo think and plan carefully for a future situation or event.
think upTo use your imagination to create a plan, idea, or a solution.
throw [x] awaydispose of somethingCould you throw that old burrito away? / Could you throw away that old burrito?
throw awayTo dispose of something you no longer find useful in a waste bin, trash, etc.
throw outWhen you get rid of something by putting it in a trash can, bin, etc.
throw upTo vomit or puke.
top offfill something to the top; to complete something in a special or spectacular wayMay I top off your beverage?
track downTo locate someone or something after a long search
trade inTo exchange something old for something new.
trick intoTo convince or persuade someone to believe something untrue or to do something for you.
try onTo see how something fits or looks before purchasing.
try outTo show that you are qualified to do something.
turn [x] downreject or say “no”My crush turned me down after I asked them out.
turn aroundWhen someone or something moves until it faces the opposite direction.
turn downTo decrease the temperature, sound, etc.
turn inTo give someone or something to the police or someone of authority.
turn intoTo transform.
turn offStopPlease turn off your handset now.
turn onLet it worksWe have to turn on all our activities.
turn outTo attend an event, meeting, etc.
turn overTo move an object so that the part that is on top becomes the bottom and vice versa.
turn upTo increase the controls of an electronic or mechanical device.
use upTo completely consume or use all of a supply.
wait onserve, especially at a restaurantBillie eagerly waited at the new table of customers, hoping for a big tip.
wake upWhen you are finished sleeping.
warm upMake something warmI’II warms up some meat for dinner.
wash offTo remove dirt or unwanted markings with soap and water.
wash upTo clean your face, hands, body, etc.
watch outTo be aware of someone or something.
wear downTo make the surface or top of something disappear due to friction.
wear offTo decrease or disappear gradually.
wear outWhen something is damaged or weakened from use and age.
wind upTo operate a mechanical device by turning its handle.
wipe offTo completely remove or clean something from a surface or location.
wipe outTo clean the inside of something.
wipe upTo remove liquid from a surface using a sponge, towel or cloth, etc.
work atBe engaged inWe are working at a software company.
work inTo make time in a busy schedule for a person or an activity.
work outWhen a situation, event, plan, or idea is successful.
work upTo gradually improve at or make progress in something.
wrap upTo cover something with some kind of special paper.
zip upTo close an item that has a zipper.


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