İngilizce Yansıma Seslerden oluşan 50 kelime (Onomatopoeia)5 min read

Onomatopoeia kulağa ağız dolusu gibi gelebilir (uh-mat-uh-pee-uh olarak telaffuz edilir). Yansıma seslerden oluşan kelimeler demektir. Yansıma seslerden oluşan kelimeleriyansıma ses her gün, bazen farkında bile olmadan kullanırız.


Onomatopoeia, yansıma ses kelimeleri, atıfta bulundukları sesleri veya sesleri taklit eden kelimelerdir. Türkçedeki yansıma seslerdir.


Hayvanların sesi (mö, miyav veya hav), insan sesleri (achoo, haha, grr) veya nesnelerin çıkardığı sesler (bam, pop, tik tak) olabilir.


Bu makalede, en yaygın İngilizce onomatopoeia’lardan yani yansıma seslerden oluşan kelimelerin bazılarından bahsedeceğiz. Bunları kendi dilinizdeki eşdeğer kelimelerle karşılaştırmak da eğlenceli olur!

Onomatopoeia (Yansıma sesler) Examples

cracklethe short, sharp sound that a fire makes, or when you hear lightning in a storm“A few leaves started to crackle, then the fire caught.”
bangthe sound of an explosion or a gunshot“Bang! Bang! You’re dead!” shouted the small boy.
buzzthe sound that bees and other insects make“Bees were buzzing around the flowers.”
zipthe noise a zip makes when you close (or open) it“I love camping. All you need to do is zip up your tent at night for a good night’s sleep.”
flip-flopthe sound you make with your feet when you wear “flip-flops” (beach sandals)“I need a new pair of flip-flops.”
slapthe sound you make when you hit your arm or leg to kill an insect“I spent all evening slapping mosquitoes off my legs.”
sizzlethe sound meat makes on the barbecue“It makes me hungry to hear the sausages sizzle.”
clinkthe sound of glasses touching“They clinked their glasses to make a toast.”
roara loud sound that lions make – or big waves“We can hear the roar of the waves from our hotel balcony.”
plopthe sound that a stone makes when you drop it in water“We threw pebbles in the sea and listened to them plop.”
splashwhen you move water with your hands“We’re going for a splash in the sea. Want to come?”
ahathe sound we make when we discover somethingAha, there are my keys!
bamBam! Out of the tube with previous memories veiled and into the light.
poofsudden disappearHe walked through—and vanished. Poof! Like that.
heyHey! What are you doing with my car?
humsing with closed lipsHum, I am sorry but I thought you were French.
wowI thought, “Wow, what a good idea”.
huha sound that expresses confusion; this sound is usually made to invite someone to respond or provide more informationKim wants to go to this party, huh? Well, we’ll see about that!
ohOh, yeah? I forgot all about it.
omgoh my godOMG! I’ve never seen anything like it!
oohan expression of amazement, wonder, or understandingOoh, yes, that would be nice!
oopsOops! I nearly dropped my cup of tea!
shooa sound made when trying to drive something (usually an animal) awayShoo, shoo, get out of here.
boomthe sound of an explosionThe guns went “boom“.
yippeea sound made to indicate delightYippee, I just learned a lot of new English words!
achoo (or atchoo)the sound of sneezing
ah (or ahhhhhhhhhh)a sound that expresses relief or relaxation
arga sound used to express upset or pain
ba dum tssImitating a drum roll and cymbal crash played to underscore a joke
babbleto utter meaningless sounds
bahthis is used to express contempt, disdain or severe upset
barfthe sound of puking
bawlloud cry
beepa high-pitched signal
beep-beepcar horn sound
booa sound made when startling someone or trying to surprise them
brrrsound of shivering
burpexpel gas from the stomach through the mouth
burrthe sound a person makes to indicate he or she is cold
cacklea loud, unpleasant laugh
chompthe sound of taking a bite
clapthe sound you make when you strike both palms together
crunchthe sound made when eating crunchy food like crackers or chips; also the sound of footsteps on hard stones like gravel
d’oha sound made when someone suddenly realizes they have made a foolish mistake
ding-dongringing bell
eekthe sound a person makes when he or she is scared; this sound is often made when someone is scared by something small like a mouse, not when being scared by something big like a bear
fizzthe sound of gas escaping from a drink or any liquid
fluttersound of rapid motion
garglethe act of bubbling liquid in the mouth
glugthe sound of swallowing a lot of liquid quickly
growllow rumbling sound
grrrsound of anger
gulpsound of swallowing
hahasound of laughter
hee-heehigh-pitched laughter
honksound of car horn
hooray (or hurrah)an exclamation of joy
humpf (or humph)an expression of stubbornness, doubt, or contempt
hushsound of being quiet or still
phewa sound related to fatigue or being tired
ring-ringsound of a phone ringing
shhsound of silencing
smackthe sound when you hit something or someone
smashsound of a collision
sniffthe sound of smelling
splashsound of object falling on water
ta-da (or ta-dah)a sound that means ‘here it is’ or ‘all done look at this’; this sound is usually made after completing something
Tick tick ticksound of a timer
tick tocksound of a clock
ugghan exclamation of frustration and annoyance
uh-huha sound that is used to indicate agreement


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İngilizce onomatopoeia hakkında bilgi edinmek, özellikle çizgi romanlara ve çocuk hikayelerine daldığınızda, okuduğunuzu anlamanıza yardımcı olabilir. Bu kelimeler günlük konuşmalarda da oldukça yaygındır ve hikaye anlatıcılığını oldukça eğlenceli hale getirir!

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