İngilizce rahat telafuz (relaxed pronunciation) [278 cümle örnek]12 min read

Bu makalede ingilizcede günlük hayattaki rahat telafuz yani relaxed pronounciation kurallarınırahat telafuz okuyacaksınız.

Hiç ingilizce bir TV programı izleyip, “ne dedi şimdi bu?” diye düşündüğünüz oldu mu?

Eğer öyleyse, yalnız değilsiniz. Pek çok ingilizce öğrencisi, anadili İngilizce olan kişileri anlamakta sorun yaşadıklarını söylüyor.

Bunun olmasının nedenlerinden biri rahat telafuzdur.

Rahat telafuz, kelimelerinizi birbirine karıştırdığınız, yumuşattığınız, bazı harfleri düşürdüğünüz zaman ortaya çıkan yeni telafuzdur.

Yine, bu günlük İngilizcede inanılmaz derecede yaygındır. Sorun şu ki, rahat telafuzu bilmiyorsanız, o zaman insanları konuştuklarında anlayamazsınız.

İngilizce konuşanları anlamamanızın bir numaralı nedenlerinden biri rahat telafuz olabilir.


Rahat telafuz (Relaxed pronouncation) örnek listesi

A-ZPhonetic SpellingDefinition / Origin / MeaningExample
Aa / uhof / aI’ll have uh bag uh chips.
acouplaa couple ofI have acoupla socks ’round here somewhere.
ain’tam not / is not / are not / have not / has notI ain’t hungry.
ain’tchaare you notAin’tcha done yet?
algoI will goAlgo next.
alottaa lot ofI have alotta radishes, and nothin’ to make with ’em.
an’andGet me some bread an’ milk.
…’an… thann/a
‘ardlyhardlyI can ‘ardly understand what he’s sayin’.
ayattaI ought toAyatta show him a thing or two.
atomat him / at themUp and atom!
awayzawaya ways awayThe last day of school is quite awayzaway, sadly.
Bbetchabet youI betcha five bucks that paper airplane isn’t gonna fly.
better’anbetter thanChocolate is better’an vanilla.
bleevbelieveI bleev he’ll be arrivin’ soon.
’boutabout‘Tis ’bout 3 o’clock.
bruddabrotherHe’s m’ brudda.
Ccan’tcan notI can’t let you do that, Dave.
can’tchacan you notCan’tcha get me a glass of coffee?
cannacan notI canna take that class, I’m takin’ underwater basket weaving at the same time!
caracare ofI take cara yo’ car, you take cara my cat.
certainly’dcertainly hadHe certainly’d done that yesterday.
chayouCha can’t do that!
chillunchildrenI’ma takin’ the chillun to the zoo tomorrow.
‘chothereach otherY’all should help ‘chother out.
chu[are] youWha’ chu doin’?
c’merecome hereC’mere!
c’moncome onC’mon over here!
couldacould haveI coulda done that backflip.
couldna / couldn’t’vecould not haveYou couldna possibly done it.
couldn’evercould not everYou couldn’ever make it.
couldn’itcould it not?Couldn’it be done?
couldn’tcould notI couldn’t see it with all this fog.
could’vecould haveI could’ve won that race if I hadn’a hit that penny on the road.
could’jacould youCould’ja ‘splain it for me?
crectcorrectI’ve gotta go crect some papers.
‘cuzbecause‘Cuz it’d be cool, duh.
Dd’theI’m in d’ house.
…’d… would / … hadThey’d better pick up the pace if they want to win the game!
…’da… would haveShe’da come tonight if she wasn’t so busy.
datheThey have da best of da best in hot dogs here.
datthatDat is fine.
d’eck…the heckWhat d’eck?
demthemDem dragonflies are huge!
dentdid notI dent crash the car.
did’ja / didjadid youDid’ja catch anythin’?
didn’tdid notIt didn’t hurt.
diff’rn’tdifferentThat’s diff’rn’t than the other one.
disthisIs dis all ya got?
d’jeatdid you eatD’jeat yet?
d’jyava / jyhavadid you have aD’jyava burger or a sandwich?
‘drotherI’d rather‘Drother be watchin’ a movie.
‘drothers / druthers[What] I’d ratherIf I had my ‘drothers, I wouldn’t be doin’ chores.
dodaddo, dadWhat will you dodad?
doin’doingHow are ya doin’?
don’t’cha / don’tchado you notPretty cool, don’t’cha think?
dunnit[has] done it / done itThat shoulda dunnit.
dunnodo not knowI dunno.
…’d’ve… would haven/a
d’yavado you have aD’yava good time?
E‘erherLet ‘er drift.
’emthemGet ’em!
Ffiif IFi was gonna choose, I’d go for the apple pie.
figroutfigure outI’ll figrout this puzzle soon.
fullafull ofYou’re fulla beans!
fo’forIs dis fo’ me?
for’emfor themI was just lookin’ for’em.
f’ynoif you know / if I knowF’yno how to do that problem, then just do it.
Gg’bye / g’bygood byeG’bye!
g’daygood dayG’day!
gimmegive meGimme some time
getcha / gitchuget youI’m gunna gitchu fo’ dat!
g’nightgood nightG’night everybody!
gotcha / gotchu / gotchergot you / got yourI gotcha now!
gotta[have] got to / got aGotta go!
gunna / gonnagoing toI’m gonna head over to the store, ya want anything?
Hhad’n’edn’edn’yethad not even eaten yetYou had’n’edn’edn’yet?
haftahave toI hafta go soon.
has’n’edn’edn’yethas not even eaten yetHe has’n’edn’edn’yet?
havahave aWe hava few snacks inna trunk.
havithave itD’ya havit here yet?
hav’n’edn’edn’yethave not even eaten yetYou hav’n’edn’edn’yet?
heckaheck of aThat’s one hecka good painting!
heckalotaheck of a lot ofThat’s a heckalota pizza!
he’dhe wouldHe’d like that.
he’d’a / he’d’vehe would haveHe’d’ve gone if they didn’t sell outta tickets.
here’shere isHere’s something that might work.
he’she isHe’s fine.
he’sn’the is notHe’sn’t in this class?
hold’emhold themHold’em for a bit while I unload the rest.
how’ya / howayahow are youHowaya doin’?
how’rehow areHow’re they all gonna fit in that truck?
howzathow is thatHowzat gonna work?
II’dI wouldI’d order a parfait if it wasn’t so expensive.
I’d’veI would haveI’d’ve gone if it was closer.
I’laftabeI will have to beI’laftabe quicker’an you!
I’llI willI’ll do better’an you!
‘imhimAin’t gunna do any good for ‘im.
I’mI amI’m fine.
Ima / ImanaI am [going to]Ima see the dentist tomorrow.
innain a / in theLook inna shop for it.
initiateand then she ateFirst, she ate the corn, initiate the peas.
isn’tis notThat isn’t funny.
it’llit willIt’ll be a sunny day.
izzyis heIzzy good?
Jjamaicanwhat’cha makin’Jamaican?
jaskdid you askWhy jask?
jin[are] you inJin the bathroom?
jlike[did] you likeJlike the movie?
judo you / did youWha’ ju want?
kindakind ofI’m feelin’ kinda hungry.
Llemmelet meLemme use that!
letchalet youWhy should I letcha borrow my car?
let’erlet herLet’er drift.
…’ll… willn/a
lottalot ofI have a lotta fish.
Mm’myYeah, this is m’ car.
mamomI’m home ma!
m’boymy boyC’mere, m’boy.
mightamight haveI mighta been able to make that jump.
mustn’tmust notYou mustn’t do that.
N‘n’andWe need eggs ‘n’ milk.
‘netinternetThis is some cheap ‘net access.
‘neverythingand everythingWe’ll do, y’know, stuff ‘neverything.
‘nightgood night‘Night.
‘notherAnotherThere’s ‘nother rock.
…n’t… notn/a
’nuffenoughThat’s ’nuff.
Oo’ofThat’s a big bag o’ chips.
o’eroverO’er the hills.
offaoff ofGet offa me!
o’icyOh, I seeO’icy, that’s how it works.
ominaI’m going toOmina tell you somethin’.
or’dor didHe went right, or’d he go left?
oughtaought toI oughta leave.
outta / outaout ofGet ‘im outta here!
Ppapop (dad)I’m home pa.
‘postsupposedWhat am I ‘post to do?
prapsperhapsPraps that might work.
prollyprobablyIt’ll prolly happen.
Qquicker’anquicker thanYou’laftabe quicker’an that!
R…’re… aren/a
robbin’robbingAre ya robbin’ me?
S…’s… isn/a
‘safternoonthis afternoonLet’s go sometime ‘safternoon.
‘salmostis almostThat ‘salmost enough.
‘scuseexcuse‘Scuse me.
she’dshe wouldShe’d like that.
she’d’veshe would haveShe’d’ve done better if she had the chance.
she’sshe isShe’s really good at cello.
she’sn’tshe is notShe’sn’t very good, is she?
shouldashould haveI shoulda bought it.
shouldna / shouldn’t’veshould not haveI shouldna bought it.
shouldn’evershould not everYou shouldn’ever play with matches.
shouldn’itshould it notShouldn’it be fun?
shouldn’tshould notI shouldn’t eat too much.
should’veshould haveI should’ve seen that movie.
should’jashould youShould’ja go now?
‘skolet us go‘Sko to the store!
smailsome mailJust sending off smail here.
s’mlunchsome lunchLet’s have s’mlunch.
‘smornin’this morningLet’s go sometime ‘smornin’.
snotit is notSnot too bad.
‘snothin’it is nothing‘Snothin’.
snowis no / [There] is noSnow way!
s’nuffis enoughThat s’nuff.
sodasort ofIt’s soda good.
soyacanso you canSoyacan watch anythin’ ya want.
somthin’ / sumthin’somethingLet’s get somthin’ tweet.
sortasort ofIt’s sorta good.
‘splainexplainCould’ja ‘splain it for me?
‘spossibleit is possible‘Spossible that I could make it.
squeatlet us go eatSqueat right now!
stuff’sstuff has / stuff isThis stuff’s been real useful.
summasome ofCan I have summa that?
‘supwhat is up?‘Sup!
swearso, where…Swear we goin’?
switchso, which…Switch place do ya wanna eat at?
synoption[it’s / that’s] an optionSandwiches for lunch? Synoption.
Tt’ / tatoI’m goin’ t’ the mall.
takatake aI wanna taka shower.
‘tarwhat are‘Tar you doin’?
tater, taterspotato, potatoesI’ll have some baked taters.
t’daytodayI’m goin’ there t’day.
telputo help youThat won’t do much telpu.
temptemperatureWhat’s the temp like?
there’dthere wouldIf there’d be something we want there, we might go.
there’sthere isThere’s nothing there.
they’rethey areThey’re here!
this’llthis willThis’ll do it.
’tisit is‘Tis good.
’tisn’tit is not‘Tisn’t good.
told’ja / toleja / toldjatold youI toldja hot sauce and oatmeal wouldn’t work together.
to’veto haveI’d like to’ve been there.
tryna[are] trying toYou tryna rip me off?
tseasyit is easyTseasy to find food here.
tsnotit is notTsnot very fun.
’twasit was‘Twas the night before Christmas.
’twasn’tit was not‘Twasn’t the right thing to do.
tweetto eatLet’s get somthin’ tweet.
t’yerto yourThe bathroom is t’yer left.
Uuh / aof / aI’ll have uh bag uh chips.
Wwait’llwait, willWait’ll that do it?
w’allwe allW’all better go and help ‘im.
wanna / wannuwant toI wanna work out at the gym today.
wassamatta / whazzamattawhat is the matter?Wassamatta wit’chu?
wassonwhat is on?Wasson the TV?
wassupwhat is up?Whassup, man?
wat’choutWatch out!Wat’chout for that piano!
weren’twere not / was notAnd that weren’t the biggest of ’em.
whaddya / wuddayawhat do youWhaddya think?
whatchamacallit / wuddayacallitwhat you may call it / what do you call itUse the whatchamacallit.
whatayawhat are youWhataya doin’?
whatchu / whatchawhat do you / what are youWhatchu think?
what’dwhat didWhat’d that do?
what’llwhat willWhat’ll that do?
what’rewhat areWhat’re those?
what’swhat isWhat’s that?
what’sawhat is the / what is aWhat’sa problem here?
whattawhat doWhatta ya think?
whenayawhen are youWhenaya gettin’ home?
whenjawhen [did] youWhenja get home?
where’dwhere didWhere’d ya go?
where’rewhere areWhere’re they?
whodathunkitwho would have thought itWhodathunkit that the butler did it?
whodunit / whodunnitwho has done it / who did itWhodunit?
whosurewho is yourWhosure daddy?
widjadidja / wijyadidjawith you, did youYou didn’t bring your truck wijyadidja?
willyawill youWillya let me borrow yo’ car?
wintawent toI winta get some food.
wit’chu / witchuwith youI’m wit’chu.
wanna / wonnawant toI wanna get some ice cream after the movie.
won’twill notI won’t eat that burger.
wouldawould haveI woulda done it.
wouldjawould youWouldja do it?
wouldna / wouldn’t’vewould not haveI wouldna noticed that!
wouldn’everwould not everI wouldn’ever think about it!
wouldn’itwould it not?Wouldn’it be a good idea?
wouldn’twould notI wouldn’t mind.
would’vewould haveI would’ve eaten it.
wud’ja / wudjawhat did youWud’ja do this weekend?
wuzzat / wuzatwhat is that?Wuzzat for?
wuzzis / wuziswhat is this?Wuzsis for?
wuwuzatwhat was that?Wuwuzat???
wuwuziswhat was this?Wuwuzis about?
YyayouYa doin’ good?
y’ald’veyou all would haveY’ald’ve done better if y’all practiced more.
y’allyou allY’all coming?
y’almostyou almostY’almost hit that car!
y’alsoyou alsoY’also think we need some duct tape?
yaryou areYou think y’ar done, but y’arn’t.
yarn’tyou are notY’arn’t layin’ a hand on that pirate booty.
y’awake[are] you awakeY’awake yet?
y’endyou endY’end this now.
yeryourIs dat yer truck?
yino / yienoyeah, I knowYieno.
yinyou inYin there?
yityou itI’ll give yit.
y’knowyou knowIt’s like, basically, y’know.
yo’yourIs dat yo’ bike?
y’offyou offY’off the phone yet?
y’ontyou wantY’ont some juice?
yottayou ought toYotta call your friend.
you’laftabeyou will have to beYou’laftabe quicker’an that!
you’llyou willYou’ll want all of these geese?
young’nsyoung onesGet those young’ns over there.
you’nsyou [all]You’ns better get over here!
you’reyou areYou’re in the house.
yoosta / yousta / ustaused toI yoosta be good at golf.
youtyou outThat’ill help yout.
y’seeyou seeY’see anythin’?
y’goyou goY’go over there.
y’understandyou understandY’understand?
y’upyou upY’up there?
Zzitis itZit good?


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